Galaxy S5 candidate spotted in benchmark: 2K display, 2.5GHz processor, Android KitKat

by: Bogdan PetrovanDecember 4, 2013

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Rumors of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S flagship are already swirling, but most of them are reports from Korean media that lack much detail.

Now we may have something a little more concrete on our hands, with the key word being “may”. That’s because there’s no hard evidence that the Samsung SM-G900S device spotted in the GFXBench benchmarks is really the Galaxy S5, or just a fake, a prototype, or a different device altogether.

What we can say for sure is that the SM-G900S seems to match the description of Samsung’s upcoming superphone.

Samsung SM-G900S GFXBench

Click to enlarge.

First, there’s the 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution of the display, also known as Quad HD (or 2K) because it packs four times the number of pixels of an HD (720p) screen. Only the Chinese company Vivo released a smartphone with this resolution so far, while Meizu announced plans for its own.

But it’s very probable that Samsung will equip the S5 with a 2560 x 1440 screen. Back at the Analyst Day event in November, the company revealed it will launch devices reaching a pixel density of 560ppi in 2014. Punching the numbers in a PPI calculator shows that a 2560 x 1440 screen of 560ppi would be 5.25-inch across, which is a reasonable size for the upcoming Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S4 is 5-inch across, so slightly smaller bezels would make a larger screen entirely within reach.

Second, there’s the processor listed in the benchmark entry, identified as a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MSM8974 processor. However, the listed top speed of 2457 MHz is outside the limits of the S800, which is capped at 2.3GHz. It may be that the benchmark misidentified the processor as an S800, when it’s actually the new Snapdragon 805. Packing an Adreno 420 GPU and capable of speeds of up to 2.5GHz, the 805 will be available to manufacturers in the first part of 2014. It’s just speculation, but it would make more sense for Samsung to use the best possible processor for its flagship product.

The benchmark identified the OS on the SM-G900S as Android 4.4 KitKat, and we wouldn’t expect anything else from the Galaxy S5. The identification of the device itself, “klteskt” may indicate a version that is tested for compatibility on SK Telecom, one of the largest carriers in South Korea.

Will this SM-G900S turn out to be the Galaxy S5? It’s hard to say at this point, but the real device will probably have similar specs. The latest rumors out of Korea suggest the S5 will land in March, so we still have a few months of leaks ahead to figure it out.

  • Dimitar Gospodinov

    OK if 4K i four times 1080p why is 2K two times 720p???

    EDIT: “2K reference resolution is 2048 × 1536 pixels, whereas 4K reference resolution is 4096 × 3072 pixels. Nevertheless, 2K may also refer to resolutions like 2048 × 1556 (full-aperture), 2048 × 1152 (HDTV, 16:9 aspect ratio) or 2048 × 872 pixels (Cinemascope, 2.35:1 aspect ratio). ”

    • MasterMuffin

      Because it is xP

    • Bishop

      the 1080p screens are basically 2k since 2k refers to the horizontal resolution (1920) while the (1080) refers to the vertical resolution….. 4k displays will be 3840 x 2160. So the horizontal resolution will be close enough to 4k and the vertical resolution will be (2160P) for example….. This display would be better referred to as 2.5K or 1440P since its resolution is 2560 x 1440.

      • Dimitar Gospodinov

        so when we say 720 and 1080p we are referring to the vertical (the shorter one sinse on smartphones it is the oposite) but when we are talking about 2K and 4K it is the longer side? I am more confused than before.

        I toght that 2K is twice as many pixels as 720p display 1280×720 = 921600 pixels so 2K will be 1843200 = 900×2048 (2048×872 as it is in Wikipedia) and I think I am right.

        I am not arguing just want to clear it for myself ‘couse some people are (apparently) using it wrong.

        • Bishop

          Yeah you pretty much got it. It’s just that this display is being referred to as 2k, when the 1080p is already 2k, that is what is causing the confusion.

          2k/1080p displays have twice as many pixels as the 720p display. This 2.5k/1440p display does have 4 times the pixels as the 720p displays.

          And yes, when they say 1080p for example, they are only talking about the vertical resolution. But now with the new Ultra HD TV’s, they decided to focus on the Horizontal resolutions and call them 4k instead of 2160p.

