The two hottest smartphones of the moment are clearly the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z2. Tech sites, social media, and blogs are teeming with comments favoring one device over another. The difference between them may be small, but for people planning a purchase in the following months, it’s important to know which is better.

So, what’s the hottest Android device of the moment? What would you pick between the Galaxy S5 and the Xperia Z2?

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Joe Hindy

I think the reason why this has launched into such a heated debate is because there are so many things between the two devices that are a matter of preference. It’s all about whether or not you like the design of the phone itself, the UX put in place, and other things like that. People who prefer the Samsung way of doing things are obviously going to prefer Samsung whereas proponents of Sony (and people who just plain don’t like Samsung) are going to be rooting for the Z2.

Let us also not forget the All New HTC One will be in contention in 2 1/2 weeks.

It really is difficult to decide a clear cut winner. Both have the Snapdragon 801, Adreno 330, SD card support, 16GB of internal storage, essentially the same sized screen (.1″ is not big enough of a discrepancy to declare one better than the other), and both are running the latest version of Android. So all the important stuff is more or less the same. Hell, they’re both even water and dust resistant.

For me personally, I like the Xperia Z2 but I’ve always preferred Sony’s angular design choices and colorful UX. Other than being able to say “this is what I prefer”, I have no objective reasoning to choose the Xperia Z2 over the Galaxy S5. I simply like it better. I’ve also owned 3 of the last 6 flagship Samsung phones released and now that I’m all but positive the Xperia Z2 will actually show up in the United States, it makes me really want to try out an Xperia.

Bogdan Petrovan

Galaxy S5 or Xperia Z2? It’s a legitimate question, especially in the light of the awards we gave out at MWC last week, which stirred quite a bit of controversy in the comments section. Android Authority chose the S5, but the Xperia Z2 deserved the award probably just as much. Alas, we could only pick one for the winner.

I was disappointed that the S5 is basically unchanged in the essential areas from last year’s S4. Yes, the back plate feels way nicer than the glossy plastic, but overall the difference is not that large, especially if you throw a case on it. The same can be said about the UI, which for me is a hodgepodge of old and new that lacks consistency. However, I’ll give Samsung fans this – the S5 is a great phone, even if it doesn’t bring that radical overhaul I’ve been hoping for.

The Xperia Z2 is even more iterative, so why are people not disappointed with Sony? It’s because Sony, legendary as it may be, is still perceived as an underdog in the mobile industry. And that’s okay, I too have a soft spot for them.

What phone would I pick? The choice is difficult, but I think I’d get the Galaxy S5, preferably in blue, which looks awesome in real life. I guess I prefer its lighter, smaller footprint, to the angular bulkiness of the Xperia Z2. Oh, yes, and AMOLED is still unmatched in my opinion. Yes, Sony’s Android implementation is sleeker and more attractive than Samsung’s, but while you can use launchers and ROMs to change the UI, you can’t do anything about hardware. So, Galaxy S5 it is.

Andrew Grush

I’m just going to get this out of the way now: Neither handset is really so impressive to me that I want to rush out and buy one of them, and both are very similar to their predecessors in many ways including hardware design, software and more.

That said, no one really expected the Xperia Z2 to be a massive departure from the Z1. Sony is known for pumping out flagships in relatively quick order to ensure the latest possible mobile tech is always available under the Sony brand, which is a good or bad thing depending on your take. For what it’s worth, the Z2 did address many of the Z1’s shortcomings, such as the much better display viewing angles.

The Galaxy S5 is really more of a jump forward from its predecessor than the Xperia Z2, but the problem is we expected more. From the many rumors out there to the comments made by Samsung execs, we had our expectations extremely high. Ultimately, the Galaxy S5 will sell well and is a worthwhile member of the S family — if not a radical departure.

Honestly, 2014 will likely be the year of incremental upgrades for most of the major manufacturers, at least as far as the first half of the year is concerned. We already have evidence of this from Sony and Samsung, and HTC’s all-new One also looks to essentially be just an incremental upgrade to the original.

If I were to pick up either the Xperia Z2 or Galaxy S5? It would be the Xperia Z2. Why? Because it’s closest to what I’m looking for in an Android device: a near-stock experience (at least compared to Touchwiz) with excellent aesthetics. Of course, that doesn’t mean the Galaxy S5 isn’t a nice handset, and I highly recommend it for those that enjoy the expanded apps and features found with customized UIs like Touchwiz.

Kevin Nether

If you were to ask me this question two months ago, I would suggestion the Galaxy S5. The S4 was a phenomenal device. I always felt the “S” line of devices were the flagship, and they were on the cutting edge after each rendition. The bar was set with the “S” devices. The other OEM’s needed to take its crown.
Let’s fast forward to the S5 announcements. I will be the first to admit it, I felt a bit disappointed. Sure the camera may change the game, but the other features are nothing that really interests me so much. The finger print scanner to unlock the phone is a cool idea, but it’s been done. Also, if it does not work correctly the first few time, its something that would be disabled. The heart rate sensor on the back of the device also is a fun idea, but once again, something I would not use. I rather have a device that monitors that for me without going into an extra app. Samsung is running into a problem. When you are on top, it’s harder to innovate. Why make changes to something so popular? If you make too many changes you could ruin the very thing that made that product so well received. Rather roll out small features and see what people think about it. Each product sadly becomes an incremental update.

Sony on the other hand is the underdog. They’ve been a non-factor for a while in the market now, and here is their chance to strike. They are not going to outsell the S5, but they will have a chance to make a splash. The Z1s was a highly rated Android phone, but still didn’t have much traction behind it. I’m sure Sony’s advertising dollar does not shake a stick at Samsung’s. It has been rumored that Sony will be pushing more advertising dollars within North America so people can really get to know these devices. They have the spec sheet to back it up as well. Things that is important the phone has, great camera, quick software, water resistant body, and great build quality. At this time, the ball is in their court to really get these phones into the consumer’s hands. The hard work has been done.

For me, I’m more so excited about the Z2 rather than the S5. S5 feels stagnate at this time, and I’m ready for a change.

Darcy LaCouvee

The Galaxy S5 represents the pinnacle of mobile technology. We will always be disappointed with their flagships, we live and breathe bleeding edge and we hold them to an unreasonable standard.

That being said, Sony’s strong command of design, their support of the developer ecosystem, and their adherence to a stripped down version of Android make them a fan favorite. This is likely to be a signature year for Sony, but they will never be able to challenge the technological leadership or marketing prowess of Samsung.

If it were up to me, which device would I have in my pocket? The Galaxy S5 – but in a slim case. If I exercised more and went out on the town like I used to? Most likely the Sony Xperia Z2. Both are exceptional. Both are amazing. The camera in the s5, it’s 128gb expandable memory capability, faster download speeds and beautiful AMOLED display make it the best device I’ve seen so far. I’m all for underdogs but Samsung really hit it out of the park this time around. Flame on.

Robert Triggs

As we’ve all mentioned over the past few days, these are two top of the line handsets with very little to tell between them. You preference is likely to boil down to little differences in display type or aesthetics, and for me I’d choose the Xperia Z2 for its software.

As someone who prefers stock Android over Touchwiz, I’m drawn to the OS and UI offered by the Xperia Z2. Snappy performance and useful pieces of first party software, like Sony’s Walkman app, appeal to me much more than bloat like Samsung’s S Health.

Of course your opinion will change based on your own upgrade path, and might not feel the same way if I already owned an Xperia Z1 or Galaxy S4. Hardware wise, I feel that Samsung has done a better job at offering new features for brand loyal customers than Sony has, party because the Z1 was a mid generation handset. Unless you really can’t live with the Z1’s display, there’s very little point in hopping across to the Z2, whilst Galaxy S4 owners will receive better performance and new features, like waterproofing and a fingerprint scanner, if they chose to move on up to the Galaxy S5.

Then again, for consumers willing to swap between brands, the choice is very tough to call. Fortunatly us Android owners are completely spoilt for choice with flagship handsets, and neither is a bad upgrade in my book.

What do YOU think?

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Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • nhu

    Android Authority, I have a new respect for you guys. You guys are actually too brave to risk starting up a war like this… Good luck with all the ragers out there

    • Adam Koueider


    • bakakun028

      How dare they like what I don’t like!

      • BehelitOutlaw

        Burn those pagans! Burn them alive!

