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Eldar Murtazin, a well-connected blogger with a relatively good track-record when it comes to leaks, just tweeted that the Galaxy S5 will launch on February 23, ahead of MWC 2014 Barcelona.

Murtazin claims the Galaxy S5 will be announced on Sunday, February 23, at 6PM, and that it will be in stores by the end of April.

There’s no way for us to verify Murtazin’s claims, but there is no obvious alarm bell ringing about his prediction either. What’s more, Eldar Murtazin predicted the launch date of the Galaxy S4 almost to the day last year, which lends his words a lot of credibility.

Rumors that Samsung would accelerate the release of the Galaxy S5 have been surfacing periodically for about half a year now. On January 2, Korean media reported that a Samsung VP stated — off the record — the device would be launched around MWC. Samsung did not confirm or deny that report, but on January 9 another executive revealed – on the record – that the device will be released by the end of April, which suggests it would be introduced in February-March.

While Samsung used its standalone Unpacked events to unveil the last two versions of the Galaxy S, it continued to launch its other big flagship, the Note series, ahead of IFA Berlin in September. It’s possible that the Korean giant is adopting the same strategy for the Galaxy S5. MWC 2014 will officially open on Monday, February 24, 2014.

An earlier release would allow Samsung to steal some of the thunder of competitors like Sony, HTC, and LG, which are all preparing new flagships for the first quarter of the year.

Murtazin also vaguely “confirms” the specs that have been floating around in connection with the Galaxy S5 (5.25-inch 2K display, S800, 3GB RAM), as well as the launch of a new TouchWiz version. In a different tweet, the Russian blogger claims the software of the S5 will have a different name, but that essentially it will be an evolved TouchWiz.






Bogdan Petrovan
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  • theTZIU

    The specs are not phenomenal.

    And 2K is only a small step further

    1080p = 1900 x 1080
    2K = 2560 × 1440 OR 2560 × 1600

    • Tay

      What do you want? 16 gb of Ram? 4k screen? 24000 mah battery? 365-core chip?

      • theTZIU

        The S800 CPU ist from 2013!
        I want a 64bit system and 4Gb of RAM.

        • WestFiasco

          To do what exactly ?

          • mustbepbs

            To make him feel better about himself.

    • Jaun Lombard

      Yeah I mean…3/4 ram and 64 bit prosessor with 2K screen is not the best spec on the market today…

      I really wanted my S5 to make me coffee…

    • Not exactly.

      “2K” and 1080p are being thrown around here (in the article and comments) kinda loosely. In televisions, 1080p is a defined industry standard for the number of vertical lines (encompassing variants including 1080p 24fps, 1080p 50fps, and 1080p 60fps) – while 2K is more vague and generic in its application to various device types.

      So in TV parlance (see link below) 1080p IS considered “2K,” and in 16×9 “UHD” TV (a 2012 CES standard), sets will be 3840×2160 (1080 doubled), The term “2160p” will likely be the term of art for other “4K” devices with varying aspect ratios.

      So in a 16×10 screen, 3472×2160 is also “4K” – and a 4:3 screen of 2880×2160 or a 3:2 (3240×2160) would also be 2160p devices (whether or not they’d also considered to have “4K resolution”).

      This makes the profusion of existing 1920×1080 devices arguably “2K” already. But this isn’t the only def of the term. In the movie industry the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) standard, 2048×1556, is also called 2K.

      Your suggested resolutions of 2560×1440 (the QHD standard) and 2560×1600 (the res of a 13″ MacBook Pro Retina and the Nexus 10) , are really more or less between 2K or 4K, while another (2880-by-1800) “tweener” is the 15″ MBPr’s resolution..

      So what resolution are we really talking about in “2K phones”?


      Note: “FUHD” (not to be confused with “FUD,” lolz) or “8K” sets will likely be 7680×4320 (i.e., double UHD’s)..

      • zackanfield


  • android guy

    Not S805? I am waiting fot S5. Will the performance improvement big different compare to note3?

    • Jaun Lombard

      if it is 64 bit…then yes…otherwise no…

      • sluflyer06

        64bit itself means nothing. If the 5 really comes out wiht 2k and a s800 the 3d performance will take a huge hit.

        • Humaan

          They may have a repackage with more gpu cores

        • Guest

          performance won’t take a hit,

          Battery will take a hit…

      • Zamroni

        64 bit purpose is too support RAM larger than 4 GB. Lower than that, 32 bit will be more efficient. 32 bit processor will have less transistors which means taking less power.

  • najiy91

    evolved touchwiz?tizen maybe?
    and i hope samsung produces waterproof s5 as they promised. i love sony and samsung!(‘~’)

  • najiy91

    touchwiz tiles?

    • WestFiasco

      Codenamed TT

  • thartist

    Let’s see if i find someone likeminded:
    I DONT like it is 5,25, that’s stretching the comfort barrier for the masses.
    I DON’T like that it is 2K, stupidly toooo much resolution eating my juice for no benefit at all. If it was a big screen, ok, but 5 inches?
    3 GB? I doubt any smartphone has ever needed more than 512 for the OS + 1 GB free for the user. Save me the money.
    The new TW? Forget it.

    All in all, flagships start to not make sense and miss the ‘masses’ target, like the S1, 2 and maybe the 3 did, which was already getting too big for most regular folks.

