Time to reset that “134 days without a Samsung ad attacking Apple” counter.

In its defense, Samsung is still trailing Apple in the United States, the market where the commercial above will be aired, so, hey, at least they take on the big guy…

This latest “Wall Huggers” spot’s theme is battery life. The Galaxy S5 has loads of battery life, and Ultra Power Saving Mode, and a removable battery, so users don’t have to hug the walls in airports like those clueless iPhone users, ha ha. The Next Big Thing Is Here. The end.

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • RarestName

    Then their batteries die and then they’re stuck to a wall charger like those people.

    • Metoş

      Karma, man!

  • anonymous

    Seriously..wat is it with Sammy???the last time I checked..iPhone didn’t have a very bad battery life..at least not to the point of hugging ur wall..I know this is a satire..but taking things to these heights is just a cheapshot

    • RarestName

      But can the iPhone last one more day with 10% of battery?

      Edit: come to think of it, it is possible with Activator and a few other tweaks.

      • andrew

        after 1.5 years my battery life was terrible on the phone, and i wasnt going to spend $80 to replace a battery when my contract was almost up and i could get a new one. I would walk into class with 100%, look at it a few times to check a text or browse during a break and before the class ended (3-4 hours) the phone was dead.

        • RarestName

          That’s definitely a faulty battery.

          • andrew

            then i guess i should have just swapped it out. oh wait. no removable back lol

          • Limitbreak Edward

            haha nice one!!

          • RarestName

            Remove it yourself.

    • andrew

      not really, before i had the galaxy s5 i had the iphone 5 and i brought my charger with me everywhere i go it became a daily carry in my pocket and it was annoying. people at my school are the same way, the outlets are always plugged up with iphone chargers during class lol

      • Michael Samsara

        You would think that people would be able to take a hint – have a clue – wouldn’t you – seeing people always running towards the cliff – I mean wall socket – like lemmings rushing headlong to a cliff to be part of a mindless mass suicide?

        There is nothing to be done when people are willing to forego use of their common sense for the pleasure of fitting into and conforming to groupthink.

        But, to each his own. The affection people have for iPhones has little to do with rational, practical thinking – nor advanced technology. It has to do with people having bought into a marketing plan devised by a marketing genius who realized that if he could get people hooked on buying “the sizzle” he would be able to offer mediocre steak.

        P. S. I realize that the analogy of lemmings running off a cliff is a myth – but the imagery and idea works here none the less – and actually – given it is a myth – like Apple’s much self-vaunted revolutionary technical prowess – I’m thinking could hardly be more appropriate! LOL

    • retrospooty

      Note, they are in airports mostly… The iPhone does have good battery life for your normal daily cycle of work/home/sleep or school/home/sleep. But for someone that travels, it doesnt. It’s not enough. Not only does it not last long enough, it cant be replaced.

  • JSo

    To be honest, a lot of my iPhone user friends always seem to need a charge. All I can ever say is “Sorry, I don’t own an iPhone charger.” Lol

    • Kelly Caffrey

      Hahaha this is hilarious, a friend came over yesterday and her phone was dying; all I could say was, “nope I don’t have an iPhone 5 charger.”

      • JSo

        Yeah, they can blame Apple for that. Since they don’t want to use anything every other phone uses.

        • RarestName

          Tell them to buy a portable charger. They’re fairly inexpensive and can be used for multiple mobile devices with different connectors.

          • JSo

            Nah, they can live with their choice. lol

      • HothTron

        Before I moved, my good friend went from old crackberry to Iphone 5 and everytime she needed a charge at my house I would say “I have my Note 2’s microusb….oh right, sorry, nope, I can’t help you”

      • joser116


      • Wall Breaker

        one of the Countless advantages of Android.

    • monkey god

      Yeah, that actually is the bigger problem. Virtually every household has a microusb cable or charger in the house. Not so with a 30 pin or lightning cable.

    • Preben Nielsen

      Why do you have iPhone user friends ???

      • gfere96

        That’s probably worse than saying to a white guy “*Why do you have black friends?”. Phone wars are becoming the new racism. If you choose your friends based on the phone you’re using, then you’re an idiot who doesn’t deserve friends.