  • Jayfeather787

    Honestly I think that they are both excellent phones. They have excellent specs and an sd card. I still prefer the Nexus 5 though in terms of price. These two phones may have a better camera and SD card, but the Nexus 5 is cheaper and it has stock Android. Also, the Snapdragon 801 is just an overclocked Snapdragon 800. Honestly in this price range, I would be thinking about the LG G Pro 2. Though it is not faster than these, I think it looks cool, and I like the idea of it.

  • MasterMuffin

    Z2 definitely.Though I’m happy with my N5, so if I had a choice of getting either one for free, I’d take S5 because you get more money from selling it :D

    • John

      Samsung is in my opinion better just because of the touchwiz. The experia has a shit front, so i’d pick the galaxy abonnement over the Sony.

      • Lance AKA truthspeaker

        You must be high

  • Heisenberg

    I find them both are underwhelming. I’d rather have a Note 3!

    • Jack Dunn

      As much as I like the fingerprint scanner, weather proofing and dual antenna download booster, I think they hyped up the S5 more than they needed. A big update would’ve pushed them even further ahead, even a new UI would have made that bit of a difference (From the unpacked invite style I thought we were in for a new look).

      However I agree, I’ll stick with the note 3 as I don’t feel its been really beaten. I do look forward to the new HTC One however as the previous one was a great device. I hope they can make take a bigger chunk of flagship market share with it.

    • polo815

      Heisenberg if i was you i get the note 3 my wife has it and man that phone is great beautiful and it really feels good in your hand just think about it a gentleman like you showing your co workers a heart rate sensor. the note 3 is made for a business man and a business woman. All that other stuff kids mode all that stuff is for the younger generation. our phones are for us to have to enjoy. our kids has playstation xbox iPads iPhones iPod and Samsung galaxy s5 to play with.

      • My name is….

        Your writing skills make me sad.

        • Lance AKA truthspeaker

          Yea cuz your’s are great all you do is make stupid one line comments and you don’t actually contribute to the post.

        • polo815

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          • Lance AKA truthspeaker

            Wow sorry I defended you now…. -_-

          • MasterMuffin

            People are going craaazy :O

  • pytajnik

    why do you even consider the s5 as the best android device? this phone is a fail.

    • dandroid13


    • AndroidBoss


    • patrik

      The S5 is objectively better than any other phone on the market.

      • Eric Santos

        “Objectively better”?
        “Hurr, let’s make a phone with a PenTile display and shove a ton of worthless mainstream gimmicks and give it the latest chipset to handle it, to sell them to people who think they know anything about hardware and software harmony who brag their phone has the best specs on the market.” ~Samsung

        • Lance AKA truthspeaker

          Wow you are obviously just a hater, a pentile display use to be bad but these days I’d take super amoled all day, it has better color reproduction. LCD dose win in over all screen brightness and is better in sunlight but amoled is just fine in sunlight now. Samsung put more technology in the S5 and again I’m not saying I want the S5 or even like it but as far as how much tech was put into this phone it wins. The Z2 is only better because it’s not touchwiz and the hardware is better made oh and the Sony camera is pretty good to

          • Eric Santos

            Just to remind you that PenTile is not a synonym to AMOLED display. A PenTile display has a 2 subpixels per pixel, a regular RGB stripe/matrix has 3(read sharper with better color reproduction). Either AMOLED or LCD displays can be PenTile.

          • Lance AKA truthspeaker

            Yes I know this but for example the note 3 is pentile and the display is very nice and I enjoy it, just to remind you pentile is not a synonym for a bad display.

          • Castor

            pentile display is deceiving consumers. it’s not really a 1080p display unlike the real 1080p lcd displays with 3 dots per pixel.

      • My name is….

        That makes you objectively an idiot.

      • subjective comment.

      • David Avila

        No, the S5 isn’t better than the Note 3, in fact, it isnt better than the Xperia Z1 or Z2. Sammy just got stuck in innovation, now it steals ideas from other companies…(Waterproof, Fingerprint Sensor)

  • Mystery Man

    Does z1 have dev support? As in will the z2 have CM?

  • AndroidBoss

    Both are great phones since each one has something better than the other.

  • Sonysucks


  • ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

    I’m waiting for the headline: Sony Xperia Z2 passes through FCC on its way to Verizon
    …but that’s probably not gonna happen

    • paxmos


    • Memphis May [S]unjay

      Lol, Verizon will butcher your updates.

  • Buddy

    Samsung suxx

    • Lance AKA truthspeaker

      You are a sheep, why dose Samsung sick do you you actually know why you don’t like them or are you just regurgitating what you read on the Internet?

      • Buddy

        First u tell me, what do you like about Samsung. Give me one feature or specs that is not gimmicky.

        • Alphere

          1. Removable Battery. Better battery life (we are not talking about mAh here).
          2. More durable plastic build. Glass will easily shatter. And this is for guys who hate cases.
          3. Ability to turn down the brightness to the lowest level, good for reading when its dark.
          4. Samsung has tons of reserved money for R&D so we will have faster updates in software and better quality of software overall.
          5. Ultra power saving mode and Emergency mode.
          6. Fingerprint sensor is not gimicky, it is actually a good way to add security to your device.

          7. No matter how ugly it is, Samsung’s marketing power will make it a must have device. People will still adore Samsung phone over a Sony phone because it’s “more popular”.

          • Buddy

            Only thing they are good is about the Marketing strategy…Do you think plastic looks premium or glass build looks premium?? Dont say about software updates…They stopped software upgrade of Galaxy s 3 due to lot of issues…Lets see finger print sensor will be a success or not….and it is a gimmicky feature….

          • Guest

            Why did you ignore the first 6 points?

          • Buddy

            Coz its not even worth mentioning…Is that what you call latest features??

          • Alphere

            Yes glass is more premium but it depends on your priorities. If you want a premium but fragile phone or plastic but rugged phone.

  • patrik

    The thing is, you have to look at it objectively. Otherwise, the debate is endless.

    Objectively the S5 wins, this is a fact.

    • Lance AKA truthspeaker

      Agreed, but for my personal taste I’d take the Z2 but the S5 is the overall better phone

  • Eric Santos

    Not really interested in any of them. But the Z2 looks less disappointing.
    >Z2 is Sony’s 3rd flagship in a year, it has a international sibling(the ZQ) and an awfully bigger brother and they all look and feel the same. Camera hasn’t changed from the Z1, design is the same as the year-old Z.
    >Samsung’s S-line has gone full mainstream, the device has larger bezels than its predecessor, looks far worse and features minor improvements and more useless features.

    • patrik

      Oh give me a fucking break. Just because they’re useless to YOU doesn’t mean they’re useless to EVERYONE.

      • Eric Santos

        Not everyone, but I’m pretty sure most people won’t be giving a fuck about the heart-rate monitor, eye-tracking scrolling, fingerprint ID, S Health, S-this and S-that in weeks of usage. Just like the S4.

      • My name is….

        Yes, i was wondering when someone is gonna put a fingerprint sensor and a heart rate monitor on a phone.

        these features are useless to 95% out there.

        • Eric Santos

          The Motorola Atrix has the fingerprint sensor since 2010. No one ever gave a fuck.

        • Be Cool

          Agree . These features are useless.
          May be Samsung put fingerprint sensor to hunt for brainwashed of the huge propaganda ppl?

      • Lance AKA truthspeaker

        I agree everyone on here are just biase haters, this tech that was put into the S5 is amazing and should be respected there are lots of people that would use the heart rate sensor like you know all the health buts out there and the fingerprint scanner is useful to people who have job that require security clearances like at the Pentagon for example they will not let you even bring in your phone unless it passes a certain level of security and fingerprint is just an extra layer. These are just examples but all the things our phones can do are extremely amazing I mean think less then 10 years ago we would never dream our phones could do this stuff, so stop taking it for granted and stop being so.nasty just because people do think the same way you do.

        • Eric Santos

          You are kidding, right? Are you a fanboy, a troll or just stupid?

          • Lance AKA truthspeaker

            Not a fanboy just not a douche like you. Grow up

          • Eric Santos

            Yeah, yeah. I’m a total douche, Mr. Truthspeaker. I can see you are not a fanboy by your previous comments. Proudly enjoy your respectable Samsung device with such amazing useful tech for everyone.

          • Lance AKA truthspeaker

            My previous comments say I would take the Z2. Learn to read, I just dont automatically disrespect a companies products because it’s “cool” to hate samsung. I really don’t like the Galaxy S line but they are still good devices and people are free to choose what’s right for them. Again grow up

          • Eric Santos

            Yes, I did read them. You just said Z2 because of Touchwiz, you spent whole comments adoring the S5’s new features. Quit telling people to grow up as if you were the boss of maturity and reason, now that’s immature.

