Samsung wireless charging S-view flip cover now available for the Galaxy S4, priced at $70

January 20, 2014
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    Last month Samsung unveiled its wireless charging S-View Flip cover for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and now they are also bringing out a version of the flip cover designed for the Galaxy S4.

    Previously, Galaxy S4 owners had to choose between using an S-View flip cover or a wireless charging cover, as it was impossible to use both at the same time. The new wireless charging S-View flip cover means you donโ€™t have to settle for one or the other.

    Like the Note 3โ€™s wireless charging S-View flip cover, the luxury of an S-View cover that can wirelessly charge doesn’t come cheap, with a price of $69.99 without a charging pad included. Considering you can find a decent charging pad for around $30-$40 extra, the total investment comes to somewhere around $100.

    While the asking price is certainly a bit steep, there is really no alternative for folks that absolutely want an official Samsung accessory that acts as both an S-View cover and allows for wireless charging. As for whether you actually need wireless charging? If you value the idea of being able to throw the Galaxy S4 onto a charging pad without fiddling for a cord, it might be worth it. Again, it really just depends on your wants and needs.

    For those that are interested in picking up the wireless charging S-View cover, you can get your hands on it directly from Samsung in your choice of black or white.


    • AndroidBoss

      S4 has been out for almost a year now, and now Samsung remembers to release this. It’s not like anyone will want to buy it.

      • Jayfeather787

        Then the s5 comes out a month later.
        Just kidding, I don’t remember the rumors surrounding the s5 release date, the s4 is indeed aging, and Samsung waited a bit too long to release this, although the idea is cool.

        • AndroidBoss

          Latest rumor says April/May for the S5. I hope the newer version of Touchwiz is not as laggy as the current one and different than the tablet one.

          • Jayfeather787

            Yep, I hate laggy UIs,

    • rebirthofcool

      $70 bordering on stup!dity

    • tech4life

      Better late than never I guess…

    • Hitesh Kantharia

      Its late , as S4 is in market for an year now. But I will buy one.

      Hitesh K