          The exact pixel count of our 2k/1080p tv’s or 4k/2160p tv’s will be slightly off from the official 2k/4k pixel standard. They just round them out a bit to call it 4k. But in reality it will be 3840 x 2160

          • Dimitar Gospodinov

            alright thanks man. I will read a bit more on this… I think manufacturers are starting to abuse the terms a bit to confuse people.

      • Simon Belmont

        Hmm. Don’t know why this was down-voted because he’s spot on (1080p is also 2K).

        2.5K would be more accurate because it’s over 2500 pixels on the horizontal. But the true name is QHD (not to be confused with qHD which is 960×540), as 2K is a bit misleading.

  • Guest

    2K is FOUR times 720p

    • Guest

      “Quad HD (or 2K) because it packs four times the number of pixels of an HD (720p) screen.” did they edit or are you restating?

      • Dimitar Gospodinov

        they edited it.

    • AssistantPimp

      2K really is four times 720p, but 2K (1440 x 2560) can also be 2 times of 720p (720 x 1280), depending on angle of view.

    • Roberto Tomás

      “2k HD” is four times 720p.
      “2k” typically means DCI’s native 2k — 2048 • 1080

  • Adrian Diaconescu

    So it’s via Sam Mobile, not via The Droid Guy, eh?

    Nice, classy, Bogdan!

    • Roberto Tomás

      he provided his source… you realize that is a link, right? IF you go to that source, it provides a source too, which is the one you point out. so see, all better.

      • Adrian Diaconescu

        Excellent point… IF his headline wouldn’t be so obviously similar to mine. But hey, maybe it’s a coincidence he used “Galaxy S5 candidate” five hours after me, right?

        • Roberto Tomás

          ooh, are you the droid guy? :) my bad man. Yeah I didn’t notice but I guess the title is similar.

  • Roby


  • MasterMuffin

    If this is legit, it could actually be Snapdragon 800. It can be overclocked up to 2732mHz

    Edit. Please Samsung, update Touchwiz like you did back with S3!

    • Daniel DS

      Or, remove TouchWiz completely! :D

      • MasterMuffin

        That’s a pretty radical move :D

      • stucrmnx120fshwf

        Works for GS4 Google Edition, but Nexus 5 is big price performance competition.

  • yes

    no OIS = bye.

  • Plinky

    Way to go… new powerful SOC? Rise the screen resolution until the overall performances matches the old generation…
    Yeah and we want bigger screen to be sure that the battery doesn’t last more than 1 day too.

  • Roberto Tomás

    Personally I am doubting this is an S5. It might be a late-revision S4. Samsung is already on record saying that they would be out with a 64 bit processor very soon. They are also already out with Galaxy S4’s with the same 8974 processor (just a lower bin). Then they specified that they meant next year. That basically means the S5, unless they are reserving it for some higher quality part around the same time and just basically for no reason are not providing it on the S5.

    • Ivan Myring

      No reason! Other than the fact that none of the chip makers for android has announced a 64bit chip, and exynos chips are always in short supply, so they won’t use their own (for all of them)

      • Roberto Tomás

        what are you replying to? “no reason” for what? I wasnt aware that anyone asked you a question

    • Shark Bait

      Nothing their says its not 64 bit

      • Roberto Tomás

        did you reply to the wrong person? I didnt give any reference for you to say “there” about

        • Shark Bait

          I though your argument was saying this is not the 5s because the 5s will be 64 bit?

          • Roberto Tomás

            Apple’s 5S is 64 bit. That’s not my argument!

          • Shark Bait

            Sorry I meant galaxy S5 . too many 5’s ans S’s lol

          • Roberto Tomás

            actually that’s not my argument either. I am saying that Samsung is unlikely to release the S5 with the same cpu that the S4 has. And, minus a slight tweak in clock speed, it is the same cpu. the fact that they also stopped just short of promising that the S5 would have the new 64 bit cpu is just icing on the cake.

          • Shark Bait

            Ok, But the s4 has a snapdragon 600 in it doesnt it? so a jump to the 800 would still be a sizable update. I dont think qualucom are ready for a 64 bit chip yet. Perhaps they will finally have an international model with a chip made in house !

          • Roberto Tomás

            the early versions did. The i9505. The i9506 has the snapdragon 800.