          • Lance AKA truthspeaker

            I’m not telling people to grow up.im telling you to grow up. You just bashing stuff and telling people they are stupid because you disagree Yea that’s maturity at its highest level.

          • Eric Santos

            I said it because your comment made no sense at all, and still doesn’t. Learn to type, use commas, proper spacing and general grammar if you want to be taken seriously.

          • Lance AKA truthspeaker

            Thanks grammar police, how much is that advice going to cost me?

    • Be Cool

      No larger bezels than its predecessor. Just bigger screen,
      Compare the device dimensions. Almost same.

      “features minor improvements”:
      From 2nits up to 500nits brightes?
      200mA bigger battery?
      Black$White mode ?
      No glossy slippery back?
      Water and DUST proof?

      • Eric Santos

        I have to say the power saving mode is just the most clever thing ever done in a Samsung phone.
        Despite that and the questionable “dust proof” feature, the phone has the same water coating as Motorola’s 2011 RAZR, nothing new here. Bigger display and more powerful components do require a bigger battery. The back is more subjective, I really hated its design.

        Also, the side bezels are indeed larger than the GS4’s, see pic.

        • Be Cool

          Larger, than G2- yes. But not larger than S4.
          Find somewhere percentage – device to display.
          And see

          S5 display is with 500nits brightness, though

          • A bear

            That should be painful to look at.

        • K

          Thats only a micro increase.

          • Not a bear

            For a phone that’s already big, “micro increases” make a lot of difference. And it’s not that “micro”, it’s clearly noticeable.

          • K

            Even micro is noticeable. And no it does not make a lot of difference.

  • Lance AKA truthspeaker

    Everyone who.is Un objective is going to say the Z2 just because it’s now cool to treat Samsung like apple, but from an objective stand point the S5 is the better phone there.is far more technology packed in to that phone than the Z2 and to say the Z2 and S5 have the same SoC is wrong the S5 actually has the better SoC the 801 in the the Z2 is actually just a rebranded version of the over clocked 800 it’s exactly the same. The 801 inside the S5 though not much better has a all new serial number and is not identical to the best 800. I’m not saying I would personally choose the S5 because I just don’t like the galaxy S# line, If I had to choose I would actually choose the Z2 but thats only because of the xperia UI if the S5 had the Xperia UI I would choose the S5 all day. Anyway overall the S5 has more and better technology in it. But I would choose the Z2 just because of the near stock xperia UI and the build quality.

    • yudi_hilmawan

      I’m not agree with you because AFAIK S810 is just the overclocked version of S800.
      S5 uses the faster version of S810 just like last year iwith the S4 they use S600 with 1.9 GHz.

      I would choose Z2 because it has better water protection, stereo speakers, built in noise cancelling that reduces up to 98% of all ambient sounds, 3GB of ram for better multitasking, bigger sensor and brighter F2.0 lens + SteadyShot (according to DoxMark its the digital image stabilization even outperform some 2 axis OIS), natural looking display and MHL 3.0

      • Lance AKA truthspeaker

        I didn’t say the S5 processor was not basically an over clocked 800 but it is still a completely new solution the 801 in the Z2 is actually the 800 just rebranded it’s the same processor in the note 3.

    • Alphere

      Dude, you should use a laptop or pc when typing. It’s faster and less prone to errors or auto-correct.

  • Guest

    The battery alone makes Z2 a much better choice (anything less than 3000MAh is a no go, but that’s just me).

    • K

      Measure battery life by how long it will last, not much mAh it has.

  • TheWay

    Well i do hate Samsung Galaxy S5 i really do! but i have to choose Sony Xperia Z2 –is just better!

    • Jermaine Smit

      How can you hate it when you did not use it held it in your hands or anything like that.

      • yudi_hilmawan

        He just blind hatter.

  • Cray

    Sony Xperia Z2 is better! Coming out of the box with 3gb ram, future android OS/Apps might need more ram to run smoothly. I think people will want a phone that can last at least a year or two don’t have to keep spending $

  • Aser M. Al-ibiary

    I am planning on buying a new smartphone, and I am completely hesitant between Note 3, Xperia Z2 and LG G Pro 2!!!!!

    Somebody help me please :'(

    • Cao Meo

      want build quality and refined sofware? Buy Z2
      want big screen, Pro2 is the one
      Need a stylus? Note3 has it :)

      • My name is….

        Who ‘needs’ a stylus?

        • Lance AKA truthspeaker

          Many people its actually very useful and is the only stylus solution of its kind in the android world no one comes close. If you work and have to take notes and attend meetings a lot the s pen will become your best friend.

          • yudi_hilmawan

            Z2 support any stylus/pen input just like Z Ultra.
            Note 3 would gave you better experience because it has better software but with Z2 you can use almost everything for taking notes or something else.

          • Lance AKA truthspeaker

            The note 3 is note just because of software the the hard ware is better and yes the z ultra and 2 have an active capacitive screen but all that dose is make the screen extra sensitive so you have use like a pencil eraser and what not as a stylus it’s not a very go p do solution the note 3 is bar none the best stylus experience in the industry.

          • Lance AKA truthspeaker

            *not a very good* ducking auto correct

          • yudi_hilmawan

            I know that Note 3 has better stylus thanks to wacom digitizer but Z2 also has supersensitive screen and more accurate display because it can detect any object up to 1mm.

          • Lance AKA truthspeaker

            Again that’s fine and dandy but the combined experience offered by the note 3 is over all better than anything anyone has ever offered including the Sony active capacitive display solution.

          • yudi_hilmawan

            “note 3 is over all better than anything anyone has ever offered including the Sony active capacitive display solution.”

            I agree with that but one thing for sure you will have no problem with Z2 if you just want to take notes or sketch.

    • Lance AKA truthspeaker

      Note 3 or lg g pro 2 at least in my opinion the note 3 is an awesome device and with the 4.4.2 update I actually like touchwiz a lot more it runs very well almost 0 lag, the g pro 2 is also a nice phone but it’s basically just a super sized lg g2… In my opinion the note 3 is the first choice there.

    • Aser M. Al-ibiary

      Thank you all guys for your replies…But I am about to tell you a bit me about me so you can understand my situation a bit better, and make your judgement a bit easier (or harder!)…I work as an Academic Staff member in a university, and part of my just include reading academic articles…A LOT..that’s one of the reasons I actually did decide to get a smartphone…From that point of view, the Note 3 looks extremely appealing to me! However, part of my daily routine, is to got out and work out like crazy :D…and that makes the Z2 more appealing to me as well since it is a water proof phone (you know, sweating and slat accumulation on the device, etc….all that crab associated with the workout routine)

      Some has suggested to wait for The Note 4 (probably will be exactly like the S5+bigger screen+S pen) However, I can’t wait that long unfortunately…

      So…hope that has cleared the air, and hope you can help me with my dilemma

  • systemupdate

    Apple sells the same phone for 2 years and no one says nothing and does not complain, now Samsung does it and everyone is says “not much of a change” or “it is an evolution of the device”. Come on people, that camera and specs puts it far above everyone, now even waterproof!

    I know, everyone will say “ooh HTC has a premium metal body” but the fact is, that phone is Bulky and Heavy. It is just a fact.

    But hey, suum cuique!


    • Cao Meo

      “no one says nothing and does not complain”

      That’s iOS users, then Samsung should sell GS5 to them, don’t you know iPhones are disliked by Android users?

      • Lance AKA truthspeaker

        Actually.your wrong the iPhone is not univerally disliked by android users just.because it’s not android, IOS is actually a very well made OS and highly optimized even more optimized then android, the reason android users don’t like IOS and IPhone is because of all the limitations apple puts in place if it’s not an apple app store app you can use it, where as android gives you the freedom to install unknown source applications. I phones are actually very good phones they run like android nap dream.and the hardware is very well made. It just apple that makes the open source community dislike. Maybe get a little insight before throwing out generalization like that it makes you look like I sheep. As in you follow blindly what ever the Internet says.

        • Lance AKA truthspeaker

          I hate auto correct, I meant to say it runs like a dream

      • Jermaine Smit

        he is not disliking Iphone. He is talking about something that i have bin wondering about 2. the Samsung line is always exspected to change. Else it is not “new” but indeed if you look at Iphone… They always look the same. Yeah new color… woow… But next to that always the same. It is a fact. And why people exspect it to change then is really a question. Even Iphone user will be like it looks the same (Iphone user tent to bo blind in things like this no offence)

    • My name is….

