Rumor: Galaxy S5 ‘confirmed’ to feature both plastic and metal variants, possible unveiling in mid-March

by: Andrew GrushJanuary 13, 2014

Samsung Brand Shots CES 2014-7

Going back as far as August of last year, we’ve been hearing all sorts of rumors about what to expect from the next-generation Galaxy S flagship. More recently, these rumors have picked up in intensity and we’ve seen several reports that reiterate the claim that the handset will feature plastic and metal body options, a redesigned look and an absolutely bleeding-edge 2560 x 1440 resolution display.

Now SamMobile reports that an insider source has “confirmed” several details regarding the Galaxy S5, helping paint a clearer picture of what to expect with the GS5.

Sifting through the various rumors we have already heard about the Galaxy S5, the insider reports that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will in fact be offered in both plastic and metal options. What’s unclear is whether or not the metal version will go by a different name, such as the previously suggested Galaxy F brand name.

Samsung Galaxy S5 (Plastic)

The cheaper plastic model will be priced around 650 Euros or about $887. The handset may feature the same Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU in all markets (LTE and 3G), reportedly of the newer Snapdragon 805 variety.

Keep in mind that the Snapdragon 805 has yet to formally debut in any devices and isn’t expected to arrive in any handsets until May at earliest. Still, it wouldn’t seem crazy to think that Samsung would be one of the first vendors to get their hands on the chip. If not the 805, at the very least we are looking at a Snapdragon 800 here.

The handset is also expected to feature an AMOLED display with an impressive resolution of 2560 x 1440. Although the source doesn’t confirm screen size, it is believed to be somewhere around 5.25-inches. In terms of camera performance, the GS5 will have a 16MP camera on the rear. Finally, we also know the handset will run on Android 4.4 KitKat with Samsung customizations.

Previous rumors also suggest we might be looking at a massive UI change from the Touchwiz of old.

Samsung Galaxy S5 (metal)

The metal version of the Galaxy S5 is believed to be packing the 64-bit Exynos 6 CPU, which will likely feature the ability to run all eight cores at once. Apparently the Exynos 6 will be used on all versions of the metal S5, even in LTE markets.

Not surprisingly, the metallic Galaxy S5 (aka Galaxy F) will have a more premium asking price at around 800 Euros, or about $1092. The rest of the specs seem to about be the same as the plastic model, including a 2560 x 1440 resolution display, KitKat and a 16MP rear camera.

GS5 variants: S5 Mini and S5 Zoom

SamMobile’s source also claims that the S5 Zoom and S5 Mini are already in the pipeline as well, with release targets of May and June respectively.

While not much is known about their specs, the S5 Zoom will have a 4.8-inch qHD display, and both models are expected to have Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box.

When can we expect the Galaxy S5?

So when can we expect the Galaxy S5 and its metallic premium variant? Although we don’t know for certain, an Italian journalist named Flavio recently claimed that the Galaxy S5 will launch at a special event in mid-March with an actual release in early April. The event is expected to take place in London, around a month after MWC. Considering the fact that Samsung hasn’t launched a member of the S series at MWC in years, a separate event makes a lot of sense, as does the timeframe.

Now before you take any of this too seriously, it’s important to maintain some perspective here. First, both the specs and the launch timeframe are rumors, completely unconfirmed by Samsung. Second, even though SamMobile is a great source for reliable Samsung news and rumors, we don’t know the history of the anonymous source.

The source could be the real deal, or he/she could simply be someone claiming to be an insider that has cherry-picked the best rumors and strung them together. Even if the details seem compelling and not too unbelievable, it’s important to take all of this in with a grain or two of salt.

What do you think of the rumored Galaxy S5 specifications, impressed or not? What else would you like to see from the GS5? Let us know what you think in the comments.

  • Abdel Aziz Farhi

    $1092.. Hell no.

    • Tyrone_83

      I do want the S5 but there no way if those prices turn out to be true if I want to buy the phone outright.

      • Rhino”

        they are literally turning into apple with them profit margins :D

    • Abdulla Mehdi

      I dont think it will cost that much in the us, i live in sweden and when a phone costs 600 dollars in the us it will cost about 6000kr in sweden wich is 923 USD. the prices will probably be 650 dollars and 800 dollars

  • MasterMuffin

    This has been commented millions of times, but A DAMN TW REDESIGN! Lighter and better looking!

