Samsung responds to Galaxy S4 storage woes, part two: possible fix through “further software optimization”

by: David GonzalesMay 16, 2013

About two weeks ago, Samsung issued a response for all those who expressed concerns over the Galaxy S4’s then burgeoning storage issue. It said that users should learn to deal with the situation, considering that the Galaxy S4’s storage space was being put to good use through all of the extra software features that come with it. This wasn’t really the response that most people were looking for, and in the comments section of that article, we saw people say just as much.

Fortunately, it looks like Samsung never stopped looking at the issue, and now it has issued a new response. We think this is one that a lot of people won’t have any trouble getting behind now.

According to a statement just released to the guys over at CNET UK, Samsung can “appreciate this issue being raised,” and that they will work on improving communications for a better understanding of it. And not only that, but they are also looking at “the possibility to secure more memory space through further software optimisation.”

That’s one way of saying that a future software update could soon arrive to slim down, if not completely take away, some of the Galaxy S4’s more superfluous software features.

Samsung wrapped up its statement by saying this:

Samsung is committed to listening to our customers and responding to their needs as part of our innovation process.

If the recent unveiling of the Vanilla Android-flavored Galaxy S4 at this year’s Google I/O is any indication, we’d say that Samsung is listening quite well to its customers. That, or it’s just gotten extremely lucky, and was at the right place and the right time when Google decided to choose to support a non-Nexus flagship handset. Either way, we’re looking forward to seeing how Samsung rolls out these much-needed “software optimizations” to see if the storage problem goes away.

Do you think Samsung can do it? Let us know what your thoughts are by commenting below.

  • Samsung – Yet another feather in its overflowing basket.
    Others – Yet another lesson learnt!

  • pvrao

    I used galaxy s2 and useing s4. I can use upto galaxy s 100

    • mu5a5hi

      Galaxy s100 – 16TB of ram. 7.2GB remaining.

  • mu5a5hi

    I don’t think they can do it in a timely fashion.. Don’t the carriers have to approve and ‘ship’ (wirelessly) any software updates? Even if Samsung finished it tomorrow we can expect the Verizon update sometime in 2016, or so.

  • No One

    The simple way to resolve this issue is completely remove the 16GB variant. All flagship smart phone should begin with 32GB variant.

  • RaptorOO7

    Well at least LG looked at the issues the GN2 had with only 16GB of storage and put out their competing product with 32GB of storage. Still LG could also benefit from more optimization as well since you only get 23GB of actual space. The 32GB S4 has 24GB of space.

  • OMGgary

    … or you could just flash the pure Android rom from the S4 Hugo Barra showed yesterday.

  • All these complaints… Now I don’t think taking away software features is a good idea. Buy a Damn sd card. It’s not that much of a difference between the s3’s storage and the s4. And can be evened out by buying a 1 or 2 gig sd card

    • amine ELouakil

      SD is not a solution unless you root (which voids your warranty) because you cannot install apps on SD or download drm music/movies and so on

      • mu5a5hi

        Why does no one understand that SD is not the same as in-phone memory for storing apps? This has got to be the most misunderstood aspect of android.

        • No One

          Some people think that they know everything.


        even if you root you still cant put most apps on the sd card on the s4

        • amine ELouakil

          yes you need custom roms,

      • erric

        You cannot move apps to an SD card on the S4 even if it’s rooted. I have one and tried.

      • The amount of space you are losing is still not that much. And the sd card can be used for photos and all those things. So sorry if you don’t use the sd card for photos or files. Because most people do. Which means, that people complaining about the storage space are only the few that fills their phone with apps only

        • amine ELouakil

          Not that much?? did you try some current games, (some games can take 2gb of storage) or apps like gps and so on? Photos are not an issue when it comes to storage some other media are like movies or videos, but again if you watch them legally and you get DRM content you’ll have to use your internal memory (or the cloud)

          • Guess they’d want you to use cloud…

          • amine ELouakil

            the catch is from the carriers, with data gaps and so on, it’s not a viable solution

    • Software features SHOULD NOT be sacrificed for extra space.

  • tomn1ce

    A top of the line smartphone should start with 32GB of internal storage with or without a microsd card slot…..

  • terminator

    They should just prevent service providers from gobbling up useful space with their un-deletable undesirable useless bloatware! Not everyone can root.

  • adler

    I think everyone who bought an 4 should get a certificate for an free S5. Plus a chocolate milkshake.

  • terminator

    They should just prevent service providers from installing undeletable, undesirable and utterly useless bloatware.
    Or at least make them deletable.

  • Aka delete all the bloatware