During the early days of Galaxy S5 rumors we heard several reports suggesting that Samsung would one-up Apple by introducing an iris scanner. Eventually it was learned that the iris scanner wasn’t going to happen after all, and instead the device would feature some sort of fingerprint-scanning technology.

Previous rumors claimed the scanning tech would be built into the display, but a new report from SamMobile (citing insider sources) reveals that the scanner is actually integrated into the handset’s physical home button. As you’ve likely already surmised, this pretty much kills the rumors that Samsung might ax its physical buttons on the GS5 in favor of on-screen keys.

Unlike the iPhone 5S, the Galaxy S5’s fingerprint reader requires you to swipe your finger across the sensor. While this might be less convenient than a static reading approach, it is likely to be more accurate, and therefore more secure.

Unlike the iPhone 5S, the Galaxy S5’s fingerprint reader requires you to swipe your finger across the sensor.

The Galaxy S5’s reader is potentially a bit harder to use, but it’s also quite a bit more powerful, thanks to the fact that the scanner is implemented system-wide and even has the ability to register a total of 8 fingerprints. This means you can use one finger to unlock your phone and can even create special shortcuts or tasks for up to seven other fingers.

Adding an extra layer of security and privacy, Samsung is also preparing to introduce a special “Private Mode”. This is a place to store certain files and apps that you don’t want others to see or access. Unlocking private mode is as easy as entering a PIN or swiping one of your fingers.

Now it’s important to note that Samsung has yet officially confirm the existence of a fingerprint reader on the Galaxy S5, though SamMobile’s report certainly seems believable enough. Bottom-line, you should take the report with a grain of salt for now.

What do you think of Samsung’s fingerprint scanning technology based on what we know so far? Interested or not? For more details on what to expect from the Galaxy S5, be sure to check out our roundup post.

Andrew Grush
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  • AndroidBoss

    Well they took the home button idea from apple, so where else would they put it?

    • Carl Draper

      For the hundredth and first time, Motorola Atrix 4G had a fingerprint scanner on the power button in 2011!

      • AndroidBoss

        What’s up with the “Hundredth and first time.”

      • Jusephe

        Who cares !
        Mototo atrix was just a flawed experiment that they made just to show off and fool people to buy that terrible phone… Like I am a child that experimented and made a sandwich with ham and cheese and you are driving a huge factory hat makes sandwiches with ham and cheese and someone praised that he made the sandwich with ham and cheese two years sooner than you started to produce them while bashing everybody that praises that factory.

        Nobody cares for little experiments in the past when a big revolution arrives !

      • Brandon Miranda

        It didn’t work!

  • AndroidBoss

    For sure this is gonna start another patent war between Apple and Samsung. Samsung really needs to stop copying.

    • Carl Draper

      WTF you on about? For the hundreth time, Motorola Atrix had a fingerprint scanner on the power button in 2011!

      • Danny

        Atrix may have been first (there also Japanese phones with this feature)

      • Danny

        Ok… But Apple changed the implementation, type of scanner and location. Added more usability. So why didn’t Samsung put it on the back like moto? If Motos scanner was so good why didn’t they use it again? It was unreliable and difficult to use.

        • Carl Draper

          I still have my Atrix 4G and the fingerprint scanner wasn’t particularly unreliable but it might have been expensive to implement. Samsung won’t put it on the back because all modern Samsung devices have the power button on the front

          • AndroidBoss

            It’s called home button.

          • Danny

            Why didn’t moto use it again? Honestly, if moto made a good product that worked, why abandon it? Leaves me to question the user friendliness and reliability. Samsung is clearly reacting to apples successes with touch id here.

          • hoggleboggle

            What success? Why then didn’t they implement it in the latest ipads? There aren’t many places you could stick a fingerprint scanner if it is to remain functional and practical.

          • Daniel

            It doesn’t matter that they abandoned it. It matters that Apple copied their idea to implement a fingerprint on a phone. Isn’t that what apple fans always repeating over and over again? If one car manufacturer put the steering wheel in front of the driver that doesn’t mean the next car manufacturer copied the first one. The second one only made it better(maybe adjusteble). Wake up apple fans. Stop being so blinded by Apple!!!!!!