        • Preben Nielsen

          Seems like my sarcasm is wasted. Also… I don’t have friends

  • Walid El Baouchi

    I actually liked this commercial. I mean, you have to admit that the battery life of the GS5 is amazing and the replaceable battery makes it great for long trips.

    • RarestName

      Is it really that good? I’ve heard people talk about godly battery life on so many phones like the iPhone 4, Galaxy S III, Note 2, you name it. And yet after maybe half a year after these phones were released, I always see those people who own one near a charger.

      The only one that I can say has truly fantastic battery life is the Moto G.

      • martin golder

        LG G2. That’s pretty much all I have to say to the Moto G.

        • Daniel Blaney

          comparing a phone that costs 3 times as the other phone. wtf.

          • martin golder

            Ahh, so you’re only allowed to compare phones of equal price when discussing battery? Or maybe as the original post said the moto g was better than other phones that cost considerably more than a moto g, Its perfectly acceptable for me to mention a phone that costs more that is also superior.

      • Wessie Emmert

        It’s because batteries, like anything else that you tend to leave plugged into a wall at night (I know I do it too) tend to degrade because of the constant A/C pump. Even though phone batteries “switch off” the charging after they reach the 100% mark, they will start back up once it reaches 90% (or something like that) meaning that over the night your phone is constantly bombarded with electricity, Forcing the battery into a constant trickle charge. It doesn’t matter how good your battery is; if you leave it plugged in all of the time (like all of the rest of the world) it goes from Champion to Chump.

        • harmsi

          When my devices reach 100 % they stay there until I pull out the charger. They are not jumping between 90 and 100 %.

          Of course batteries are getting weaker, but what does a new one cost? 15 $ or something. Just replace it when it’s time. I won’t change my charging behavior because of this.

          Also it’s not an A/C pump, it’s a D/C pump ;)

          • MaxPower27

            The phone DISPLAYS 100% the whole time, but what it’s ACTUALLY doing is letting itself discharge to 90% and then charging back up to 100. @Wessie Emmert is actually correct.

          • Wessie Emmert

            Thank you

          • Wessie Emmert

            Yeah, yeah, criticize my A/C D/C typo…whatever (phones are hard to type on). Either way you look at it your phone is constantly jumping between 90-100% as you leave it charged. The software in phones is designed to “lie” to you (cue the people calling me a conspiracy theorist) by showing you 100% for longer than it really is at 100% and then artificially walking the power down to about 90% for you. The rest after that is “real time” battery status. No matter what, everyone constantly kills their battery by leaving it plugged in all of the time, you essentially de-condition the battery.

        • DIYEyal

          I have a charger that will charge slower when it’s night by default (about 40% slower) and when it’s full, it stops charging until it dips below 95% (and I can change these settings from my phone). And a manual control with a knob, when when I want to charge it with normal speed it will, also an overvolting feature that I don’t use often, just when I need some juice fast.. It has 5 USB ports with 4 amps max per port.
          I also have a few smaller ones with two ports and a knob each stealthed in my wall socket (too bad my phone doesn’t have wireless charging, it seems so convenient..
          And btw: USB chargers pump DC, but AC..

      • xlSamsonlx

        My S5 battery is excellent, I don’t have to plug it in at night, If I wanted to run it down to zero before charging it would last me about 48 hours. It also charges up super quick, I just charge it when I wake up in the morning before work and I get it to 100% no issue. Also I never turn on any of the power saving modes. I imagine I could make it even longer if I did.

      • Neosaurus


      • Tyrone_83

        I guess you haven’t used a Razr MAXX HD or the Droid Maxx before those phones are awesome.

  • Richard Gao

    lol don’t really like Samsung but this commercial was well played

  • cr_buck

    Would have been nice if they didn’t make it tasteless by targeting the iPhone. I don’t like smear campaigns regardless of who does them but if they just had a bunch of different phones it would have worked. It could have classy if they did it from the perspective of being better than others.