    • Paul

      Better yet, how about no TW at all. AOSP anyone? I can’t fathom why all these companies insist on alienating their best consumers with this overlay garbage and bloat

  • Ahmet C.

    800 euros!? OK, that’s enough Samsung for me.

    Also can somebody tell me the point of running 8 CPU cores all at once? This is even more pointless than going 64-bits. At least with 64-bits one can argue that it’s for future-proofing and in time OSes and programs will take advantage of it but with 8 cores?

    No program will take advantage of that many cores that’s for sure but more importantly it will slaughter the battery and not to mention it will be like holding a mini sun in your hands.

    I feel that this hardware race has to stop. Android device manufacturers should focus on software optimization and battery life.

  • jeff

    Most likely 199. To 299. With 2 year contract


    “Rumor: Galaxy S5 ‘confirmed’ to feature…”

    I never thought I’d read the words “rumor” and “confirmed” so close to each other in a single sentence.

  • AndroidBoss

    It’s gonna be fake metal like the fake leather.

  • Adam

    Looks a lot like the HTC one M7

  • JosephHindy

    I’m sorry but isn’t that an HTC One with a home button? #fake

    • Andrew Grush

      Pretty much, Joe, but remember it’s just a “concept image”. Used the image because it was prettyful and whatnot. :)

      • JosephHindy

        I know I was just looking for a reason to put “#fake” in here :P

        That watermark on the picture is hilarious too. “Hasan Kaymak Innovations” on what is essentially a total rip off of the HTC One. Irony is not lost on me.

      • Josh Johnson

        I kinda hope it looks like that ;-) it would be sweet

  • mustbepbs

    Calling it now:

    Galaxy C5 and S5.

  • Angellowko

    1092!? I can only imagine what the Note 4 will cost me..

    • Ahmet C.

      It’ll probably require a human sacrifice.

      • eroshelios

        And possibly a firstborn.

        • CyanogenModAdmin

          But usalluy Galaxy S5 has a lot of dirffent features..and nice 1 but this time copied from apple iPhone 5s model fingerprint on home button..but i think lawsuit will come again

  • Brendon Brown

    Too damn expensive (for the metal variant) and damn, stop making screens bigger now…..

  • Shacham Ginat


  • Guest

    If Samsung confirmed, why the Rumour ?

  • Abdullah Naji

    Looks great, can’t wait for the Galaxy S5!

  • John Hamernick-Ramseier

    I think the metal version will be the S5 active.

  • KillEmAllx

    One freaking thousand dollars. What the actual f*ck. Nexus 5 costs around what, $350? And the “cheap” plastic version of the S5 costs $800+, I mean, are you kidding me? They’re robbing people, and people is buying. Stahp Samsung stahp!

    • TechB

      Nexus ain’t for everyone though, sorry bub.


      If people willingly purchase a Phone for 1092 dollars they are not being robbed. They are just plain stupid.
      Then again they (Samsung) are probably anticipating inflation. When the FED “prints” $80B a month to prop up the US stock market it deflates the value of the dollar and inflation tends to occur…. $17 trillion and counting…

      • Derek

        Except the US has had negligible inflation in recent history… prices today are just barely higher than they were in 2008.

        • Paul

          Brainwashed much?

  • Josh Johnson

    Price is way to high, they can’t blow it this launch. If that is the price point I will stick with my G2 which has the same 800 process… Come on Samsung… Not to mention if you get it on a US carrier it will be locked down… Fail+fail=i’ll pass

  • P-GT

    Great upgrade for the GALAXY SIII users! Not sure for the GS4 users…

    • eroshelios

      I think I will stay with my S4 unless something convinces me otherwise.

  • Romeo Bucur

    Why is everyone talking fictional prices and complaining… i fail to understand… all this article is in fact, it’s pure speculation.. no real prices or specs are presented here.. aside the 2k screen.. which is the only sure thing on the s5 … so what is the point in complaining about a 1000$ samsung phone that doesn’t exist.. ???

  • namesib

    Why is everyone complaining about an unofficial and speculative release price?

  • chico13

    well according to this it sounds like to “plastic” version is going to have a much better battery life because of the single quad core processor not dual core or quad core processors but still those prices are pretty out there luckily for me my carrier I currently have an update so I definitely won’t be paying full price for it