      Y u mix android-ers and ios-ers?

      • Jermaine Smit

        Does it matter for his story? He is correct.

        • My name is….

          Actually, no he is not.

          Z2 has more ram.
          It makes no difference if it is s800 or 801.
          S5 is ugly.

          • Jermaine Smit

            He is not even talking about Sony!!! And again your making a opinion!!!! not a fact. I wont go in a furder conversation with you because it is clear you are not that good with looking and things. Or reading it seems seeying how you going all of a sudden to Sony.

            And also thinking that because you think it isugly it is ugly. No not true. Because i dont think it is ugly and there are many more people who will agree.. Like i sad last reaction from me to you. Because it is already clear to me that you are not the person to have a good talk with because you feel like what you think is a fact.

            If you can talk serious come back… Else dont even bother giving me a respond would you. Waist of time!

          • My name is….

            He said that Samsung camera and specs are far above everyone.
            I said its not.

            Case closed, i won.

          • Jermaine Smit

            could not resist. You won? Read again. They way he is writing it is about putting it all togheter. Then he thinks that it is all above the rest. Simple. And just because you dont understand things like the camera you are so of. And again you think ram is all about numbers. Well it is no…

            Go to class or something because you should really get some lessons in what specs mean dude…. pffffffffff And again you won? It is not freaking about winning. pffff

  • Cao Meo

    Sony all the way

  • polo815

    I rather have the note 3 which is the next phone I’m going to go get sometime next week

  • polo815

    I’m really upset with Samsung they could have done a better job with the s5

  • yudi_hilmawan

    Sony Xperia Z2 for because..
    1. It has better water protection IP58.
    2. Front facing stereo speakers and built in digital noise cancelling technology.
    3. IPS and Brand new Color Live LED technology.
    4. 3 GB for better multitasking.
    5. 1/2.3″ sensor and F2.0 Sony G lens.
    6. 3200 mAh battery.
    7. More premium look and feel.

    I just hope Sony can make Z2 Compact very soon… because my pocket hate oversized phones.

    • The Man In The Suit

      I think Both are pretty decent but After-sales support , removable battery , SD-slot , accessory support etc. is much better on Samsung’s side.

      Z2 will soon be replaced by next one in like 6 months and Sony will treat its Z2 customers like how it treats Z customers right now.

      • yudi_hilmawan

        From my experience with ZR and Z1 Compact i never have problem with Sony sales support.
        Removable battery is not really important to me, because for me portable charger or power case is a better solution.(i can charge my phone, bluethoot headset and tablet with portable charger or i can get extra power and protection with power case).
        Z2 also has sd card slot.
        There is also enough accessories for Z2 like this.
        So i think i’m not agree with you.

        What is wrong if Z2 will be replaced in 6 months?? I think there is nothing wrong with that and Sony also stiil support Xperia Z.
        Samsung fans will also feel the same when samsung release the premium version of S5, S5 S805, S5 Exynos etc.

        • The Man In The Suit

          Difference here is :

          There will be lot more accessories like cases or more power batteries or more type of devices like fitness ones etc.

          Its a much bigger market for iPhone and Galaxy flagships compared to the competition.

          Do you know much Galaxy S2 battery costed me ? $11 and less than 30 seconds to replace it, How much does it cost to bring battery of Xperia Arc or Xperia S ?

          Your country sales support =/= rest of the world.

          When will Xperia Z get 4.4 update ? GS4 and Note III already got it long back.By the time , Z and Z1 get 4.4.x updates , GS3 and Note II from 2012 will get the update.

          Samsung releases variants but It always updates their Exynos version first and US standard versions a week later and then roll out to other variants.

          When will Xperia T get its 4.4 update ? After google launches 2 more Android versions ? Still no 4.4 for 2013 flagships , when to expect update for 2012 flagships ?

          Same will happen to Z2 users when Z3 launches.

          Don’t forget non-removable battery , battery will crap out in an year if you use fast charger and it will cost an arm to replace battery and get back device.

          Galaxy S5 actually comes with $500 worth of subscriptions and goodies…Not to forget the global roll out is also fast.

          It will be available in many more carriers than Z2 can ever be.

          • tony

            HAHA @yudi_hilmawan:disqus cant argue with what you said @TheManInTheSuit:disqus :) Im not a samsung fan but your right sony is unfaithful too past customers.. This really happened to me… since highschool ive been using xperia phone from the x8 to xperia mini, xperia mini hd, xperia P and xperia T but updates were as slow as turtles.. and accessories are hard to find even in malls here in the Philippines. But when i tried out for the very first time the samsung galaxy s4 the opposite happened :) now im happy with my Note 3 in Kitkat :) i still love sony because of design ONLY but support, ACCESSORIES, SPECIFICATIONS, REMOVABLE ACCESS and much more i go for samsung :)

          • The Man In The Suit

            Yeah Sony design is great.

      • JovicEspanol

        Samsung will also replace their phone in the next 6 months, they call it the “Note” line

        • The Man In The Suit

          Remember that Note is a phablet and also has a stylus.

          Its different category device just like how we have Mini tablet and Big tablets.

          • JovicEspanol

            semantics….the first Note, which I have is smaller than the S5. You can also use stylus in the S5 or Z2 if you want for $2 off ebay

    • Guest

      1. is wrong. Galaxy S5 IP67 certification is better than the IP58 of the Xperia Z2. Both in terms of dust and water resistance.

      • Jamie

        no IP58 means it can go half a meter deeper and 30 mins longer

      • Muthu kumar

        You are wrong. IP67 is Splash proof but IP58 is water proof. Bigger number doesnt mean better. check Wiki

        • Ishmeet kalra

          Well you both are wrong. Both IP67 and IP58 mean waterproof.
          7 means waterproof upto 1m and 30 mins, while 8 means submergable between 1m to 3m for as long as you want.
          6 refers to better dust protection here.
          So, While samsung has better dust protection, sony has better water protection.

          • Ashish

            What I saw at launch video (you can search and watch) samsung person said while launching that s5 is water resistant and not water proof don’t put it in water, this was hua wording. So I don’t know which one to beleive.

      • yudi_hilmawan

        It seems ou really have no idea about IP rating.

        IP67 =
        The 6 indicates Dust protection “No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact (dust tight)”
        The 7 indicates Water protection Test duration: 30 minutes Immersion at depth of at least 1 m measured at bottom of device, and at least 15 cm measured at top of device”

        IP58 =
        The 5 indicates “Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment; complete protection against contact (dust proof)”
        The 8 indicates “Test duration: continuous immersion in water
        Depth specified by manufacturer, generally up to 3 m”

      • Memphis May [S]unjay

        No, IP58 is beter

    • Kevin Davies

      Although I do prefer the S5. I got to say, Sony has done well to acknowledge that not everybody wants huge phones, and many just want a smaller phone without giving up the performance. I wish HTC and Samsung would learn from them. Would love to try a compact version of the S5 or HTC M8.

      • Alphere

        Oh don’t worry they will copy that. Samsung Galaxy S5 mini will have the same specs as Samsung Galaxy S5.

    • Jaun Lombard

      1. Really, it has better water protection…nitpicking much?
      2. Awesome fearure and wish for Samsung to copy it.
      3. AMOLED…still wins.
      4. When the Note 3 came out with 3 RAM everybody said it was overkill and 2 RAM is enough…hence nitpicking.
      5. ISOCELL…something new…but I will wait for comparison.
      6. LCD is more power hungry…plus the Snapdragon in the S5 is better and might be more power efficient…but both offer very good battery saving stuff…hence nitpicking.
      7. True
      8. S5’s main feature is Network connection.
      I really hope the make a Z2 compact…I will buy that!

      YES S5 is shit because it is not that WOW because Samsung is like Apple now…people expect more…they want 2015 spec in a 2014 model…even if the 2014 spec is the best…

      • Memphis May [S]unjay

        3. AMOLED is too colorful and saturated.
        6. The S5 has a version of the Snapdragon 801 which is 200mhz faster which makes no difference. The S5 will also throttle which would bring the clock rate down to the same level as the Z2.

