Galaxy S4 specs and features revealed in new benchmark: LTE, Exynos 5 Octa and PowerVR SGX 544MP

by: Chris SmithMarch 3, 2013


With less than two weeks to go until Samsung unveils its fourth-generation Galaxy S model, a new benchmark leak seems to reveal its specs and features.

According to a new AnTuTu test, here’s what the Galaxy S4 will have to offer:

  • 4.99-inch display with 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) resolution
  • 1.8GHz eight-core Exynos 5 Octa CPU
  • 2GB of RAM
  • PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU
  • 16/32GB of storage
  • 13-megapixel camera with LED flash and HD video recording
  • 2.1-megapixel front-facing camera
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • NFC
  • GPS, A-GPS
  • LTE support
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Obviously, we can’t confirm any of this right now, and we’re certainly looking forward to Samsung’s March 14 New York-based Galaxy S4 event for official specs and features for the handset.

However, assuming we’re looking at an actual Galaxy S4 benchmark here, we’ll notice a few interesting things.

First of all, these AnTuTu screenshots seem to suggest that the Galaxy S4 will indeed sport an Exynos 5 Octa processor. We’ve seen many reports to date that claimed either that the handset will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 SoC or that some Galaxy S4 versions (namely LTE ones) will pack Qualcomm processors, while the others will feature a Samsung-made next-gen CPU.

With that in mind, we’ll also focus on that listed GSM/WCDMA/LTE support which is very interesting, and seems to suggest that Exynos 5 Octa-based Galaxy S4 units will come with LTE capabilities. In such a case, will Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processors be still needed?

As for overall performance, it looks like the Galaxy S4 is ready to blow past some of the competition, topping the AnTuTu Benchmark test with a total score of 24894. However, while the Galaxy S4 does much better than the LG Optimus G, the Nexus 4, the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S3 in this test, none of the recent flagship devices are listed including the Sony Xperia Z, LG Optimus G Pro or the HTC One.

We’ll be back with more Galaxy S4 details in the coming days, as we expect plenty of leaks to hit the web before the device is officially announced.

  • MasterMuffin

    Tegra 4 got 36000, but Exynos Octa only 24000??

    • Bone

      That’s 2nd half of the year, plus pre-release Samsung benchmarks always jump for the final product as was the case with the S2, S3, Note and Note II.

      25k handily outperforms the HTC One’s SD600 BTW, but this new may still turn out to be fake as I don’t see a direct link to the AnTuTu site and the performed test.

      • MasterMuffin

        Lets hope that the scores jump to at least over 30000! Otherwise even the dual core Intel is way faster :O

        • YEP! Those Damn scores will make a huge difference in real world use!

          • MasterMuffin

            Me senses a great sarcasm…

        • Ivan Myring

          You forget that the dual core Intel processors are quad thread, thus have the power of a quad core

          • MasterMuffin

            I didn’t forget it, I just didn’t say it. It’s still dual core even with tje threads

      • amine ELouakil

        No It does not outperform the HTC One .

        I can get you more videos if you want. 25k is the average the One gets.

        • Bill

          The official benchmark scores could be much higher, this is just what Samsung got in testing. If it is 1.8ghz or 1.9 ghz and the HTC One is only 1.7ghz the Galaxy S4 just might beat the HTC One.Wait until its announced and someone can get their hands on it and officially test it.

          • amine ELouakil

            Those benchmarks are not even on final software for the HTC and same can be said for the Samsung, In all logic the Samsung must have a slightly higher score as it is coming months after the One, but that’s not the point at all of my comment. I m answering the guy who said that S4 score above destroys HTC One score, which not at all the case.

            Another thing, I doubt the S4 Will have a 1,7 or 1,8Ghz A15 Quadcore processor (octa if you add the small processors) unless it comes with 3Ah battery or bigger

          • Bill

            Your comment makes no sense. Why would Samsung release a phone without at least 1.7 ghz or greater processors unless they want to fall behind their competition? The HTC One has only a 2300 mAh battery, but it has a processor clocked at 1.7 ghz. Im just saying that the GS4 will likely have a higher score than the HTC One because of a faster processor.

