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A new report from South Korea says that Samsung and ARM have “fine-tuned” their plan to equip the Galaxy S5 smartphone expected to be launched next year with a 64-bit processor.

While the news is certainly not surprising, it’s not official either, as it’s based on sources familiar with the matter that talked to The Korea Herald. However, the Galaxy S5 will most likely be Samsung’s next flagship device, which certainly makes it the perfect candidate for 64-bit processors.

Apple launched the first smartphone with a 64-bit CPU a couple of months ago, the iPhone 5S, and we can only expect more handset makers to move to such mobile processors.

Samsung has already confirmed that it’s going to have 64-bit processors in future phones, and it’s only logical to assume that flagship devices will get such advanced silicon first. Alongside the Galaxy S5, we would expect the Galaxy Note 4 to also include a 64-bit CPU – or at least that one of these two models would have next-gen ARM processors on board.

What’s even more interesting is that an ARM official apparently said that 128-bit processors could arrive in the following years, although other details have not been shared on the matter.

While 64-bit processors may be seen as a marketing gimmick for now, they likely have a future in the mobile business. In fact, just recently a Qualcomm top exec took hits at Apple for its 64-bit processor, but the company later retracted his statements. The Qualcomm exec was then reassigned, and he isn’t part of top management anymore. As for Qualcomm, the company will surely also work on its own 64-bit processors for mobile devices.

  • Roberto Tomás

    Any 128-bit processor is clearly more than 2 years away, and I think the ARM rep who said this was thinking in terms of two years after *64-bit* processors, not two years from now ie 2015.

    • stucrmnx120fshwf

      Yes I wonder what they mean, after all someone was explaining to me a while ago, how 128 bit and 256 bit graphics cards, are really multiple 64 bit streams. But with 14 nm CPU/GPU and RAM coming next year we’re going to need 64 bit as we go to 6 GB RAM, 16 cores, if we look at graphics, Tegra 5 would have 244 GPU cores. Whilst they could go 12 GB, 32 cores, 10 GHz, they’re more likely to go 6/16/5, to drive the likes of double FHD in 5″, UD 4k in 7″. We know Samsung have spent up to 10,000 million on 14nm, announced nexus 10 level resolution in 5″ for 2014 and not only build Apple’s 64 bit chips, but announced their going 64 bit. Come on Sammy show me a 7″ UD at CES 2014, Toshiba showed us a 10″ this year, here comes the second gen Nexus 10, I wish it was UD. By the by, a UD Android TV HDMI stick costs $100, Note 3 can record in UD, 39″ UDTV $700, UD Blue Ray player $330. :-).

      • Zeshan Ahmed

        Spot on.

        • stucrmnx120fshwf

          Just as another by the by, Sammy wants to have its own OS in Tizen, and design its own chips, not sure if high end customers would want less integration with Google services, or if there would be any outside customers for non standard chips. MIT says 70 % of security holes in Android are from company skins, Nexus is popular because it doesn’t eat RAM, flash for breakfast and gets faster updates, but maybe that’s what their worried about, as to chips, well Power PC chips weren’t very successful.

  • Shark Bait

    Shit me!! did not see that one coming at all!!

    • BB BB

      Yeah and next you will see a finger print scanner. I own an S4 and it’s great phone sans TouchWiz but I will be scared to look at what 64-Bit TouchWiz will look like. For Crying Out loud they still can’t even push out 4.3 to the S4, Note 2 and pulled the S3 update how the heck are they going to write their skin in 64-bits?

      • etiggy

        They probably won’t write anything in 64 bit, just gonna use the 32 legacy mode of the cpu and put a big fraking sticker on the box saying OMG LOL WE HAZ 64BITZ LOL and all the kiddies will go crazy, because naturally they become comp sci majors overnight and we gonna have to listen to their bullshit marketing-faux-science at work, school, parties and everywhere all over again, just like it happens all the time when the marketing deps decide to target the… khm… technologically challenged hipsters.

