New Samsung app makes switching to the Galaxy S4 a breeze

by: Nate SwannerMay 2, 2013


We have to hand it to Samsung. They not only think of everything, they make it happen. That Samsung Galaxy S4 has everything and the kitchen sink! Now, they’ve made switching to that device much easier.

Samsung has created an app designed to help you move all your info to the new Galaxy S4 by simply using NFC. If you have another Galaxy S device, simply load the app on both phones, tap them together, and everything will be moved over; contacts, calendar events, messages… everything.

Now, you might be thinking “Don’t Google services do that by default?” You’d be right, too. If you use native Google services like the calander, or have your contacts saved in GMail… you’re fine. However, this is really meant for those hardcore Samsung fans who like to utilize the variant Samsung offers, as well as those features like S Health that aren’t available anywhere else.

It’s sly brilliance from Samsung, who is trying to corral their current users into an upgrade, and making it dead simple to do so. It also serves to tie them into the Samsung ecosystem, and further distances itself from Android. We can’t say it’s a surprising move from Samsung, but it may be necessary for those users who choose Samsung services over Google’s.


  • Bassmaster

    How does that work, exactly? As far as I know, my Galaxy S2 doesn’t support NFC. Does it use Bluetooth or Wifi instead?

  • MariaxNY

    my new samsung s4 has defect screen pink blur all over the screen seem defect and i read so many of people have the same problems with there screen defect people having the same problem so im waiting for Samsung to talk about it. here is the link read about it many people have the same problems

    please Samsung to fix it soon

    • Same here buddy really pissing me of hope, update release under a week for this fix

      • MariaxNY

        i hate this new phone and like this i hope Samsung see this and fix it

    • hoggleboggle

      why don’t you return it and get it exchanged for a new one?

      • MariaxNY

        and what if it will be the same i hear so many people having the same problem as me so it must be all of them.

      • MariaxNY

        does your s4 have this problem?

    • David Brymer

      you wanna watch urself mate, saying anything bad about samsung on her can get u bared. ive read this story everywhere but not on this site, haha ive heard its a serious problem because its even happening on peoples phones who have rooted it and using a rom.

      • MariaxNY

        can you explain better i don;t understand what you meaning this website has to do with s4 problems that im having

  • Guys update for s4 it’s available download it hope it fix the blurry thing

  • Update doesn’t fix the blurry thing cant even find emoji to express my feeling

  • youxian