          • kascollet

            I’m surprised that there are still people believing raw frequency is the key to power. You do realize that IPC (instructions per cycle) is much more important for a mobile chip ? You realize that Apple’s A6 dual-core 1.2Ghz CPU is nearly as powerfull as a quad 1.5 Ghz Exynos ? An A15 gives roughly twice the performance of an A9 at a given frequency : a smart compromise could be made by clocking it lower and saving battery, while still comfortably upgrading performances.

          • amine ELouakil

            why doesn’t it? the A15 as proven in several test is a power hog! even Nvidia if they want to make a phone version of their T4 the clock speed would be around 800Mhz 1ghz heck they even made the T4i to avoid that issue. I see it on a tablet, but on a phone not as much, and frequency isn’t anything.

            Again don’t compare Apple to bannas, the S600 is an efficient SoC with integrated modems and GPU, and the spec above does not make sense, the Size of the SGX 544MP alone is similar to the whole S600 SoC size now add to that a huge A15 Powerhog chip heck every SoC manufacturer are having issue the same issue to make the architecture adaptable to phones. I’d say it is either a Dualcore A15 or underclocked quadcore or they’ll just use the S600

        • HTC One is an awesome phone! Fast enough for all the real world uses except for blind Sammy fanvoys

          • Bill

            You don’t even know what the Galaxy S4 has in store yet. Wait to put your foot in your mouth until AFTER it is unveiled. Im actually not a Sammy fanboy either, I currently have a Motorola phone.

          • It will be the same plastic crap as S3 but look more like Brick 2! Just bigger screen and faster processor! Also Sammy will copy functions from others and rebrand them their own like S voice multi view photo sphere etc!

          • lol

            Like HTC is copying windows with they’d new sense garbage? Or camera? Please stfu. You sound dumber with every comment you post.

          • Blinkered is copying Windows? Your stupidity is showing lol! Fanboy!

          • Monji

            Haterz gonna hate (:

          • Fanboys will be blind fanboys

          • Monji

            Man you’re just retarded I never said that the HTC One was bad. All your post are the same. I don’t know how many time you said fanboy. I’m open to buying any phone that has what I need. I had an HTC touch pro 2 before…

          • Monji

            No removable storage and battery, locked bootloaders slow updates. Blind sammy fanboys say what?

          • Oh no it’s the end of the world. The battery is non removable. In the last 10 years I never needed to remove the battery from my phone other than inserting SIM card etc. Expandable storage? Buy a phone with bigger storage! HTC One X is quite upto date thank you! Samsung release about 20 phones a year so how Upton date are those excluding S range and notes???

          • lol

            You bash the small Sammy details but when someone does the same you pee your pants. Hypocrite

          • Monji

            Have you ever used a phone with removable storage before? Non removable storage = MTP file transfer which is much slower than mass storage and transfering 30Gb+ files can take hours while with removable storage it’s just a question of memory card swap.

          • Sorry Sammy fanboy removable storage is too advanced for us non cheap plastic copycat crap people!

          • amine ELouakil

            How do you know that it have locked bootloader? and please removable batteries I sure that there less than 1/1000000 that has a back up battery and use, and no sd? well if 64gb is not enough for you on a phone, then u are using it wrong.

          • Monji

            Please read my next comment and I never said that 64gb is not enough. Those are the features I need for a phone. Get the phone that you need eg HTC One, I never said that it was a bad device, I’m just pointing out what I would like HTC to change. Why are you so defensive about it? Older HTC devices did have removable storage and battery… Why did they remove it?

        • MasterMuffin
          • amine ELouakil

            AA or rather SA, tends to deforme the information, the website who tested the Octa version of the SGS4 made 3 runs and puted an average score of the runs, the Octa had the highest run at 27k with the average at 25k the One had an average of 24K not to mention that the device was running at 1,8 GHZ and not 1,6ghz. go check the sources lol

          • MasterMuffin

            Still just can’t admit that sgs4 is faster? Well fine, whatever…

          • amine ELouakil

            I’m only stating the facts. if those are wrong please feel free to prove that they are wrong.