        • Shark Bait

          That’s totally what I think , it will be all marketing bullshit! Samsung are good at that

          • Jermaine Smit

            Like Iphone did you mean? Sorry but it was Iphone shouting out we got a 64 bit on there! (just to let people think it is waaay more then it really is seeying how the phone does not have the extra ram to make it really worth your while…)

        • Kelly Caffrey

          Well said hahah, 64bit is such a gimmick. They really need to just focus on what they have and start updating on time…

  • Stranger from a Far Coast

    I would not be surprised if Qualcomm doesn’t go down the 64bit road. Meaning only Exynos would be available with 64-bit. And we all know Exynos is a no-no in the Android open source community.

  • Hoggles

    I’d go straight for a 256 bit processor…

    • Steve Jobs

      You sir, are a fucking genius! Why didn’t I think of that?

      • Lisandro O Oocks

        I bet that’s what Nokia was thinking

        • APai

          since decades ;)

  • csharpner

    Will it have more than 4GB of RAM?

    • filaos

      No, and it doesn’t matter at all.
      Exynos 6 will be the first SoC featuring the ARM Cortex A57 core described here :

      • stucrmnx120fshwf

        I suspect it might matter in UD 4k gaming, with 14 nm CPU/GPU, RAM, usually the more the merrier. Thanks for the reference to ARM 64 bit consumer chip info. :-).

  • terpski

    In other news…the sky is blue.

  • jack

    I will skip the GS5 and upgrade when the Note 4 comes out, till then I’m happy w/ my Note 3.

  • Amine Elouakil

    ….lol really, elephants don’t fly

  • Darktanone

    Go ahead, Samsung, rush an unfinished 64 bit oversized phone to market just to keep up with Apple. Just like you did with the Galaxy “Stupid” Watch trying to beat Apple to the punch! Yeah, and go ahead with the retina scanner, too. I can’t wait to see your users putting their Hummer phones up to their eye to unlock it, make a purchase, pay a bill or launch an app. That will be a great laugh! Can’t wait! Good times ahead.

    • terpski

      The Gear actually isn’t that bad and cut down on the coffee dude.

    • Daemeon Holmes

      It’s funny, because in the Apple vs Samsung battle, I’ve gone from hating Apple to hating them both equally.

  • BB BB

    64-Bit TouchWiz YIKES!

    • Zeshan Ahmed

      Kit kat is 64bit ready

      • BB BB


      • filaos

        How would you know that ?

        • Zeshan Ahmed


          • filaos

            Is this picture liked to Kit Kat ?
            If 4.4 is actually re-written for 64bits, why doesn’t Google advertise it ?


          • Zeshan Ahmed

            Because Google probably have no immediate plans to release a 64bit Nexus device.

            You may have missed this @ android authority

          • filaos

            This was just a rumour that was never confirmed (issued before Kit Kat release).
            That would make more sense for Googke to associate the move to 64bit with another name and/or major version of Android, don’t you think so ?

  • Balraj

    I don’t want Samsung to rush things up
    Take your time n make a good device…

  • Avinash Kumar

    Enough of TouchWiz and samsung crap.. Lags, waiting ages for updates… No thanks..
    Gonna Ditch my Note 2 soon..
    Next Device? Apple maybe ;)

    • br00tus

      idk what people bitch so much about. personally i prefer touchwiz over stock android. and good luck heading to crapple!

      • Jermaine Smit

        i agree with you. I have seen the stock version…. Allot of things are not always needed but some do really help… One of the most important ones is the camera…. The stock version would have well nothing on there. Where the Toutchwiz has allot of options. And that is needed if you ask me.

  • Groud Frank

    Wasn’t this a rumour like 2 months ago? I want a 6400 mAh battery, not a 64 bit processor.

  • Nelson Sanchez

    Hmm I think samsung needs it because Note 3 has the best specs up to date but sometimes it’s still lags, and some reviewers says that it is not the smoothest experience you’ll get in terms gaming that supposedly should. I think their Touchwiz needs more faster processor to be able to make the their mobile smoother if not the smoothest gadget.. just my opinion.

  • Zeshan Ahmed

    5-inch flexible 2K HD Super AMOLED display (2560 x 1440 resolution and 587 ppi)

    flexible chassis – up to 30 degrees

    64-bit octa-core processor

    3GB of RAM

    16-megapixel camera with 4K video capture support

    quad front-facing speakers with S Beats audio technology

    4000mAh battery

    Android 4.4 KitKat with next-gen TouchWiz on top