      • yudi_hilmawan

        1. Yes http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_Code
        3. For me natural looking display is the best and according to initial test of Erica Griffin Z2 display has the widest color gamut even compareable to OLED display but without the oversaturation of samsung amoled display.
        4. If not mistaken 512MB is enough for kitkat but even with higher clocked speed and 3GB of ram Note 3 is not even faster than Z1 thanks to samsung touchwiz (i’m talking about real life performance)
        5. There is nothing special about isocell sensor you can check Recombu S5 review, this is what Recombu said about S5 camera.
        “Samsung has upgraded the Galaxy S5’s camera to 16-megapixels, compared with the Galaxy S4’s 13-megapixel snapper, but we didn’t notice (or particularly expect) a huge leap in picture quality. The Galaxy S5 still produces crisp, detailed photos with realistic colours, in almost all lighting conditions. Evening and low-light shots are a little less noisy now, but they still don’t hold a candle to Sony’s Xperia handsets; which are the best at snapping bright, sharp photos in gloomy conditions.”
        6. “While an OLED will consume around 40% of the power of an LCD displaying an image that is primarily black, for the majority of images it will consume 60–80% of the power of an LCD. However, an OLED can use more than three times as much power to display an image with a white background, such as a document or web site.[80] This can lead to reduced battery life in mobile devices, when white backgrounds are used.”
        S5 just using higher clock speed just like what they have done with S4 S600 with 1.9GHz when HTC One using S600 with 1.7GHz.
        8. Z2 network connection is good enough to keep up with S5.

        For me S5 is not a shit because its one of the most advance high end phone today

  • Be Cool


    We all know that most frequent visitors to the all tech sites are the devoted iFans, pretending to be Android users. And madly support any device that could take a slice of the Samsung’s market, so Apple to regain the lead(if the android market is equally divided). We also know that all (I really mean ALL) tech sites are iFans. (no matter what site-name they choose ).

    So all those guys have tried very hard , with worshiping reviews, and comments (HTC One X, HTC One , LG G2, Z2 ), and bashing Samsung’s new devices with specially invented BS (cheating bm, regional lock, blocking third party view-cases,….) last about Note 3, and those funny polls.:)

    But no success so far. And will never be.
    JUST Fiasco:) And not because of the Samsung’s marketing. But because Samsung make best devices.

    Ppl can not be manipulated with those: “premium” aluminum tin-can, “premium” glass design, “premium” handicap unibody, “premium” stock android, “premium” LCD, “feature spam”(lol)…..and so on BSs.
    When ppl pay so much money , they want THE BEST. Especially when pay the full price. (that’s why in US iphone still keep on going)

  • Humaan

    No winner here.

    Both bad designs.
    Z2 battery big plus
    S5 build may be better.
    The question is which gets google play edition first

    • Be Cool

      5-6 ppl already have “google play edition” of last models . LOL

      May be you expect 100% more with the new devices with “google play edition”

      • Humaan

        No. Atleast i can avoid the ugly touchwiz

      • Humaan

        I dont know how you came to “100% more” conclusion.
        fact is that i just dont like touchwiz.
        how many have previous models google edition, 5 or 6?
        You must be knowing names also.

  • raj

    Xperia Z2 is a winner for me:
    a) The Xperia design is just mind-blowing. The Glass and Aluminium chasis just goes so well with the Omnibalance design
    b) Close to Vanilla Android experience
    c) Stamina mode
    d) 21 MP camera vs 16MP on S5
    e) 3200 mAh battery vs 2800 on S5
    f) Properly waterproof with IP58 rating. Yes, IP58 > IP67 on S5
    g) Any pencil can be used as Stylus

    • Be Cool

      a) iBS

      b) TouchWiz is the best thing that happen to android- THE BEST FUNCTIONALLITY

      c) WTF is that???? Don’t know.

      But I know, Multi-window, Black$With mode, swappable battery….

      d) What about battery management on S5? 20g lighter? Smaller device? Swappable battery?

      f) What about better dust proof on S5. Besides S5 is enough waterproof. Do you stay more in the water , or on the land?
      g) We are not talking about Note 3 here? No mater that Z2 is same heavy as Note 3 and almost same size, bit nothing can beat S-pen. Right?

      • raj

        difference in perspective
        TouchWiz, i feel, is a lot buggy and lagging the whole android experience

        • Be Cool

          No lag there.
          Get a life, man.

          • raj

            why ru going offensive?

          • Gary

            Trying to be cool of course.

      • yudi_hilmawan

        A. Metal and glass does look and feel much more premium, the best plastic phone that i know is Nokia phones.
        B. Touchwiz is one of the worst things in Android ecosystem its heavy and drain battery so much especialy when you turn all the features.
        C. Its lighter because its made of thin plastic and with small battery. Power case is better than carry extra battery you can get protection and longer battery life from one device + you don’t have to turn off the phone.
        D. There is nothing special about the camera on S5 check this out!
        And this is what Recombu said about S5 Camera.
        “Samsung has upgraded the Galaxy S5’s camera to 16-megapixels, compared with the Galaxy S4’s 13-megapixel snapper, but we didn’t notice (or particularly expect) a huge leap in picture quality. The Galaxy S5 still produces crisp, detailed photos with realistic colours, in almost all lighting conditions. Evening and low-light shots are a little less noisy now, but they still don’t hold a candle to Sony’s Xperia handsets; which are the best at snapping bright, sharp photos in gloomy conditions.”
        E. Its lighter because its made of thin plastic and with small battery, but i agree with you the ultra saving mode is one of the best thing about S5 even in that mode there is only very limited features.
        F. When it comes to electronic devices water is much more dangerous than dust, most people using their waterproof phone for taking pictures and videos in water park, pool or beach pool and its more than 1 m deep.
        With IP58 thats mean dust will not damage Z2 and generally can survive from immersion in water up to 3m.
        G. When it comes to smartphone i agree Note 3 can give us better experience thanks to better software and wacom digitizer that you called s-pen, but you will have no problem with Z2 if you just want to take notes or sketch because you can use almost anything and its also much more accurate because Z2 screen can detect almost any object up to 1mm.

        • Muthu kumar

          My roommates are having Note1 and Note-2, suddenly one day i asked them “when you guys last used that S-Pen??”.. ans “mmm…… may be before 3 months, to show a friend that there is a S-Pen” another guy “aaaah… mmmmmm…. don’t know. leave it” in reality no one use it after some time.

          • EvenInTheDarkestHour

            Gotta admit, I have seen people that used the spen religiously, but mine lives a lonely and solitary life in the cave. But in fairness, limiting the functionality to exclude the function keys was a big drawback in the I&II

        • Kevin Davies

          Sorry but you can’t tell me a super fast autofocus and live hrd mode is nothing special on a camera… For me the main reason of having camera in your phone is good its because you can quickly capture special moments.

          With the other phones by the time you take the photo the moment has already gone…. But I must say their image stabilizer is crap compared to the OIS in other android phones, and if only they could improve their digital image stabilizer to perform as well as the one on the iPhone.

      • Muthu kumar

        i am using Phones (10 yrs) with Swappable battery, but i never ever did that… and i even heard someone doing that…

      • Brendon Brown

        Will you take pics under water or under sand? Small Apps is actually super amazing. You must put a good battery in your phone in anycase. And Touchwiz isn’t good. Don’t bullshit yourself.

    • K

      Samsung build quality is more durable.

      Vanilla is desirable only for stock android fans. A lot of android fans are not a fan of stock

      Samsung battery can also last the whole day

      megapixles after a point only increase ‘noise’ while taking a picture.

      any pencil cant be used a stylus

      S5 is more water and dust proof than the S4.

      • raj

        The last point made me LOL

        • K

          Sony was always ahead in waterproofing, so samsung cant obviously catch up to sony. So as long as the GS5 waterproofing is an improvement over the GS4,its all right.

          • raj

            You are right

      • yudi_hilmawan

        Z2 Camera is not about MP count the sensor is bigger than S5 and the lens is also better.

        Z2 1/2.3″ + F2.0 vs S5 1/2.6″ + F2.2

        • K

          So what, the sensor is enough for photos taken by smartphones.

    • raj

      H) Remember, S5 has speakers on the back. Bad placement of speakers in this era
      I) S5 has so many gimmicks, which noone uses. Increases the bloat size
      J) How to distinguish the S5 from the Grands and the Neo’s. The Band Aid design hasn’t helped yet

      • K

        But the speaker output is still good.

        Touchwiz has become lighter than last time, so bloat/ gimmicks has decreased.