          • MasterMuffin

            Didn’t even read your comment, because I don’t have to. Just proved you’re wrong and I can see that you’re fanboying so I’m ending this here while it still is intelligent conversation. Bye

          • amine ELouakil

            lol what a cheap answer and it shows you’ve checked and coudn’t find much to counter with lol.

          • MasterMuffin

            And there it goes, these conversations always go to this. I said it and so happened. Seriously, are you trying to humiliate yourself or just trolling? I’ll now make a promise: I won’t answer anymore no matter how stupid shat there may (read: will) come. BYE

          • amine ELouakil

            you don’t say? I expected that much from you.

    • hot_spare

      Seriously?? you compare a SoC which runs on a heatsinked-device to a SoC which runs on a phone? you get numbers from a marketing material from nvidia running on a prototype device with no consideration for power efficiency and you compare against a device which is actually going to mass produced? tell me the numbers when the T4 is actually used in a shipping device.

      BTW, you do know that antutu is a system benchmark, not a processor benchmark? which means if you put a faster NAND or a better memory interface, it will give you better numbers for the same SoC?

      2D/3D numbers will be effected by vsync and the native resolution of the device. there are many more things to consider before you make any judgement. best wait till the T4 is released in a device. marketing numbers done in a test device means very less in real life.

      • Samsung fanboy consoling himself that Octa 5 is untouchable! Lol

        • lalala

          and you sound like a guy who hates samsung and dont know what he’s talking about,eg trolling just for the sake of it.

          • Dnot like cheap copycats stealing other companies hardwork!

          • lol

            hope your nit saying they stole from apple? when apple has to pay royalties to nokia for every iphone sold. so can you clarify which company is original?

          • Exactly! Apple pay royalties! Something copycat Samsung should be doing. It uses Apple and Ericcson patents but doesn’t want to pay royalties!

      • MasterMuffin

        I know, just pointing out the weird fact, calm down? :)

    • Sshh! Don’t say that to the fanboys because their brains will overload and explode!

      • MasterMuffin

        Hot_spare already exploded :D

  • lobke

    Why does it say 4+4 instead of just 8 for the octacore?

    • SiskoNetwork

      Because it has to quadcores, a quadcore A15 and a quadcore A7.

    • Bone

      Because it’s a quad-core architecture with a separate quad for low-power tasks.

    • sothu

      dual 4

    • It’s not a true 8 core CPU. It’s two 4 core CPUs cobbled together, but only one core works at any given time.

    • Because it’s not an eight core processor, it’s 2 quad core processors in one chip

    • bharathi

      because it isnt necessarily an octacore… its 4 1.8 ghz for heavy use and 4 1.2 (i believe… cant remember exactly) for moderate and light use to save battery but yes it does have 8 cores and hence 4+4

    • True_Neutral

      The 4+4 thing is interesting. What is the source of this information? Does Antutu lookup the information via cat /proc/cpuinfo, or is it manually entered by stuff at Antutu?

    • kascollet

      I guess you had enough explanations :-)

    • Haha! Sammy pulled the wool over their customers! Octa 5 is only 4 cores at anyone time! Not 8 cores working at same time! So basically it’s 2 quad cores

      • Twisted247

        Wrong, no one was fooled. Your just an idiot, it was clear as day that it’s two quad cores working together. hence the big.LITTLE dur da durr..

        Anyone also pick up the fact that for the memory they put 16/32.. when you run a benchmark it doesn’t list all the available sizes it lists the model your running the benchmark with… = fake

        • Geeks won’t be fooled but the average idiot will be. Octa processor my foot!

  • Bone

    Is the GPU the one that is said to be between the iPad 3 and iPad 4 GPU performance? That would be very powerful for a mobile.

    • kascollet

      According to rumors, it would be the same GPU as the iPhone 5 (544MP3, three cores) but with a much higher clock, allowing graphic performances between iPhone 5 and iPad 4, the two most powerfull chips at the moment.
      A very good choice if it is to be confirmed.

      EDIT : reported GPU manufacturer in the Antutu screen capture is “ARM” ???? Fake I think.

  • Ivan Spiteri

    Samsung galaxy s4 must be the greatest smartphone ever made! ( In all aspects, hardware and software ), and without any limitation! ,We are all enthusiastically waiting for it! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Deluded!