    • JSo

      If you were sued by Apple as much as Samsung then you would take jabs at them too.

      • Apple_Nexus

        If you’d ripped off Apple as much as Samsung then you’d deserve to be sued too.

        • Marc Perrusquia

          Cool story.

        • Gator352

          Please share more! You’re a gentleman and a scholar….

    • Michael Samsara

      Tasteless? The commercial – like any good product oriented commercial designed to sell a product takes aim at the biggest target out there and illuminates a glaring problem that the iPhone has – that alone – would cause anyone with common sense to avoid buying one – poor battery life – not to mention a sealed phone that means that you cannot change it and when it totally wears out – as it will in due course – you will be forced to pay someone to open it up.

      The ad – if anything – is too soft on the big ol Rotten Apple.

  • Allanitomwesh

    Find 7 smiles knowingly and says “children”

  • Andrew T Roach

    5S lasts all day and then some. Just have to adjust brightness, app notifications and iCloud backups. 5 hours on screen time no problem, and that’s with plenty of web browsing.

    Also. YAWN! Same commercial every time.

    • Daniel Blaney

      I don’t have to turn off anything on my moto x and I go two to three days no problem.

  • HateNerds!!!

    clueless? to the clueless: most ugly romanian i ever seen -sugi pula!!!
    in english if i looked like you i will kill myself..i actually enjoyed this video but getting insulted by an author that i dislike and i also think his wrong what he did
    this lame person just insulted android user’ mom, sister, brotther..

  • wat

    hahahahaha so true

  • systemic

    Funny ad but kantar says samsung overtook apple in the us so whose data is true? Lol

  • HothTron

    The power of bitter truth

  • HothTron

    Before I moved, my good friend went from old crackberry to Iphone 5 and everytime she needed a charge at my house I would say “I have my Note 2’s microusb you ca….oh right, nope, I can’t help you”

  • As an IPhone user I can confirm that it’s so true. It’s sad I know. Seems like the 3G radio drains a lot of battery.

  • Fabian Taveras

    What’s makes this commercial funny is that it’s true iPhone users usually are the outlet hoggers.

    • Mozaik

      So is nexus and htc users

  • Wall Breaker

    All the Apple Fans at 9to5 Mac are Butt Hurt, “offended” and in denial of this very truthful commercial, they say its misleading and inaccurate.

    Talk about delusional.

  • xoj_21

    wow this is actually excelent comercial.
    whats sad about this its true

  • ddd

    This commercial is too funny because piece of garbage iphone has small battery which made from Sanyo. People who are applefans charge battery. They use phone all the time so battery percent goes down by more than 70 percent. Iphone’s display from LG and camera is from Sony, processor made from many companies. What else can they do? Nothing at all.

    There are no ideas to make nothing at all so other companies made from apple.

    • ddd

      Samsung should make funniest commercial to make fun of PIECE OF GARBAGE APPLE PRODUCTS.

      • ddd

        I have two words to apple fans SUCK IT.

  • Dimitrios Kirkos

    Yes, Yesss, YESSS! There is a manufacturer out there that considers removable batteries a good thing to have.

  • BZ

    Lol samsung needs to stop making people aware there is brand named apple… idiots

    • hushton

      And yet it worked for them tremendously since the s2 so….

  • Rooney-

    take that ifans! Lol

  • Tyrone_83

    I love Samsung commericals because it’s so true

  • Tech Roar

    SO , Samsung Bashing Apple , where would Samsung be if they hadnt copied Apple .


  • Clark Price

    As much I hate mudslinging, this is a really good ad.

  • Ajzen

    lol, iPhone users could bring a portable battery charger with them, then the problem being solved and they get rid of the embarrassing times. Just one these lipstick chargers would be enough (http://www.ravpower.com/ravpower3000black.html). I got one of these, and it never fails.

  • Kyonkanno

    I haven’t personally tasted the S5’s battery performance. But the G2 is the only phone I’ve had that I wouldn’t need to be carefull with the battery life. I can just use the phone however I want and at the end of the day, the battery is still going for me.

    And with moderate use, it can last to 48 hours.