        And the design helps in recognisability of samsung phones. And consistent design is very important. Other companies are also slowly moving towards a ‘consistent design’ approach.

        • Castor

          have you actually tried it? if it’s already highly dust resistant, you can’t expect the speaker to perform as well as the s4

          • raj

            dude.. just dont bother… it is just random talks….

          • K

            have you tried it? dust resistance is no guarantee of reduced speaker output.

          • Castor

            common sense

      • tony

        @disqus_pWRd3fV0ki:disqus who is stupid enough to use a pencil as a stylus for a flagship device?? WTF man! 2nd higher megapixels dont always mean better photos and 3rd gimmicks? how about sony’s augmented reality feature ? does anyone use that? only a little but not the majority of users actually use it same as the heart rate monitor some will use it most wont. Stamina mode has always been a debate among xperia smartphones even the z and z1 fail when it comes to battery life lets wait for revews regarding battery life with the xperia z2

        • raj

          pencil on flagship? i have an Xperia Z Ultra. The pencil does not mean a pointed one, for heaven’s sake. Anything upto 1mm, will be detected on the screen. It doesnt scratch the screen or the preapplied screen guard

  • Badazzzz13

    Nexus 5, first android since the first EVO. Its a beast. I went to apple first then to windows phone now to Nexus, love it.

  • GrannyGrammar

    Granny Grammar’s tip of the day, the headline should read: What’s the BETTER Android device. And Granny prefers the sexy, glassy Xperia Z2 with the LED notification indicator along the top edge of the case and the dual speakers on the FRONT of the phone. Why do most phones have their speakers on the rear which gets muffled when the phone is laying on a surface? Granny has enough problems with gas she doesn’t need Samsung’s bloat baked into Touchwiz.

  • Be Cool

    This poll is BS.
    Mostly iFans , pretending to be Android users visit the tech sites.
    S5 is much better . And not because of the Samsung’s marketing.
    We have seen enough worshiping reviews, and comments (HTC One X, HTC One , LG G2, Z2 ), and
    bashing Samsung’s new devices with specially invented BS (cheating bm,
    regional lock, blocking third party view-cases,….)

    See you in few months, guys. LOL

    • Damon Salvador

      Oh Boy ! Dnt fall into samsung’s trap . plz .

  • Z2 all the way – I like Sony’s design.

    However, a Z2 Compact would be even more awesome. Actually, since I don’t mind the screen at all (my current phone is said to have a horrible one, but I like it just fine), I’d just as well get a Z1 Compact if I had to.

  • Ruz

    Shockingly no one talked about Samsung less RAM then Sony. Sony has 3GB RAM against Samsung 2GB?? Do they not produce 3GB? Does Note3 not have it? Then why not S5?? Secondly the body and case is also let down..

  • vortex0307

    Robert Triggs: “Unless you really can’t live with the Z1′s display, there’s very little point in hopping across to the Z2,” Duh! Sony has changed the display to IPS. Is he even researched?

  • Farhad K


  • Muthu kumar

    Z2.. i am waiting to buy.. the premier feel. i am not a fan of gimmicks of samsung. i dont know how many are going to actually use that heart rate monitor? why is that in a fone?

  • Balraj

    i see a fan boy in the article…
    i really liked the way Andrew said “both are not the best device” +100 for that
    if i were to choose.i will go with sony xperia z2
    s5 really sucks look wise..
    looks really matter if ur spending more than 600$ on a phone
    Z2 is the top phone now with 3gb ram
    s5 with all the bloat. the 2gb will be little with usually BIG lag

    so z2 is the king now..
    waiting for lg n htc to join the game :D

    • K

      The S5 runs lighter ‘kitkat’ along with lighter’ touchwiz’ compared to llast years galaxy S4 which ran jelly bean and heavier touchwiz…so 2gb ram is perfect this time around, compared to last year when it wasnt enough on the S4.

      I am going to buy it. It has more RAM than my computer.

      • Alphere

        S5 is running lighter Kitkat? I though Sony’s UI is just a skinned version of Kitkat. Shouldn’t it be lighter?

        • K

          i meant S5 is running kitkat which is ‘lighter’ than jelly bean which shipped with GS4.

      • Balraj

        S4 also gets kitkat…also I comment is based on the hands on review & videos
        S4 is not upto the mark for the price
        I’m not stopping you from buying it
        But ur comment is pointless lol

  • Luka Mlinar

    “Guys, we do this for a living – we spent considerable time with both
    devices and talked about this a great deal internally with the entire
    team.” *cough cough bullshit*

  • Karl0428

    Z2 for me..premium feel, premium design..and unique..I dont live within the hype..

  • john sam

    You guys fail to realize Xperia Z2 is just a “better” Z1…..Z1 had HORRIBLE battery life and Im sure the z2 will also

    • yudi_hilmawan

      No i don’t think so Z2 uses high quality IPS display and from what i know IPS has low power consumtion.

      Z2 is a perfection of Z1 with some other brand new technology that you can’t get from any other phones at least for now.
      1. Color Live LED technology.
      2. Built in Digital noise cancelling technology.
      3. MHL 3.0

      1. Thanks to Color Live LED technology according to Erica Griffin initial test Z2 display has the widest color gamut of any lcd even compareable to OLED display but without the oversaturation like samsung display + it also has excellent color accuracy.
      2. With built in digital noise cancellation that reduces up to 98% of all ambient sounds, you can get the best sound of any phones without using some bulky digital noise cancelling headphones.
      3. With MHL 3.0 you can get this
      4K (Ultra HD): Support of 4K formats up to 3840 × 2160 at 30 Hz.
      Simultaneous high-speed data channel
      Improved Remote Control Protocol (RCP) with new commands
      HID support for peripherals such as a touch screen, keyboard and mouse
      Higher power charging up to 10 W
      Backward compatible with MHL 1 and MHL 2
      Latest HDCP 2.2 content protection
      Enhanced 7.1 surround sound with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD
      Connector agnostic – uses as few as five pins
      Support for simultaneous multiple displays

  • K

    I doubt the Z2 will be available in the united states.

  • brendan soliwoda

    Is this even a fair comparison? Sony destroys Samsung in this one. Better build material and look? Check. Better Camera? Check? Near Stock android that isn’t overly bloated? Check. Stereo Speakers? Check. More RAM (which anyone in their right mind would choose over a higher clocked CPU)? Check. The only thing that Samsung has over Sony is a fingerprint sensor, heart rate monitor and faster auto focus. I’m perfectly fine without a fingerprint or heart rate sensor, although I would prefer a faster auto focus. As a former Samsung customer who switched to Sony with the Z1, I can fully say that I am completely happy with the decision and have never looked back. Sony actually listens to their customers, learns from their mistakes, and tries to fix them (mono to front facing stereo speakers, change from a TFT to an IPS display). Samsung keeps doing the same thing and tries to strike for gold again and again. It’s not working.

    • K

      The amount of RAM should be decided on how is much is required, not how much pther phones have it.

      The GS5 is running kitkat not jellybean. Kitkat is more efficient in utilising RAM than jelly bean. So 2gb is more than enough. 3GB RAM is overkill for kitkat.

      • Memphis May [S]unjay

        You guys are thinking of the short term results, the Z2 will benefit from the 3GB of ram in the long term.

        • K


          With android getting lighter every iteration, apps becoming more efficient, 2GB will be enough for even future versions of the OS and apps too.

  • K

    Not just ifans or sony fans criticisng the GS5, but even some samsung fans were disappointed with S5 and criticised it…..because leaks, rumours and hype before S5 launch t unrealistically increased expectations of samsung fans. Phone is very good, but the expectations were even higher,because of the leaks.

    • K

      But it will still sell well.

  • alin_ursul

    Sony Xperia z2 ;)

  • OneThousandOne


  • Jaun Lombard

    Wow…126 comments…am I late to this party?

    S5 is awesome….Z2 is awesome…

    I love AMOLED…S5 wins.

    The next G3 will even be average compared to the G2. The G2 is the phone to beat today. If you buy a S5 or Z2 you will be happy. I will buy S5 because it is different than other phones. SONY is the underdog like what the S2 was to the iPhone….but the iPhone was still better…

    Plus I heared a rumer that the S5’s sides are actually carbon fibre….

  • Castor

    from what i know xperia z2 also supports 128GB sandisk sd card. you can go to sandisk’s site and it lists z1 as one of those supported. also, android forums list almost every other phone as having the 128GB sandisk sd card support. i don’t know why blogs about mobile phones are not doing enough research.