    • Bone

      My only wish would be Samsung allowing to underclock the device even though the Octa-core itself is for battery saving. Still, for those moments juice is needed, we could live with the A15-cores topping at 1.2GHz, also the 533MHz GPU underclocked to 300MHz. It’s all about battery life today, and the last line of Samsung products, Premier, Note II, S3 Mini and Grand all impressed in performance/battery.

      • Roddisq

        In normal, regular use, what really drains the battery the LCD screen.

    • The specs on this dream beast surpass The HTC One, Sony’s Xperia ZL, and yes even the Huawei Ascend D2 by far!

  • the dual core Intel Mobile Atom in the Lenovo K900 outperforms this too.

    • No it doesn’t! Sammy is best!-Sammy fanboy in denial!

  • Bone

    Also notice the on-screen Android buttons, the S4 shouldn’t have those.

    Probably a fake.

    • bharathi

      also if u notice the notif bar has stock android icons not the touchwiz ones

    • No… these screenshots aren’t from an S4, they are from a Nexus 4. Someone used a Nexus 4, loaded up AnTuTu and saw the Galaxy S4 had been reported and took screenshots of the S4’s report.

      • Bone

        My bad. If AnTuTu lists the S4 then it’s a certified benchmark, and an excellent one.

      • colorize

        finally this one spec seems legit.
        I don’t see any inconsistencies.

        now waiting leak on physical design :)

        • Looks like the same cheap plastic as S3 and Note 2! How exciting!

          • Bill

            Why don’t you go troll somewhere else. Or maybe go and find a job to support your family.

          • Vivghkl

            Lol, good luck with that, zero percent probability!

          • Bill

            The going somewhere else part or getting a job? Because neither of them will probably happen haha

          • You got job for me!

          • Can u give me handout? That way I won’t need a job

          • Joshua Suits

            Not sure what the problem with plastic, I have owned an aluminum phone and a plastic one and would have to say the sender plastic one holds up a lot better. My iPhone after a month of use looked like it had been drug through hell and had a lot of dents. As for my plastic galaxy nexus looks damn good after some hellish drops. No I don’t use cases it makes no sense to cover a good looking phone with the biggest ugliest case on can find.

          • Lol! Fanboism at its best! You must be blind if you thing Sammy fones are beautiful? Lol best joke I heard this week!

  • Bone

    The score does appear on the AnTuTu website and since we barely broke 20k with the S4 Pro a few weeks back, 25k should be celebrated for a pre-release bench because it hands down beats every CONFIRMED test.

    • Doan

      While it may beat every confirmed test, why celebrate the feat when it’s not even confirmed itself?

      • Bone

        I just said it’s listed by AnTuTu, the test provider.

    • Very exciting times for fanboy geeks!

  • Marco Mendoza

    It looks like they may finally go with the 3 button layout instead of a home button

  • Diego!

    OMG!!! I can’t wait until the 14th! xD

    • kascollet

      Agreed ! These are awfull moments.

  • Bone

    I dag up some info. So the PowerVR SGX 544MP3 is indeed between the iPad 3 (543MP4, 33GFLOPS) and iPad 4 GPU (554MP4, 71.6GFLOPS) at 51.1 GFLOPS, but the cores are clocked at 533MHz over the iPads 250MHz.

    What this all means in terms of performance and battery drain remains to be seen, but it looks to be one powerful piece of HW.

    • kascollet

      iPad 3 & 4 GPU are very specific and benefit from very high memory bandwidth that can not be obtained in a smartphone (die too small). SGX 544MP3 is iPhone 5’s GPU but highly over-clocked at 533Mhz. It’s still 2012’s best but it will be suited to full-HD resolution.

      • Marsg

        The iPhone uses a 543MP3 not 544

        • kascollet

          Totally pointless. The difference is only in DirectX compliance (for Microsoft devices !!). Graphic power is the same.

          • They won’t believe you!

          • kascollet

            Sorry, I didn’t understand.

          • Samsung is most powerful!

          • kascollet

            I still don’t get it. Is this just about trolling or what ?