          • NeedName

            maybe the screen is enough to warrant it being the S5?

            after all, apple would add only one “killer feature” per year.

            and I think the earliest I’ve read that 64-bit ARM chips will be out is mid 2014. . . so, if they are waiting for them it’ll be a while. Maybe they’ll release the S5 with the upgraded S805 SoC and 2k screen, then bump it with 64-bit mid year? Just a guess.

          • stucrmnx120fshwf

            Hard to say, maybe they’ll wait for 14 nm, which is very near, cost them 10 billion for the chip plant, or maybe they’ll go 64 bit at just 28 nm, at that PPI they could do UD 4k in 7″.

  • Balraj

    I don’t want this to be s5

  • Tom

    why is sammy running after so much of hardware specs. and if they want to focus on hardware .. why cant they bring freaking battery that last for like 2 days!

    • MrMagoo

      I would have to say mostly for people on websites like this…. have you read some of the comments? If it’s not up to par by even one spec, beit size, resolution, OIS in the camera, an 8500mA battery, people will bash it and say WTF! Sammy! What’s your problem?!?!

    • Hoggles

      Battery life is totally fine with 99% of smartphone users. Why you ask? Simple. Because 99% of people have a normal routine of plugging in they’re phone when they sleep. I’m a fairly heavy user of my S4 & I almost always have at least 20-30% left after a full 12-16 hour day off the charger. I don’t need better battery. The “I need it to last for 2 days” line is just silly. Plug it in. Simple.

  • Simon Belmont

    Weird. I thought that 1920x1080p was already considered 2K.

    Oh, it is. Wikipedia also calls 1440p “2K HD” which is interesting.

    • poop

      1080p is definitely not 2K, I can assure you that.

  • Alex

    And the nonsense of the more ghz, more cores, bigger screen, bigger resolutions, keeps going… 1080p its already overkill for under 6″. what they need to improve its the battery and the efficiency of the soc’s, and the power/performance ratio to efficiency.
    Then with bigger resolutions games need to have more pixels = more power to run them… you see the loop here…

  • Vito Lee

    Or it could be the MSM 8974AC… That’s a S800 clocked at 2.5 GHz.

  • Leonardo Rojas

    Useless resolution. What’s for? To give the hardware some work?

  • Ivan Myring

    There actually is a 2.5GHz version of the S800

  • A Googler

    my cat just dropped a pinky wibbly wobbly thing that looks like it belongs inside a mouse on the carpet in front of me wtf is it??

  • monkey god

    500ppi + just seems ludicrous to me. Theoretically, woudn’t you get no perceivable increase in quality while at the same time also slowing down the phone with extra pixels and decreasing battery life?

  • Azeem

    First improve parts that matter, like battery life, and THEN increase the res…

    • jbrandonf

      Samsung’s priorities are all wrong.

  • Amine Elouakil

    2k PenTile lol, I think they should make a full RGB SAMOLED + Screen and work on it lifespan rather a stupid 2k PenTile that appart from the resolution doesn’t bring anything new to the table

    • guest

      really? you can ditinguish pentile vs RGB even with 2k resolution? man i’m jealous.

      • Amine Elouakil

        The same was said for 720p and 1080p and PenTile is still noticeable, Once you notice it you cannot unsee it. Try again.

  • systemupdate

    yet again, wait few months for your favorite apps to support the higher resolution and until then everything looks shi*.
    Please stick to 1920×1080.
    enough is enough.

  • jack

    Screw the Galaxy S 5, I’m happy w/ my Note 3 until the Note 4 is released or whatever Samsung calls it.

  • Winston Purnomo

    It could also be the MSM8974AC, but it’s less likely

  • Rhino”

    lol i just put my computer monitors into the caculator and came up with 100ppi lol

    (2560×1600 ips 30″)
    Display size: 25.44″ × 15.9″ = 404.49in² (64.62cm × 40.39cm = 2609.64cm²) at 100.63 PPI, 0.2524mm dot pitch,

    i sure as hell cant even see any pixels at 100ppi roflol so whats the point of these crazy 500+ ppi screens?? lol

  • Jay

    Haha!! All you people posting negative comments…you’d itch your hands to get one when it’s out. Haha!!