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One of the most impressive looking pieces of hardware found in the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is certainly the camera. As well as squeezing 16 Megapixels into the new sensor, one of the largest pixel densities found in a smartphone camera, Samsung’s new flagship handset also makes use of the company’s new ISOCELL technology for improved image quality. But enough about the hardware, let’s take a look at the variety of software features offered up by the new Galaxy S5.

Right off the bat you’ll notice the newly refined user interface, which features the redesigned bubble icons, in keeping with the revised look to the rest of Samsung’s Touchwiz interface. Despite the sleek appearance, the full range of shooting options and settings are very quick and easy to access.

Samsung Galaxy S5 camera settings

The Galaxy S5 retains many of the popular shooting modes from previous iterations, including Beauty Face, Panorama, and the Dual-Camera picture mode. There’s also the full range of settings that you’d expect from a flagship model, including image stabilization, although it’s not optical based, burst shot, and face detection.

As you can tell from the menu, there are a ton of photo and video shooting options, some of which you’d expect to see in a full DSLR camera. Two features which particularly impressed us were Selective Focus and the HDR options.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Selective Focus Mode

Depth of Field effect created using the Selective Focus mode.

The Galaxy S5 already has an impressively quick focus time, just a fraction of a second, which can also be used to have the camera quickly take multiple images at different focus levels. Using the Selective Focus feature, you can create images with a very cool looking depth of field effect, after a short period of processing time. Once you’ve taken a snap, you can go back to the picture and swap between different focus levels. There are three options, near focus and far focus, which are pretty self-explanatory, and pan focus which brings the entire picture into view.

Samsung Galaxy S5 camera HDR Mode

Left: HDR mode off. Right: HDR mode on

Next up is HDR mode, which provides a noticeable improvement in image clarity and focus in low lighting conditions. In the image above you can notice a huge difference in exposure and clarity between light and dark areas when toggling HDR on and off, which really helps to reduce blown out areas.

Of course that’s just a little taste of the huge number of features packs into the Galaxy S5 camera software, this is a device which is sure to keep even the most demanding smartphone photographer happy. We’ll also be bringing you an even closer look at the handset’s image quality very soon.

Robert Triggs
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  • Jayfeather787

    This has a very nice camera. Compare it to the LG g pro 2 camera. That would be pretty cool.

  • Ris

    Multifocus is old news for Nokia phone. Nokia phones have this function more than a 6 months. Samsung is classic copycat noob!

    • it s not mutli-focus.

      it s like defocus background on xperia.

    • Aniruddh

      This Apple-like attitude will kill innovation. Motorola made the first phone that had the feature to make phone calls. If we think that way, every phone today is a copy of the Motorola phone.

    • hot_spare

      1. Samsung made multi-core phones before Nokia. So nokia shouldn’t make a multi-core phone??
      2. Samsung used a 2GB RAM in phone first, so Nokia shouldn’t be allowed.
      3. Samsung made a phablet before Nokia. So Lumia 1520 a copy of Note series??
      4. Nokia is copying Samsung because they are now making a Android phone??

      Is this what you saying?

      BTW, heard about Lytro??

    • iKrontologist

      Sounds like you don’t know what you’re talking about! lol….. “Focus Select” can only be done on a Lytro and now Samsung’s ISOCELL Technology. It’s a physical hardware feature built into the sensor. Isolating every single pixel to optimize light absorption without blooms or blowing out the pixels around it!

      Samsung unlike Nokia, which is still going broke not selling near the smartphones for good reason (WP8? WTF) still isn’t out of the woods. Especially being owned by MicroFUD! ;-P

    • iKrontologist

      Also….. Oppo is the first to use Optics hardware for Multifocus. But it’s only 8MP and that’s not going to bring the kind of resolution or focus differential that ISOCELL brings. Nokia? Forget about it….. it’s a software App!

      It’s basically FAKE Lytro like multifucus and no other cell phone camera is getting anywhere near 0.3Sec Autofocus to to capture both fast speed in bright light and be capable of doing 200-400 ISO in near no light. Half the 16mp and you come out with about what Fuji is doing with their large 3/4″ Sensor in Prosumer X-S1 in EXR mode!

      Very very close to the same kind of HDR control too! ….no doubt Samsung is bringing some heat to the table on Cell Phone cameras with ISOCELL Technology!!! :DDD … fact I wouldn’t doubt that other sensor makers are going want to license this hardware technology! ;-P

      Because from what I’ve heard Samsung has been working it’s R&D Spending Budget Day n Night to over the last 3 years to perfect this sensor manufacturing technique! AND NO DOUBT NO COMPETITOR IS AS “BUCKS” UP AS SAMSUNG!!!

  • guy with guts

    I dont know why but i’ve always found this site flooded with samsung articles, it is ‘android’ authority! Right. I know samsung flagships are the next big thing but this time sammy failed. The competition is simply better. I’m not a sammy hater. In fact i own a galaxy s2, but that doesnt mean i am a sammy fanboy as S2 was the best at its time. We should appreciate what is best not what is hyped.

    • ehndrew

      how is it a fail? all other flagship phones (htc, sony etc) are going to be upgraded in the same manner. With the galaxy phones, it seems like they always offer bit more than other competitors

    • arcwindz

      I kinda agree that this site is too flooded with samsung news, it’s mwc and just look at how many articles samsung got lol.
      I expect to see something more from mwc coverage.
      Samsung has not failed though, and the competitor is not exactly better because it has come down to software rather than hardware, as well as design, both of which will depend on individual taste.

      • On a Clear Day

        Perhaps there is a reason for focusing on Samsung? Perhaps that reason is that more people in the world are interested in the Galaxy S5 than the “also rans”? I personally have been waiting for the S5 to make its debut – and could not care one wit about the sealed battery phone competition out there. The more I can learn and read about what is going to be my next phone – unless its not – should I decide to hold off for the Note 4 – every article re the S5 is interesting to me.

        When – and if – the other manufacturers ever get their acts together; garner more of a market share and make it so that more – rather than less – people actually want to know about them, then you can bet that all the Android sites will give them more press coverage. Why would a site that is sensitive to the way the winds are blowing pea into the wind, when they can go with the flow and give people exactly what they want most to know about. The free market economy – and what gets bought and sold – is not an exercise in promoting the losers – it is about touting the winners and thereby causing the close but no cigar losers to step up their games and fight, compete; about survival of the fittest and becoming the best.

        • arcwindz

          Errr, yes…
          But that’s where the press suppose to come in.
          And you seem to underestimate the “also rans” too far. Like i said, it has come to individual taste, you like s5, fine, it’s a great phone. But i don’t and i don’t proclaim publicly that this phone is such a fail and don’t give a wit about it. Because that’s just me and others might not agree, which bring pointless debate.

    • hot_spare

      Please apply cold water soon!

  • Mystery Man

    So where are the picture samples?

  • Suthan Sivekumaar

    Good camera! XD This phone is very high-end!

  • iKrontologist

    It’s basically like a Lytro Camera. You can’t do any of this on a DSLR! Awesome and the speed of shots you can take pictures is incredible. Amazing features and sells the phone on it’s own!

    No doubt this camera technology is going to be kicking the competition to the curb. Remember Sony is now minus their greatest camera sensor customer. Because…. with 400 million Smartphones to be sold this year, up from 315 Million last year. They are set to blow every competitor away….. again!

    I mean just think about this; Samsung sold more smartphones (about half Galaxy devices) than Apple, HTC, Sony, Lenovo, Motorola and Huawei combined…. Worldwide Last Year!!! WOW!!!

  • xd feng

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