          • Vivghkl

            yes, he is a troll. Ignore

          • Sammy fanboy!

  • kyle

    what about amoled screen , how come they should 4.99inch 1920.1080 but i do not see amoled in the description

    • kascollet

      AMOLED is not ready yet for very high ppi screens, everything is coherent here.

  • Игорь Николаев

    Its fake made by one user from russian site hahaha

  • These are so fake. The exynos 5 gas a mali gpu, not a powervr.

    • kascollet

      We don’t know it yet (Samsung has announced partnership with Imagination Technologies recently). PowerVR are the best, let’s hope Exynos Octa will benefit from it.

  • Chris, I screen capture app video currently I am able to do this with my Galaxy Nexus, but only in portrait mode since my last update to 4.1.1. I am currently using a micro USB connector to do this. I may have missed it in another article, but will the S4 be able to output through USB, Micro HDMI or something else?

    thank you

  • jusephe

    GPU manufacteur : ARM
    GPU model: powerVrSGX544MP

    So it’s mali ? Then the GPU model is false.
    So it’s PowerVr ? Then the GPU manufacteur is false.

    • kascollet

      Perfectly right. Something’s wrong…

  • GF

    The only way I’m getting a Galaxy S4 is if they both switch from AMOLED to an IPS LCD display and use the Exynos chip; otherwise, I’m getting the HTC One, which by the way gets AnTuTu scores of 25,000 in average.

    • Beautiful phone!

    • Bill

      A just discovered AnTuTu benchmark shows that the Galaxy S4 got a benchmark of almost 27,000.

    • GF

      The screen is a deal breaker for me; so far HTC makes the best displays, and I really don’t like AMOLED. If Samsung switches to LCD but keeps the Snapdragon, then I stick to the One. If Samsung uses the Exynos and gets AnTuTu benchmarks of 27,500 but sticks to AMOLED, again I’d get the One (25,000 is still pretty fast). Like I said, only way I’m getting a Galaxy S4 is if it both switches to LCD and Exynos; that way I’d embrace the idea that the Galaxy S4 is substantially better than the HTC One.

  • Que the Samsung Fanboys beating their dicks in anticipation!
    It will be the same plastic fugly looking fone as before! HTC ONE and SONY XPERIA Z much better looks and build quality!

    • Jaime Larios

      So, looks are better than functionality…riiiiiiiiiiight

      • Its the whole package! HTC One not only looks beautiful but the build quality is amazing. Compare that to S3?
        HTC One also has great tech and is more than powerful and fast enough for 99% of consumers! Also it has fantastic features like Blink feed etc! S4 will be same crap as S3 but more powerful!

        • Vivghkl

          HTC do nothing of their own, they rely on third party manufacturers to build most of their own stuff. Screen/processors/internals, nothing is their own. They are pretty much a relic and a useless one at best, the least relevant mobile manufacturer that has to reply on a bevy of third parties in comparison to Samsung, which is a true OEM that BUILDS IT’S OWN HARDWARE and SOFTWARE (tizen), Once again Samsung will bitch slap that taiwanese POS manufacturer down to earth and strike them bankrupt this time.

          • ‘Samsung is a thief! They won’t have it easy this year because Google no longer like them, LG is a threat and Sony and HTC both got quality phones!

          • uu

            haha fine!
            commenting a lot just to destroy the face of an unofficial smartphone! very desperate..

        • Bill

          The S4 will have a completely new design. Why are you comparing a NEW HTC phone to the soon to be previous gen Galaxy S3?

          • I bet it plastic and looks like smaller Brick 2!

        • Jaime Larios

          No boy, when you begin to use Multiwindow, you realize how good a tool it is. That paired with smart Stay, direct call and some other Samsung goodies and you realize why Samsung is the number one right now. Also 90% of people buys a cover for their phone.

          • Multi window? Where did they get that from? A bit like S voice?

        • uu

          blink feed etc… etc what?? hahaha at least we can say a lot about touchwiz idiot, and if we dont like the skin then there are home launchers out there and still we have the feat of twiz..CAMERA=htc sucks with this, only Samsung and Apple can make software tweaks to improve Sony’s sensor, which in fact, Sony sucks with that too lol

  • Chris

    I seriously think that the S4 is not going to be solely about specs this time around but more so feature packed/enhanced…And to me that is perfectly fine, there isn’t a reason that I see to have the worlds fastest phone seriously.