    • venorme

      Z1 and Z Ultra both dont have 128 GB support. It`s about their chipset that cant deal with that amount of flash.
      Z2 has similar chipset as S5 so it might support 128 Gb and might not (as chipset is similar but not identical)

      • Castor

        there’s a list released by sandisk and it includes a wide range of devices including z and z1.


        it’s not official but it’s the same with the 64GB sd card support in xperia z. officially, sony said that only 32GB cards work but 64GB actually work with the device.

      • Castor

        Dear James,

        Thanks for contacting SanDisk Technical
        Support. It is our goal to make sure you have all the resources you
        need to get the most from your product.

        Please allow us to inform you that 128GB
        microSD cards are built to conform to the microSDXC standard and since
        your phone is currently working with a 64GB microSDXC card we see no
        reason why the 128GB microSDXC will not work; however we have not tested
        it so can’t guarantee one way or the other.

        We remain at your service for any additional information or assistance.

        Best regards,

        Antonia C.

        SanDisk Technical Support

        If it supports 64GB microSDXC, it should support 128 GB

  • Mitchael

    Sony Xperia Z2
    – More RAM (3GB vs S5’s 2GB)
    – Near Stock UI (vs S5’s touchwiz)
    – Premium feel and design. (vs cheap plastic feel)
    – Better camera (award winning Sony Tech + more mp)
    – Better music player (walkman app + Sony audio quality)
    – Small apps
    It’s practically a no brainer, unless you care more for a heart-rate monitor instead of all the above…

    • Humaan

      Z2 design is as bad as S5 which is a disaster, . Huge bezel is very old design.

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Sony it is. Nexus , sony,HTC and oppo are the ones I like

  • Synystery

    I don’t completely agree. Sure, Sony is the underdog and people are gonna root for the underdog cause it makes for a better story than the champ staying on top. Sure, everyone (me included, definitely) is all disappointed by the S5’s specs cause o the over inflated rumours. But the reason I think most people are rooting for the Z2 (besides the lighter skin over Android) is simply cause Sony fixed what was wrong with the phone and kept what was good,good. Many people are disappointed when comparing the build materials of their Samsung phone to other brands. Samsung’s plastic v.s. HTC’s metal or Sony’s glass and metal or Apple’s glass and metal. Even Nokia’s plastic feels better and Motorola has got wooden options. Then not to mention that most of Samsung’s software features (the real differentiating factor and allure of their phones) are mostly just gimmicks. Sure, everyone is glad to have and likes to show of with ’em but who really continues to use them after a few weeks? Their just gimmicks to get other people impressed with the “technology of their phones and hop the band wagon. At the end o the day their truly useless. Nothing a simple swipe o the screen couldn’t do in half the time.
    Sony on the other hand is keeping it real. They actually fixed their flaw (the screen). Samsung only pronounced theirs. Sony has a few gimmicks here and there but nothing to get in your way (or storage). And everyone agrees their specs are close. However their philosophies are miles apart and THAT is the deciding factor. Two phones speced too close to call it? Go for the one that feels truly premium and is less bogged down.

  • Ivan Budiutama

    oh god, it’s like starting a world war between both fans. I’ll pick both if possible. I think where you live is also something need to be accounted for.

    In many factors Samsung wins, and if you live in SE Asia like I did you will want to prefer Samsung for these reasons:
    1. Better service center if not the best, for now
    2. For many early adopters, Samsung’s world wide distribution is second to none.
    3. Easy access to many official accessories, and even more choice on accessories since it is insanely popular
    4. Nicely presented Camera module. Well, believe me 90% people in the country I live use Android for “flappy angry bird with clash of brave frontier in the hay day” and some LINE/whatsapp and of course selfie. No, don’t talk about other “smart app” really, leave alone a real use of s-pen on Note

    As for personal preference, I still choose Sony. No, no don’t get me wrong, I really want to choose S5. The thing is, I don’t like Touchwiz and no, I don’t root my phone not in 1-year warranty period. I rooted and custom ROM-ized my Galnex but it is after the warranty expired. Having to live 1 year using Touchwiz with non-global S-cloud, S-Note, ChatOn, etc that can’t be uninstalled whereas I still use Drive, Keep and Whatsapp/LINE/Kakaotalk, is torturing enough for me.

  • Von

    Z2 is the clear winner on this round. I think 2014 is sony’s year.

    • Humaan

      LG or HTC

  • seeingwhite

    AMOLED, “unmatched”? LOL

    • seattle one

      I don’t see why so many people are screen nazis. Most of the phone that come out to date have excellent screens. We aren’t doing photoshop on our phones.

      • seeingwhite

        Agreed, but AMOLED and LCD do have very different looks. AMOLED for example has a very cartoons and oversarurated appearance. IPS LCDs tend to look more natural and accurate.

        • seattle one

          Thats an argument I hear all the time. You can change the setting on amoled to be less vibrant. But in all honesty your phone maybe 95%+ of the time has generated graphics ( Kind of like 3d animations, icons) then real life pictures.

  • George Av

    Both are looking really good so far, but i’m leaning towards the Z2.

  • Be Cool

    The best device(not only android), is still Note 3. But S5 with this 500nits display, Black&White mode, and dust and water-proof come close next.
    No matter what BS-polls will win the iboys on the tech-sites. And how “clever” they pretend to be “Sony lovers”, the Real Poll will show the truth.LOL
    We’ve seen this joke before with the HTC One. Right?:)

    • seattle one

      Note 3 is arguably the best. But after having the note 1 note 2. I became sick of holding a phone so wide for one handed operation. I have been very happy with the LG G2 because the screen size is close to a note but with the same footprint as a s4.

      • Be Cool

        ” I became sick of holding a phone so wide for one handed operation.”
        LOL .
        “One hand” m. a.. , iBoy.

        • Alphere

          I like one handed operation too. There are times when your hand is holding other things such as bags or umbrella when it’s raining and two handed use is not possible.

          • Be Cool

            Here is one hand operation for Note 3. BUT THE TECH MEDIA NEVER SHOW IT:


            If if was Apple , this would be all over the media , (but the useless FPScanner and 64-bit are the top news. Right?)

  • seattle one

    Both are top phones. Samsungs bloatware has been toned down as samsung knew that was a gripe. I actually like and want all the s-health features for fitness.
    I think most people that choose the z2 over the s5 are more into looks then tech.
    The Z2 seems to be the best effort from Sony to date. What I really don’t like about the z2 is the huge size of the phone. It has a 5.2″ screen in a 6″ phablet size. Screen size does matter.
    Samsungs s5 is arguably ugly esp the back but the tech makes up for it. Will have to wait for the Galaxy F. I think that is the proper comparison as the s5 is somewhat not a flagship for samsung anymore. Looking forward to the LG G3 as the LG G2 has been one of the best phones I’ve ever owned.

    • Alphere

      S5 is not a flagship yet they still advertise it like there’s no tomorrow.

      • seattle one

        Why shouldnt they spend money on marketing if they are making 100 billion + in revenue

        • Be Cool

          The point is that the Samsung’s marketing money goes mostly for sponsoring events. Not like the apple propaganda .
          The tech media don’t take a cent from Samsung’s money , that’s why they mad.
          Buy the way, Apple succeeded to make every apple user , stock holder. So they can for free fight to blood, against the BIGGEST apple enemy. And to win the “poll” here.

    • Be Cool

      “Samsungs s5 is arguably ugly esp the back”
      Samsung phones look much better in life, then on the pictures. iPhones are opposite.
      Wait and you will see.

      “Will have to wait for the Galaxy F”
      This ” premium Galaxy F” BS is hidden iAdvertizing , how “premium” the aluminum tin can iphone is. Hundreds of articles about “Galaxy F” are only to convince you , about the supremacy of the iphone. Not that the iboys really want it, or gonna buy it.

      “I think most people that choose the z2 over the s5 are more into looks then tech.”
      It’s even more simple. They are just iboys, pretending that they are android users. The Unique Breed.
      Most of the real android users are already banned from the tech sites. Because they see what is going there and do not shut up.
      Enjoy the “poll” result now. ROTFL

      • seattle one

        Are you a kid with a demented sense of reality? I have an galaxy s s2 s3 s4
        2 note 1 2 note 2. All have been modded. That ifan boy shiet is old.
        The S5 premium is going to have better tech specs then the s5.

        • Be Cool

          And WHAT specs are NOT premium on S5???
          And why the tech media is not waiting for PREMIUM iphone version?

