Galaxy S4 user interface walkthrough available before launch

by: Chris SmithMarch 27, 2013

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In addition to benchmarking the Exynos 5 Octa-based Galaxy S4 version (model number GT-I9500,) Sam Mobile also took the handset for a hands-on spin looking at several elements of its user interface including the Home screen, the Gallery app, the Camera app, the Settings and the simpler side of using the Galaxy S4, the Easy Mode version of TouchWiz.

The publication says that while the handset comes with a new TouchWiz version on top of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean – TouchWiz Nature UX 2.0 – Galaxy S3 owners will be very familiar with the overall interface when switching over. Apparently the new UI is “more of an evolution than a revolution,” although you’re going to discover “an overall new fresh look,” that will offer many changes.


Looking at the Gallery app, the site noted that it’s somewhat more limited than the Galaxy S3’s and Galaxy Note 2’s similar app. Apparently there’s no way of changing preview stiles like on the Galaxy S3, but there’s a new “Content to display” feature that lets users choose what kind of display to show, and even import it from other sources such as Facebook, Dropbox and others.


In its turn, the Camera app has been completely redesigned. The application is similar to the Galaxy Camera app, although it also features “tons and tons” of new features including Dual Camera, Sound & Shot, Drama Shot and Story Album (in case you have no idea what these features are, check out our previous coverage on the Galaxy S4’s software features).


The Galaxy S4’s Settings will apparently make you feel like “you are using a completely different operating system instead of Android.” That’s certainly on par with Samsung’s lack of acknowledgement for Android – during the Galaxy S4 media event, the company hardly spoke about the phones actual operating system and instead focused on its own stuff. Getting back to the Settings section, you’ll notice a new tabbed interface that comes with demos ready to help you use a certain feature.


The Easy Mode is a TouchWiz feature that lets users access a simplified user interface, which could be suitable to those smartphone users not comfortable with touchscreen-based UIs. The Easy Mode was seen before in the Galaxy S3 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update, but it’s apparently not as good looking as the Galaxy S4’s.

Sam Mobile apparently worked with a GT-I9500 version that was running the latest test firmware, although changes may still appear by the time the device hits stores. The same publication made available several elements of the Galaxy S4 firmware, including wallpapers, ring tones and the full system dump, in case you’re interested in experiencing the Galaxy S4 environment before the phone actually launches.

Are you buying the Galaxy S4 later this year?

  • Are you buying the Galaxy S4 later this year?

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    Looks alot like my s3. Wont be buyibg this its a joke

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    The thing people don’t understand is, if you don’t want to buy it, don’t comment on it. Regardless of wether you want it or not it will sell very well either way! :D

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    Although it is just an incremental upgrade to the S3, it is still a huge upgrade to non S3 users even if you come from HTC, Apple, LG, etc.

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    So hows that iphone killer coming along. So fun to see you gs3 guys turn on each other. I remember when the 5 came out and all the little things yall said about iphones and it being incremental upgrades. My o my how we forget. Now look at evey GS4 comment. They sound like there talking about an iphone. Sammy just killed there star.

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    I wish i could buy! no money left in my pocket!

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    Will this be compatible with Voice over LTE and LTE Advance?
    The way hardware seems to have gone programmable these days that it would be just a software change to use different frequency bands.