    • Bone

      That’s been the selling point really, the Samsung features. We got S-Beam, S-Voice, Smart Stay, Allshare, AirView, MultiView and Pop-up Play in a single year, and I don’t see shortage on new friendly functions for the SIV either.

      • joe barkho

        and I wonder how many people even use half of those.
        No one uses siri, these are all cool features that people honestly forget about. Great to market and for sales, but thats pretty much it.
        HTC sense is so underrated now. Ever since sense 4, its been incredible. It looks good and works so well. The build quality is iffy, but still good. HTC one X was clearly the better phone spec wise, but wasn’t marketed properly. Hopefully people pic the faster, better build, and future proof phone.

    • Will be the same crap as before! Cheap plastic and fugly build!

      • Vivghkl

        Same crap as before yet you can only afford one device whereas others like me can buy HTC/Samsung/Sony/Apple/BB and Nokia, your argument is that of a pleb so therefore, you are an irrelevant peasant with no grasp of how fallen behind one OEM like HTC is, yet I still use their products because i can yet you are subjugated to using one manufacturer. You ain’t got nothing on me, son.

        • Ivan Myring


        • Lol! I got IPhone 5,Sony XPERIA Z and ordered a HTC One! Won’t buy plastic copied crap tho no matter how powerful it is!

          • lalala

            i guess that makes you an apple fanboys,since apple hates samsung too i guess it justifies that you’re an apple isheep!go away sheep!

  • I’m going to be pissed if they downgrade it for the US market

    • Bill

      Supposedly the Exynos Octa will be available worldwide in the GS4 including the US. It’s supposed to have LTE compatibility. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • John

    Faked: GPU Manufacturer is inconsistent.

  • Benedict Chong

    Good luck Samsung, the processor is fast and it include the battery draining as well. Same history will repeat just like your Quad Cores used in Note 2 and S3. Whatever specs you have, when it is dropped into the water, it is a piece of junk!

    • Vivghkl

      P2i technologies are rumoured for the S4 and note 3, some kind of water and dust resistance. By the way, if you ever show your ugly four eyed apple fanboy face in my presence or breathing space you’d better run…,far away.

  • yungqb7

    Damn, March 14th can not come fast enough. I need to have one ASAP just
    so I can laugh at my friends who have iPhones and just tell them how
    crappy their phone is and call them iSheep.

    • So your a Samsheep? Did it ever occur to your fanboism that there is no right phone? It’s all a matter of choice and taste? Not everybody wants cheap plastic copycat products!

      • yungqb7

        If anything, Im an LGSheep (coin that term however you like). All 4 phones that I had with Verizon were LG. I have LG monitors, LG disc burners, LG HDTVs and etc. So I’m far from a Samsheep. And plenty of my friends complain how boring their iPhone is to me. So they’re gonna try to take someone else’s upgrade on their family plan to get it. Besides, not everyone wants aluminum paper weight ya know :-P

  • lalala

    almost everybody here is talking facts and properly except 1 idiotic troll which is employed by htc apparently.can that person GTFO if you dont like s4,which btw nothing is confirmed yet unlike htc one which the ONLY good thing is the build quality(notice the word ONLY?).AND PLEASE STFU TOO!have a pleasant day being angry all day trolling samsung. :)

    • Spec and looks are quality and so is the software unlike some copycat firm.
      Sony Xperia Z and HTC One the phones to buy

      • lalala

        looks?when it clearly copies the blackberry z10 and iphone 5 design?who’s the copycat now?software its all useless.sense is one useless skin.what software?nothing special.

        • Like bloatware Touchwiz? Universally regarded as the worst android skin! Considering they both came out a few weeks apart HTC must be amazing to copy the Z10 and get it out in a few weeks! Talk about being dumb!

