Android 4.3 update arrives to the T-Mobile Galaxy S4

by: Andrew GrushNovember 26, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 back side aa

Android 4.3 has finally arrived for T-Mobile Galaxy S4 owners! As expected, the update not only brings Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, but also includes support for the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Basically we are looking at the same update as we’ve already seen with Sprint, Verizon and AT&T — though hopefully the rollout goes a bit smoother than we saw with AT&T.

Outside of Android 4.3 and Gear support, the update brings a few other Samsung-specific changes including a Samsung Knox security update, enhanced multi-window mode, improved camera features, and some unspecified bug fixes and general performance enhancements.

It’s important to note that the update is a hefty file at 781MB, which means you’ll probably want to be on a Wi-Fi network before downloading.

If you have yet to receive a notification informing you of the update,you can always try looking for the OTA by going to the “About Device” section on your Galaxy S4. Keep in mind that the rollout will likely occur in stages, so it may take a few days to reach everyone.

Any T-Mobile GS4 owners get the update yet? If so, did all go as expected or where there any snags along the way?

  • Brent McDonald

    I’m on AT&T and it still wont let me update to 4.3, it says 4.2.2 is the newest version.

    • John Mungo

      because they released it filled with bugs and shut it down. Read up and you wont make yourself look like a fool. this is about Tmobile, not ATT. They even stated exactly this “though hopefully the rollout goes a bit smoother than we saw with AT&T” Moron!

      • pmenn5362

        Maybe he didn’t know the update was pulled. You’re being an ASSHOLE for no reason. Maybe you should go back to beating your wife!!

      • Doremon Ngốc

        You are being to harsh here. Not everyone can be a “Mr. Know all” all the time, ya know ?

      • Brent McDonald

        How exactly does that make me a moron? There is no logic in your reasoning, I just wanted answers on my issues, no need to be a dick about it.

        • MrBrownstone

          By being a dick?

    • Doremon Ngốc

      The update for AT&T variant has benn suspended last week…but don’ worry. As the T-mo version is receivingthe update, the AT&T ones will definitely join other major carriers soon.

    • Jacob

      The same thing is happening to me and I have tmobile

  • wilfredo

    Been Downloading mines for about half hour already, pretty big update.

  • khalidalomary

    Just downloaded it

  • pops87

    I got it. UI seems smoother but thats about it.

    • Foely

      you can also move apps to sd card now

  • Omnifarious

    WARNING: Do not update to the newest baseband MK2. Everything will function properly except you cannot make or receive calls. You have been warned.

  • MrBrownstone

    The ‘update’ messed up the Music Effects and no aftermarket EQ seems to be allowed now. Anyone have a fix?

    The rest of the ‘updates’ didn’t do anything meaningful that I can detect. Browser still don’t allow zooming on mobile adapted sites. Kind of a waste of 781Mb

  • BigHotzBeatz

    This is what I notice so far that changed with the new update. Better keyboard sense, reading mode, better battery life, save apps to sd card, enhance Web browser features, better working multi screen and better picture color. Everything else is working well…..

  • BigHotzBeatz

    When updating don’t mess with the phone period and turn airplane mode on!

  • Melanie

    I still have yet to receive the update -_-