Galaxy S4 teardown performed ahead of the phone’s official launch

by: Chris SmithApril 10, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 10 aa 600

The Galaxy S4 is not even available yet to regular customers and a teardown of the Samsung flagship handset has already been performed.

While iFixit is the go-to source for professional teardown procedures for such popular gadgets, this time we’re looking at a teardown performed by a TechnoBuffalo source with access to the phone.

The Galaxy S4 model that was disassembled for the public’s viewing pleasure is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 version, not that it matters all that much when it comes to tearing down the handset.


According to the report, the Galaxy S4 seems to be pretty sturdy when it comes to internal components and “a bit of prying” is required to separate the front and back even after the nine screws that hold everything together are removed.

More importantly, the Galaxy S4 is apparently “incredibly easy to fix,” as various parts can be easily replaced including the microSD card slot, SIM slot, microUSB charging port, camera module and others. However, unlike the displays on the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 that were “easier to remove,” the Gorilla Glass of the Galaxy S4 “could cause a problem,” when trying to service it.


Comparatively, the HTC One is a lot tougher to repair than the Galaxy S4. In fact, Samsung’s new flagship is said to be “one of the ‘most repairable smartphones’” that the person performing the teardown has ever worked on.

Obviously, we’re not recommending anyone to teardown any device in order to repair it, and you’ll be the only person responsible for whatever happens with your gadgets during home repair procedures.

  • Bone

    Good to hear. Unfortunately nothing lasts forever, but the HTC One is built like no tomorrow. What if something goes wrong?

    • Monji

      Did you see its drop test? You’re going to want to return it like no tomorrow when you see one its side bent inward.

      • Arsenal™

        fortunately for me, im no klutz and especially wont drop the One out of curiosity or by accident :P

        • Monji

          Shit happens sometime you never know… you also don’t want to ruin that phone’s appearance with a case…

          • Arsenal™

            yea i gottcha……i have never used a single case in my android life

            Used em with nokia though :P

  • Filip Justin

    The Gorilla Glass is hard to service because it is the 3rd installment of the product line and it is difficult(and expensive) to find a replacement..

  • Benedict Chong

    Still can see the cheap plastics used in the internal of the phone compared to the build quality in a low end Sony Smartphone.

  • The samsung’sphone wich gaveme more problems was the Galaxy SII, you can not replace just the glass, you have to replace also the amoled display, so you dont bou a new glass, but a new front panel, wich includes the displa

    • Monji

      All samsung flagship phones have their glass glued to the amoled display it’s nothing new. It just gives you less reflexion and better viewing angles.

  • Emma

    Big Sammy is just doing everything right these days.

  • freedomspopular

    I think more teardowns should be included when reviewing devices. Everyone talks about external build quality, but I’d say internal build quality is pretty important too.

  • freedomspopular

    I also think it’s interesting how nobody has taken note of how much larger the speaker is compared to the S3/N2. I’m curious to see how much better and/or louder it will be.