          • lalala

            i think u mean sense is the worst skin at least touchwiz is tolerable and has useful features unlike sense which is untolerable.sense 5 looks like shit,some flipboard copycat(nothing innovative here),and you say sense has great features?!ptuii!btw dont you know companies can get secrets from other companies before the launch?its called a spy.NEWSFLASH for you.gtfo stfu if you dont like samsung get off this post then,go to the htc posts and jizz yourself to death glorifying the soon to be nokia company.

          • Bizla

            seriously how old are you lot, he is simply stating that the HTC or SONY would be better, which might be wrong.. I don’t know, nobody does until the phone is actually released!
            Btw I have to disagree with you lalala, I have both the SII and the sensation xe, and touchwiz is awful, I flashed an aokp ROM after a couple of days, where as I kept with sense 3.5 for a good few months before going aokp.

            Anyway back to the actual TOPIC (instead of Samsung vs htc fanboys)
            This device looks as though it could set new records in mobile computing, It wont be long before HTC release an 8 core model to compete, and then the fun will really start as we have the 2 major companies battling to have the best device on the market in the coming year im sure we will see some amazing leaps in mobile technology :)

          • lalala

            well it depends i can tolerate touchwiz.i dont mind it since i have a n7 so i dont mind having a feel of skins but sense i just cant stand

          • joe barkho

            sense blows wiz out the water

        • amine ELouakil

          copying the iphone 5 and the Z10? please i want to know what you smoke because it seems quite powerfull. HTC Been making aluminium 2 Tones backs sense 2008 when the iphone had it back from plastic, it has been using those all the time on their flagship except the last year One X. As for the Z10 lol! it was revealed a week before HTCs event, you think they designed, refined set up the industrialisation process tested the phones with operators, and produced the phone a week or two? are you retarded? on the other hand Samsung copied Apple that’s a fact they tried not only to copy the looks but the user experience with touchwiz.

          • lalala

            language man..i was talking about the design!and dont you know something called spying?means they probably copied from each other ages ago.use your imagination man.uhmm-

          • amine ELouakil

            If it was Samsung, you might be right, because they’ve copied other before, in the case of the HTC it doesn’t make sense, not to mention that One is just the sum of HTC Design language, aka check the butterfly and DNA the one is similar with the two tone color htc used to make.

            PS: And that case why woudn’t it the other way? It’s blackberry that made the radical change in their design.

      • MasterMuffin

        Maybe you have trolled enough now, people are getting pretty mad!

        • Bill

          I agree! It’s not even relevant anymore, just annoying!

      • Henry Léon

        Is it, Troller? So then the S4’s specs are too great and beautiful that money can buy..

  • lalala


  • So why are the screenshots based on stock android? Shouldnt they look as if they were on a touchwiz skinned device.

    • Bill

      The pictures are screenshots taken on a Nexus 4. Someone with a Nexus 4 found the Galaxy S4 benchmark and took screenshots.

  • Keven Gélinas

    can’t believe it
    samsung with soft button…

  • ashish

    desperately want 1

  • Lara

    Mark my words: all you geeky spec-obsessed droid fans will be disappointing on some level. I have 2 se’s and the screen size is big enough,the note2 is the limit. Why not just get a 7″ tablet and use that? The s3 disappointed and the s4 will too. Oh the s5 will come with an 5.2″ screen. Pffftttt

    • Bill

      Dafuq I just read? Your comment makes no sense.

    • S4 will be just bigger faster S3 but look more like Brick 2. Same cheap plastic crap!


    Please samsung add play via radio in s4. like avaliable in Nokia N8.


  • Arsenal™

    everything looks good….hoping the design isnt as same as the leaked ones!

  • uu

    OHMY there is someone who doesnt want HTC One and Xperia Z lose the market arena :D haha

  • John Mortimer

    OK just to clear some things up that have said my users on here that things are fake, ok right PowerVR do not make there GPU so its not going to say it them also its listed in the an tutu so few are you can download it. And its in there listed phones at the top And phones men is right as when it says 16/32 it does the same for the nexus 4 but it says 8/16

  • brady

    I heard it will have a feature where you can scroll using your eyes. ALSO, the hardware is gonna be great. I hope it doesn’t look boring. But even so, I’ll still respect it. Urine and pee pee. Thank you.