Some Galaxy S4 Zoom specs hit the web, as UAProf appears

by: Adam KoueiderMay 25, 2013

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to be more than just a high-end product name, but a family of products designed to cater for your every need. We’ve already reported heavily on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and the Galaxy S4 Mini, and now it looks like its time for some more Galaxy S4 Zoom details.

As the name hints, the Galaxy S4 Zoom is dedicated to providing better picture quality on smartphones and, as such, is said to contain a 16-megapixel camera, with a 10x optical zoom slapped on for good measure. Samsung is yet to officially confirme the device though.

Now however, it seems we have had a few other specifications come to light. The UAProf of the Galaxy S4 Zoom (SM-C101) has been discovered, revealing a 540 x 960 screen resolution and a vague ARM11 CPU.

S4 zoom UAPROF

The screen resolution is considerably lower than the original Galaxy S4‘s but the screen is rumored to be smaller, at 4.3 inches. However, it is the same reported resolution as the Galaxy S4 Mini, meaning that Samsung could be looking to save a few dollars on manufacturing costs. That puts the pixel density of the Galaxy S4 Zoom at a less than inspiring 256 PPI, assuming the information in this UA Profile is accurate.

Until the Galaxy S4 Zoom gets official, you can check out an alleged photo taken with the Galaxy S4 Zoom.

samsung galaxy s4 zoom

Would you be interested in a product like the Galaxy S4 Zoom? Or are smartphone cameras good enough?

  • Garry DeWitt

    An ARM 11 CPU, aren’t those from 2010?

    Like, the original tegra was arm11.

  • MasterMuffin

    From Wikipedia: “The ARM11 microarchitecture (announced 29 April 2002)…”.

    Oh god

    • Skander


  • jusephe

    so its just a photographing machine… with an ARM 11 to handle some basic menu stuf AND an S4 mark attached to it….

  • What I don’t get is how the picture is so bad… For a 16MP “high-end” camera, I’d be expecting quite a bit better quality than that, especially if you’d buy the phone JUST for a phone with really good camera capabilities…

    • Skander

      It is SUPPOSED to be a photo from it.

      It also could be experimental camera fw.

    • MasterMuffin

      And it’s 606×1077, under 2mp! Maybe it was taken by the front camera, then it would be awesome :D

      • SeraZR™


  • freedomspopular

    Here’s what I’d like to see: An S4 with the Zoom’s camera and the Active’s ruggedness. Of course I wouldn’t be able to afford it…but it would be cool to see :-D

  • Topcat488

    This picture is terrible…

  • TheMimic12

    I’d be interested… if it were a GS4 with that 13-megapixel camera or better PLUS optical zoom. Would be great to have a bleeding-edge smartphone with a completely awesome camera

  • Anna

    I think there is room for improvement, until the camera quality is as good as an SLR!! I like the look of the GS4 zoom, and at least there are some notable changes from the regular GS4. It doesn’t look like there is anything in it really between the GS4 and the GS4 Active though I can imagine the GS4 Active costing a bit more for the privilege of being heavy duty :S??? Will the Zoom be a pricier model too :/ ??