          • jeff

            No disrespect but apple should have went to the grave with mr. Jobs

      • AndroidBoss

        How many times are you gonna say that gay statement? Just because Moto did it doesn’t mean Apple won’t sue Samsung for it.

        • Carl Draper

          How can Apple sue for something that was already done years before they did it? Also you must feel really big calling a statement “gay.”

          • AndroidBoss

            It has done it before with Microsoft. Microsoft was the first to make a touch screen tablet and in the end Apple sued Samsung over the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it got banned.

        • Tyrone_83

          How is that statement gay when that statement is a fact? Do you know how many phones and PDA’s that had finger print scanners before Apple did it? So I guess everybody copied Apple then. Nice logic

    • dandroid13

      And you need to stop whining.

  • ursuline lewis

    Would love to see it hopefully this right!!

  • MobileRoamer

    So far sounds very interesting. And in the same mantra as the blind Apple followers, it’s not about who does it first, it’s about who does it better. I for one couldn’t care less who does it first. Can’t imagine if my car didn’t have air conditioning because some other manufacturer had it first in one of their cars.

    • Brandon Miranda

      Well we will see who did it the best. I believe it will be Apple because Samsung would’ve scrambled to incorporate a sensor to keep up and it will suck.

      • Brian Shieh

        Somehow, I feel that is what Apple did as well.

        • Brandon Miranda

          Eh, we will never know. I for one think it works like a charm. One thing i think is wrong with it is security. If you know the passcode you can enter and save your own fingerprint onto the device. I did this to my friends phone who is a rising singer. Buy her album on iTunes. Tear it Up by Bailey Callahan. ;)

      • Rijoenpial

        I am not gonna even bother arguing with a guy whose avatar is APPLE FANBOY… That and your childlike arguments define the archetype of what an Apple fanboy is! LOL Cheers

        • Brandon Miranda

          Childlike arguments? My avatar is ironic. If you know me you would know I love my Nexus way more than my iPhone. Also, what is archetype? Even if it is a real world your not using it in the proper fashion. LOL Cheers

          • Rohan Jayaram

            Yes, archetype is a real word, and he did use it in a proper fashion. Maybe not in the traditional sense, but it’s still perfectly applicable to what he is trying to convey.
            It means a very typical example of a certain person or thing.
            Also, sir, you’re*.
            Cheers. :)

          • Brandon Miranda

            Indeed. You’re ;)

      • jeff

        U r on the wrong page for sapple geeks

        • Brandon Miranda

          Am I? I know just as much about Android as I do iOS. Also, I find this a spectacular site to further increase my knowledge on Android. Cheers.

    • Balraj

      Apple always does it best…it’s just that, they take they own time :p

      • hoggleboggle

        Like the one button mouse and iTunes ping?

  • TweoBeo

    Omg a whipe of a finger, how impressive. Jeez they really don’t want to win the war do they?

  • Brandon Miranda

    Someone explain to me how this is better?

    • rabyunghwa

      Don’t worry. You will know at the unpacked event.

      • Brandon Miranda

        Nah not really. They’ll try to explain it while dancing on a bear fighting a tigress while sipping tea and speaking Martian.

  • thatguy702

    People on here talk like the iPhone was the first to have a fingerprint scanner, do research guys….

    • Nidhish

      Typical Crapple fans

      • AndroidBoss

        I’m not an Apple fan (obviously) and I think Samsung should stop copying Apple. However, that doesn’t mean that I hate Samsung, one of my favorite companies.

        • Sanders

          Exactly, I like Samsung but I hate they way they copycat everything from Apple.

          • AndroidBoss


        • jeff

          Its not the major co.s that suck . Its the money grunging carriers like big red…yes thats u verizon

          • Jon Colgan

            One point: Jeff. Glad to see crazy stunts like finally sticking it to Big Red and company.

      • Brandon Miranda

        Typical Fandroid.

    • Diablo81588

      It’s not about who’s the first, it’s about Samsung copying Apple’s every move.