    • Humaan

      5.25″ good for readers. I dont feel comfortable with smaller screens for reading.Mobile not just for calling. Agree with 2K battery consumption.
      I dont think 1gb is sufficient for heavy users. eg too much tabbed browser and other mainstream apps together.
      I hate touchwiz. Its ugly and boring just like other samsung apps.
      But will waiting for S5.
      I hate samsung ugly clock app, comparing with aosp clock with clean UI.

    • sluflyer06

      I’ve regularly seen my phone use more than 1.5GB of ram at a time, also keep in mind some of the total ram is permanently reserved for the GPU.

    • Mystery Man
    • David Sousa

      – It depends on the form factor. When I got the Galaxy Nexus, I noticed immediately that I was already pushing my limits. When you see the Nexus 5, it’s only 0.1″ longer and 0.05″ wider. Works for me. Meaningfully larger than the GNex and I will probably start considering smaller high end phones like the Moto X instead. If it keeps the same size of the S4, who knows.
      – 2k seems a bit too much for me as well. But we all know how that works: marketing said that “retina” was more than you could see, and yet we know how that turned out when 1080p phones with PPI > 400 were launched.
      – 3GB: strongly disagree with your opinion. Especially in a phone with Touchwiz, judging by its previous versions.
      – I don’t like TouchWiz, so any opinion I write is probably at least a little biased.

    • Ben Edwards

      I beg to differ – look at the sales of both the S3/S4 and Note 2 and 3. People love big screen devices, they aren’t, by any means, “getting too big for most regular folks”.

  • Ris

    Why 2k screen on 5 inch model??? why??? U can`t see difference from 2k to full hd screen. This resolution is only good for big screens and for small ones is only good to take battery down. I really don’t understand 2k displays on a such small screens!

    • A googler

      I agree it just seems ridiculous fair enough on your huge TV but a mobile wtf

    • arcwindz

      I don’t agree with 2k (obvious battery hog) but what you said had been said on 1080p last time too.

    • amoria

      it’s called spec wars ;)

  • Groud Frank

    And 2k is what it will cost you to get this thing. The S5 is basically a Galaxy Js. This is the price of “flooding the market”. Now I see why the J was never released internationally. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for my GPe Note 3 to materialise from my wild and overactive imagination. Please Samsung! Please!

  • Balraj

    Same price means? !!!!!!!

    • systemupdate

      in the begining $699 or 699 euro in the beginning for 16gb.

  • blairh

    Really curious if this will have on-screen buttons or not. I’m going to assume it will. Otherwise I think that’s too large. The original Note had a 5.3″ screen.

    TouchWiz will get a new name and long overdue new look.

    • Tuấn Ankh

      The bottom bezel of the GS4 wasn’t any bigger than the bezel of the LG G2. (Or maybe 0.5 millimeter bigger?)
      Beside, the Note 1 wasn’t 16:9.

      • blairh

        Not sure what your point is. I just think anything beyond 5″ is too large for most consumers. If you want something that big, you opt for a phablet. 5.2″ or 5.25″ with on-screen buttons is roughly the same as 5″ with soft keys or physical buttons. But if it’s 5.2″ AND soft keys, etc, I think that’s too much.

        • Tuấn Ankh

          Soft key or not, it doesn’t matter. That’s what I tried to tell you. (by comparing the S4 and the G2). The phone will have the same bottom bezel size even if it has on-screen button and no soft keys.
          Beside, the Note wasn’t 16:9. The 4:3 dimension makes it larger and harder to fit in the hand.

          And yes, I like big phones, and I have a Galaxy Mega 6.3.

  • hafiz

    hello android authority did s4 have air gesture and more cool sensor like s4?

  • TheMysteryMan

    Are we still taking Eldar Murtazin seriously? I mean if anyone is famous for just throwing $#!t out there for the sake of it, it is him. Such vague statements about specs. Everything from Exynos 6 to s800 to s805 has been speculated. Everything from 1080p, 2k, 2k amoled, 2k lcd has been speculated. Everything from plastic, metal chassis has been speculated.

    Are we suppose to forget the BS spewed by Eldar Murtazin in past?

    MWC launch was also speculated, so is April launch. So really, what new piece of info do we have? Zilch.

  • Wuchko

    Who is taking this guy seriously? I mean, I can also do that. “Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature screen ranging from 5.5 to 6 inches. 2K resolution. Snapdragon 805 or 900 or Exynos 7 octa core. 3 or 4gb of RAM”. There you go, I got that tip from a very trustworthy source.

    • Guest

      Because he has a track record and you don’t…….

      • Bone

        Hehe, exactly. But of course this will be added to his track record if he isn’t right. February sounds too early, not necessarily for Samsung’s plan but to have the SD805 (that’s the one matching Exynos 6) ready and mass produced by the millions.

      • thelastguyX20

        Do you know his track record? Comments on this article are saying otherwise on how good his track record is…

  • youyouyouyouyouyouyouyouyouyou

    Now with the fact that its only S800 … its like a Note 3 mini, without the Stylus … Great …

  • Brendon Brown

    If its 64 bit, they’ll need 3.2 Gigs ram, so we most probably will be looking at a 4Gig device :)

  • Ben Edwards

    Why does anyone still care what that clown has to say? He’s wrong more often than he’s right (look at his S3 “predictions”) and has been stated multiple times in the comments, it’s not hard to make up a “leak” from a “trustworthy source” (see Wuchko’s comment).

  • Jesus


  • needa

    sorry but samsung is not going to announce a phone two months before launch in this day and age. this is just another instance of android authority not using their brain before they post.