Galaxy S4 tops Browsermark 2.0 browser benchmark well ahead of its launch

by: Chris SmithFebruary 28, 2013


The Galaxy S4 is not even official and it looks like it has already crawled atop of the Browsermark 2.0 browser benchmark.

According to RightWare, a GT-I9500 device – which everyone seems to agree it’s the model number of the Galaxy S4 – running Build JOP40D (or Android 4.2.1) and Mobile Google Chrome 25 managed to score 2710 in testing thus beating all other smartphones out there:

Phone GT-I9500 Build/JOP40D with Mobile Google Chrome 25 score was:
Phone GT-I9500 Build/JOP40D with Mobile Google Chrome 25 browser is superior to 99% of all Phone browsers

RightWare posted the results for GT-I9500 test on its Power Board, with the device beating the iPhone 5, various Galaxy S3 and Note 2 versions, and everyone else’s phone in this particular benchmark.


Apparently the test is genuine, but don’t expect Samsung to confirm any of it just yet, which means we’ll just have to wait for the handset to be launched for similar benchmark test to be repeated. However, as you can see in the first screenshot above, Samsung India Software Operations is listed under ISP, in case it matters.

The Galaxy S4 will be unveiled on March 14 at a special event in New York city, which we’ll attend live to cover everything Galaxy S4-related.

  • George

    Nice! :)

  • yungqb7

    Now I just need one in my possession.

  • Jusephe

    Finally something beats the iPhone !
    But by pretty narrow margin, next iPhone will be probably much faster.

  • Greg

    What worries me is that it takes a high-clocked quad/octa core chip to beat crApple’s miserable dual core. :-/

    • Oke

      For browsing it took him only four arm v7 low-clocked cores

    • john

      For A6X and A6, higher memory clock and the cpu clock speed is the classical recipe for faster processor, albeit a bit energy inefficient.

      The A15 on the other hand have excellent instruction per cycle, or at least whatever ARMs equivalent. So from this, I can derive few conclusions:

      a) The Octa whatever thingy did not necessarily need higher clock speed to beat A6 Socs. Also, there isn’t any information on the clock of the Octa SoC. Also, since Octa is a heterogeneous system, a synchronized clock for both A7 and A15 is highly unlikely- ie) I don’t think it’s that simple.

      b)Talking of heterogeneous system, you can also assume that web browsing-which is “easier” task that does not need the higher complexity of A15 for things as larger/more FPUs- the A7s were used. Seeing A6 series Socs are similar to A9s, A7s beating A9s is…cool I guess.

      c)These benchmarks are so hit and miss…I mean I’m impressed that the GS4 beat iPhone but that might as well be a hogwash as it is almost as relevant to the actual SoC performance/complexity as saying a dancer is better than the another because of the clothes she wears.

  • kascollet

    5% better than iphone 5… what a monster :-D
    I don’t think this is the real thing. Samsung may be hiding the real specs and performances of their forthcoming flagship. I’m beginning to think they’ve organized a big surprise. Well, I hope so.

    • Jason Bailey

      Yeah I have to agree its hardley blown everything else out of the water has it lol

  • Filip Justin

    I hope it also has a Samsung browser aside from the Chrome browser..

  • Soonershooter

    cant wait, bought a moto atrix 4g back in early 2011, contract was up in oct 2012 and was waiting for this to come out

  • HTC One all the way!