Galaxy S4 software update rolling out to GT-I9505 version, report says

by: Chris SmithJune 6, 2013

Galaxy S4

Samsung is apparently ready to roll out a software update for its Galaxy S4 flagship in order to address certain concerns raised by buyers and improve certain features of the handset.

Initially, the update will be rolled out to the Snapdragon 600 version of the handset (GT-I9505), but it will come eventually to the Exynos 5 Octa model as well (GT-I9500).

Here’s what the software update will have to offer, at least according to Sam Mobile:

  • New Camera firmware
  • Smearing issue has been fixed (Purple effect while scrolling)
  • Smart Pause Toggle
  • Move Apps to SD Card
  • HDR Video (Can record HDR video)
  • Semi-transparent status bar
  • New Icons in Settings
  • Secure boot status (About Phone)
  • Increase legibility (Display) (New feature)

Following the update, 16GB Galaxy S4 owners will have some extra storage at their disposal, but not that much: 9.23GB compared to 9.15GB which is currently available.

The same publication says that Germany will be the first to get the software update (it could already be available to German Galaxy S4 buyers), with other markets set to get it in the future. Here’s what you need to know about the update:

Firmware details:
Model: GT-I9505
Country: Germany
Version: Android 4.2.2
Changelist: 768421
Build date: Wed, 29 May 2013 16:05:23 +0000
Product Code: DBT

The update measures 365.67MB ad is available either over-the-air(OTA) or via Samsung Kies, but we’re yet to see Samsung officially announce it. Let’s hear it from German, and other European Galaxy S4 owners out there! Have you received the update yet?

  • Roodly Philogene

    Has Samsung fixed the lag on the S4 with this update? I don’t understand, even the S3 was laggy. Why a beasty phone like the s4 is?

    • John Mortimer

      The lag was fixed after about 4days of being out in the UK unlocked

  • diakon

    i really hope they fix the problem with the over heating. and what app can you move to your sd card? all of them? maybe….? i hope “/

    • Piyush

      no its not fixed, for eg gta 3 game data is 1.23gb and apk is 15mb only this 15mb can be moved to sd storage not 1.23gb data , it reamains on phone internal data

      • D’Ander McSullivan

        Then… is it almost useless? Would be great an official method for moving the data to the external storage.

      • Anthony Walker

        A lot of apps no longer support apps to SD because Android version 4.1 got rid of it. Developers would have to release an update to their app.

    • There is an issue with overheating? I don’t have that one, wow, sorry to the people that do.

    • Randy Sylmar

      If you root your phone you can move all apps and run apps through your SD card. Overheating is a problem with all smartphones. Just be lucky you didn’t buy an iPhone 5 or a HTC One.

  • mehmet

    What about the unexpected removal of sd card issue? Can that be fixed this way? Its so annoying when I take a pic and it doesn’t save due to the removal!

    • Kevin Ladhams

      If your using a Sandisk SD card then it’s not the phone its the card that is at fault. Report it to Sandisk and they will replace it under warranty

  • Guest

    Smearing issue has not been fixed! They simply changed

  • Goran Palásti

    The smearing issue has not been fixed at all. They simply changed the color of the settings, phone and contacts app. Now it’s dark grey instead of black so there is no smearing. In the gallery, where the black is still black – the smearing IS still present just as it was. So actually, they didn’t fix it, they worked around it. Really “great” job, Samsung!

    • John Cummings

      The dark grey is dizzying and doesn’t work with the Super Amoled display.

  • s4tips

    Many issues have been fixed by Samsung with update for GT-i9500. Smearing issue has been fixed!

  • Deo Reyes

    Got my firmware update here in the Philippines! I can move apps to my sdcard now :)

    • Edwin Tan

      pards, how to move? pls txt me 09228807876 ; 09179525650. tnx

    • ody

      sir can u teach me how to update the said firmware.. i have s4 i9505 gusto ko sna maupdate thanks sir.. heres my number 09265556811

  • Ok Damn

    yeah i have my update but data connection is so suck in Myanmar ><

  • Kenaz

    Anyone having issues with the camera after the firmware update, seems like having too much noise and it’s totally different from the pictures before the update, or when the phone was ootb..

  • jecht

    When will this update hit the at&t version of galaxy s4