Dan Rosenberg successfully boots custom recovery for Verizon Galaxy S4

by: Andrew GrushMay 21, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one s4 in hand aa

One of the biggest advantages held by Android is its deep level of customization and the openness of the platform. Unfortunately, most carriers don’t share the same love for Android’s open nature. For the Samsung Galaxy S4, that means that both the AT&T and Verizon versions of the handset feature an unlockable bootloaders. The good news is that one developer has now found a method for unlocking the bootloader, for both AT&T and Verizon!

When AT&T brought out the bootlocked Galaxy S4, Dan Rosenberg quickly went to work discovering a bootloader unlock method. Rosenberg also said that the method would probably work with Verizon’s version of the S4, and so he waited off on releasing the unlock instructions until the S4 arrived to the Big Red. The idea was that Rosenberg feared releasing the method too early would give Verizon the chance to patch the handset ahead of its official launch on May 23rd.


The wait is nearly over folks! On Monday Rosenberg took to Twitter, proclaiming custom recovery had successfully booted on Big Red’s S4. Rosenberg also shouted out special thanks to a “helpful tester”.

Sweet news for Galaxy S4 fans wanting a bit more control over the destiny of their new phones. Now the big question is when the method will be released. Rosenberg doesn’t give a specific date, simply saying will be released “soon”. Odds are you can expect it within days after Verizon releases the GS4.

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to developers like Dan Rosenberg that work to fight off carrier attempts to keep us in chains. You have to wonder though, why do carriers even bother at this point? Sure it stops the less-tech-savvy folks from messing with their phones, but it only further angers a very vocal modding community. Not to mention that it usually doesn’t take too terribly long for developers to find a way around the carrier’s attempts to keep the phones locked (though that’s admittedly not the case for all smartphones).

Anyhow, great news for would-be owners of the AT&T and Verizon versions of the GS4.

  • Carmichael Sherman

    So Stoked!! I can’t wait for this. Hopefully someone will find a way to tether on Verizon network cause I have grandfather unlimited.

    • MitchNelson

      Pretty sure they are killing those june 31st? If i heard correctly. I’m making the switch to T-mobile as soon as my contract ends.

  • On a Clear Day

    For goodness sakes – just DONT patronize Verizon or AT&T – tell them, by voting to take your elsewhere to go to hell. Why put yourself through all the trouble of dealing with people – be it Verizon, AT&T or Apple – who want to lock you up in a cell and throw away the key.

    Help them go bankrupt; help them see the error of there greedy ways. If people turn their backs on them, it won’t take too long before they come chasing after them. If you give someone power over you – you have only yourself to blame when they think they have a divine right to use it and manipulate and control you.

    T-Mobile – here I comes! lol

    • David Stephopolis

      I would love to.
      Unfortunately as an adult, I need a working phone with decent coverage more then I need to send a message.

      I am seriously with you on voting with your wallet, but in all honestly doing so at this point would cause more problems for me then for Verizon… And I am not willing to lose just so Verizon doesn’t win.

      • On a Clear Day

        I can appreciate that and how well put you put it!

        If your coverage in your area for other carriers is really terrible and you can’t keep connected then I suppose they have you ….

        Doesn’t make them nice people though.

        I’m in NYC and – except in the subways – rarely, if ever it seems, have trouble; I’m on Virgin Mobile, though as soon as I get my Galaxy S4 I will be going to T-Mobile with an unlocked phone I’ve bought wherever I’ve gotten the best price. I also would never buy a CDMA phone; preferring the flexibility and freedom of being able to travel the world wide with GSM and not leaving my phone behind because it is useless except in the US.

        The old school business paradigm – the one that is going to ultimately die due to people repudiating it individually one by one – is where you did everything from the beginning a product’s design concept, through its hardware, software, how it will be marketed, how you will write the language of the contracts you have people sign (without 99.9 percent of the time reading) – with ALL of this aimed at making it so that “resistance is futile” to ever escape the state of indentured servitude the company has created that will keep you forever feeding its cash cow. The perfect example of a company who has perfected this to the ultimate degree being Apple – who is starting to see the negative effects of this approach – couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.

        It’s too bad the coverage in your area doesn’t enable you to vote with your wallet – but competition will ultimately solve that problem – I mean really – why would one – unless they were “stuck” temporarily as you apparently are, allow themselves to put up with a company doing everything it can, every which way it can to make life more – rather than less – difficult for you simply for their own profit?

  • Trick-or-Treat

    32gb or 64gb ?

  • Brian Langenheim

    Dan Rosenberg could probably “Un-Lock” Fort Knox if he really wanted to…! The guy is amazing. Wish he would take on the “DNA” to get S-OFF.

  • JobApp Plus

    So where is it? I thought the rumors all pointed to today, May 22, being the release date????

  • andys

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