          That “I’m not ifan boy” shiet is old.

  • Alphere

    I like Samsung Galaxy S5 because:
    1. Removable Battery. Better battery life (we are not talking about mAh here).
    2. More durable plastic build. Glass will easily shatter. And this is for guys who hate cases.
    3. Ability to turn down the brightness to the lowest level, good for reading when its dark.
    4. Samsung has tons of reserved money for R&D so we will have faster updates in software and better quality of software overall.
    5. Ultra power saving mode and Emergency mode.
    6. Fingerprint sensor is not gimicky, it is actually a good way to add security to your device.
    7. No matter how ugly it is, Samsung’s marketing power will make it a must have device. People will still adore Samsung phone over a Sony phone because it’s “more popular”.

    I don’t like Galaxy S5 because:
    1. Appearance of the phone can be improved.
    2. Bloated software and Touchwiz.
    3. No FM radio.
    4. The chrome paint of the frame peels off.
    5. Heartrate monitor should be removed, unnecessary add-on.
    6. The Samsung logo on the back cover also peels off.
    7. The camera protrudes and will be prone to scratches.

    I like Sony Xperia Z2 because:
    1. Stunning design.
    2. Better UI and software in my opinion.
    3. Better audio quality.
    4. Noise cancellation technology.
    5. Flat back, I can lay it down on any surface without worrying on scratching the camera.
    6. Slow motion feature of the camera.

    I don’t like Sony Xperia Z2 because:
    1. Touchscreen issues. This is only based on my experience of previous Sony phones. I hope its fixed in Z2.
    2. Issues on bending aluminum frame. Google it, it looks disturbing. I hope its fixed again.
    3. It might easily shatter in one hard accidental drop.
    4. Issues and bugs on software. Slow updates.
    5. Short battery life (again based on previous Sony handsets and hoping this is fixed).
    6. Shatterproof screen protector that is prone to scratches (although I heard it is no longer on Z2).

    7 likes and 7 dislikes on Samsung Galaxy S5.
    6 likes and 6 dislikes on Sony Xperia Z2.

    I still can’t decide which one to buy. HTC is out of the picture because I don’t like phones from Chinese/Taiwanese companies.

    • seattle one

      Wow you went in depth. Taiwanese people are some of the most gifted asians out there. Shouldnt hate a company because of the country. HTC one is a fine product with zero lag. Just a lil too heavy and small screen for my taste.

    • Be Cool

      No matter how hard you try to hide. We can your apple-head shining:

      “I like Samsung Galaxy S5 because:
      6. Fingerprint sensor is not gimicky, it is actually a good way to add security to your device.
      7.No matter how ugly it is, Samsung’s marketing power will make it a mus
      have device. People will still adore Samsung phone over a Sony phone
      because it’s “more popular”.(ROTF . so that’s what you like ????

      “I don’t like Galaxy S5 because:
      2. Bloated software and Touchwiz.”

      • Alphere

        No, i hate apple iphone and iOS. I have more freedom in Android.

        • seattle one

          Don’t even respond to be cool. He/she the kid makes no sense saying everyone is an apple fan when we are carrying androids as our daily drivers. All of the kids posts are idiotic

          • Alphere

            Yeah, I also noticed that.

          • Be Cool

            Is this your best argument???? Your father might be younger than me.

            You iboys must support each other , to win the poll here . LOL
            Soon we will see who is right. Me , or your “poll”?

  • Luz

    I would pickzp2 went to t-mobile one of the show it to I was able camera wise is awesome and other things caught my attention so that’s all folks

  • wcjeep

    The S3 is scheduled for KitKat. This is great continued support from an OEM. At this point does anyone know if Sony Z2 will be available on Verizon?

  • Tangent Lin
  • Dovan Pujangga

    For me i will take Sony Xperia Z2 because of its design, IP58 certificate, software, and entertainment. But for performance, Samsung Galaxy S5 is better I think

  • DanDingello

    Where is joshua vergara’s thought on this? I was kind of hoping to see his reccomendation

  • Patrick Smithopolis

    I’ll stick with my Nexus 5.

  • Varun Bhalla

    I love the z2 . yes, Sony DOES listen to it’s customers!! Z2 all the way !! I just miss the USB 3.0 in the z2 but I believe that is gonna come in the z3 :)
    Rest SONY ! using an s3 right now, lol but looking forward to switch to Sony.

  • Philip Price

    I’m a Samsung fan, I like the looks of the S series, hell, I even like touchwiz (although I’m running with Nova Prime at the minute ) I have an S3, didn’t bother with the S4 as I didn’t feel that it was much of an upgrade. I’m not getting the S5 for the same reason. I think I’ll be going for the Nexus 5. Mainly because I want a pure Android devices without all the bells and whistles (and yes without all the bloat Samsung and other manufacturers seem to want to burden our handsets with) Plus Samsung is woefully slow at updating their Android devices. If you want kitkat on any Samsung you have to flash a ROM like cyanogenmod, which is something I’ml not averse to doing (I’ve even had Ubuntu on my i9300) it was in my experimental phase. When all’s said and done, Samsung make some brilliant devices but I think it’s time I saw what else is on offer in the world of Android.

  • Groud Frank

    I don’t really need to think hard about which to choose. It’s not close at all for me at all. The S5 would be my pick. It has way more potential. There will be tons more 3rd party accessories available for it and availability will not be an issue. Most importantly, I won’t have to wonder about the prospects for firmware updates. When Sony pushes out a “newer” version of the Z line every 6 months, your phone will become obsolete twice as fast as before. There update list wasn’t all that impressive before so imagine what it will be like now. I’d bet my last dollar that the Z2 will not be getting Android ‘L’.

  • Đỗ Hoàng

    Sony Xperia Z2
    – More RAM
    – Premium feel and design
    – Better UI
    – Better camera
    – Better audio quality
    – Better Screen
    – Larger Battery
    – Noise cancellation technology
    – Properly waterproof with IP58 > IP67 on S5

    • Alphere

      I really hope better camera and better battery reflects in real life use rather than just on paper.

  • Vincentius Phang

    stealing idea like waterproof and fingerprint alone is a no go for me

  • Blowntoaster

    both are a win for Android. each has their good points. The Z2 for it’s less bloated UI, glass construction and Android 4.4.
    The Samsung for it’s removable battery, great screen (Z2 too), new camera tech, heartrate monitor, S Apps…etc.

    the more flagship Androids there are, the better.

  • Juancho

    z2 hands down!

  • James

    You had one job Samsung… 3200 mAh battery. If you’d just put that into the S5, then I’d have looked the other way at no 2K display, I don’t care about that. I might have been able to forgive the hideousness of the backplate, or the fact that you INCREASED the bezels!!

    But no, you nickel and dime your S customers again!!! 2800 mAh wtf is that?!?!?! That’s as much of a bump as 5″-5.1″ on your display is!!!

  • two parameters make people to select XZ2
    1. 20.7MP
    2. 3GB RAM
    ISO-CELL or some sensors in GS5 is little bit more complicated to understand But MegaPixel and RAM is more familiar for people.

  • indio7777

    Have had a Sony Xperia Z Ultra since October. Best phone I’ve ever owned; B E A U T I F U L design that Samsung hasn’t been able to approach. Great screen, very fast – stands out among all devices. It’s premium without a doubt.

  • Airyl

    Soooooo, Oppo Find 7 anyone?

  • Arron Goodband

    Its an incredible time of year for all of us phone lovers, especially with the wide range of flagship phones being released around the same time. which brings us all to the same question. which one will we choose.
    I have always had a soft spot for Sony range when I first purchased my Xperia Z. And wow what an exceptional improvement they have made with the Z2. With its cutting edge design and its extraordinary live L.E.D colour technology as well as its 4K recording capability’s and significant adjustments to the pictures vivid and all its other little quirks that have been added to this flagship model.

    The Samsung S5 on the other hand has never really left a mark on my heart so to speak. it still continues to develop cheap feeling phones that I feel are priced far too high for a piece of plastic. On the other hand the S5 has always pleased the customers with its pictures, speed, interface and performance. and its to every different individuals preferences. some people don’t care much for the build quality just as long as it has the latest bells and whistles installed then they are happy.

    After reviewing both of these mobile devices I have to choose the Xperia Z2 as it has all of the features that Samsung does as well as the superb build quality that Samsung does not. My heart lies with Sony and I think they are going to surprise the market this year with this exceptional flagship contender.