      • Matevz

        Guy above stated very nicely. Air conditioning-car…

    • It’s really not about who does it first, but who does it right. I absolutely HATE Apple and their products. Current LG G2 user (former GS3) but this copying… I mean “Innovating” is getting annoying. Motorola innovated with Moto X. LG innovated with G2 and G Flex and the battery in the G2. HTC tried with their camera on the One. Samsung just sees what Apple does and does the same thing. One day, it will catch up to them. Personally, I hope it is sooner rather than later.

    • Brandon Miranda

      It was the first to implement it in a way that was practical and *cough cough* works as advertised.

  • Why won’t anyone pay any attention to me?? :(

    – moto atrix

  • SM

    On what basis are you asserting that it will be more accurate? I’ll bet not.

  • sanguiseritmeus

    Presenting Samsung! I mean Apple again I mean Samsung

  • Realist

    My phone in Japan had a fingerprint scanner 9 years ago. Apple was not the first to do this smh .

  • here. This was expected out of Samsung, after all, they did copy from Sony. I do not think that they are as authentic as Apple, but one thing for sure is that Apple has its own charm and thinking that Samsung is better might be a joke (looking at the quality).

  • Matevz

    I sometimes don’t understand you guys… this Apple, Samsung copy/sue thing is getting out of control. All coments i red down bellow are just about this. One guy mentioned air condition in a car and thah he does not care who made it first, as long as he has it in his car. The same thing goes for camera in mobile.. who had the first camera in mobile phone? I dont care, every 1 has it now… same thing (mozt likely) will go for that fingerprint or some other scanner. If someone does something i dont see why others can’t use it. Some are saying Moto Atrix had a scanner on the back but apple inovated by putting on the front.. what? It is a thin line here, what IS innovation and what ISN’T… If you ask me none of them are innovators because fingerprint scanners are here like what, 10 years (on laptops)… it was ported on mobile.. not innovating if you ask me. But i dont care, like for air condition. I just want to have it.

    • jeff

      One word describes it…MONEY

  • Jusephe


  • Sgthp

    HP had this ‘Swipe’ fingerprint sensor on their laptops. So it’s not new really.

  • MDJ

    I’m wondering if the swipe method from what you say is like the ones on laptops… Because those are not secure. All you need to do is swipe your finger really fast and it will be unlocked. But guess it does make sense, because Samsung has a thin home button.

  • mznatnat

    Oh here we go again…. I guess Samsung loves court battles that they will lose. Sigh.

  • mznatnat

    And I’m seeing a lot of talk on here about Apple fanboys VS. Android fanboys. I, myself prefer Android but I still respect Apple. Before Apple came along Samsung was working on flip phones…. Remember that? Those things we all used to have and were OK with at some point…. FLIP PHONES!

    Apple truly did revolutionize the smart phone world. And everyone jumped on that bandwagon.

    Apple did a great job.

    BUT…. BUT!!!!!

    Apple has stopped being innovative…. everything that they come out with now has been somewhere else a while ago…. A perfect example is the notification system…. Android had it ages before Apple did.

    I respect Apple and LOVE Android. I fore one am done bashing Apple fanboys. I love technology, I love smart phones…. As long as I am not forced to deal with Windows Phones… I am good!

    I’m just tired of all the bickering.

    Oh and btw… Samsung seems to be less innovative as well…. When the GS3 came out it was innovative, GS4 was innovative as hell… and then we have the Note 3…. there was a lack of motivation with that phone….. I doubt there is going to be anything really different with the S5 or even the Note 4 …..

    • Brandon Miranda

      The S4 was a flop. BUT I see what your saying and you make an excellent point my dear.

    • mznatnat

      BTW guys… my prediction about the S5 was 100% correct! Gs5 sucks balls!

  • Nate Fredricksen

    Dammit…I hope this is wrong. I don’t want the button anymore :( /wrists #firstworldproblems

  • fredphoesh

    scan this finger for viewing hidden data…

  • apianist16

    First they said it was going to have an iris scanner, then a in-screen fingerprint reader, and now this. At the rate the rumors are going, it’ll have nothing!

  • Jose Torres

    Not surprising at all…POSERS!
    P.S. physical buttons need to DIE!

  • namesib


  • xd feng

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