Galaxy S4 smartphone mentioned by Samsung exec, name appears to be confirmed

by: Chris SmithDecember 14, 2012


In early 2012 we have witnessed a plethora of nonsensical rumors that suggested the Galaxy S3 may be rebranded as something else, and it took a while until it was confirmed that the company’s flagship device would be known as the third member of the Galaxy S family.

Hopefully we’re not going to see the same phenomenon occur in the following months, as it would be rather strange to see Samsung baptize the Galaxy S4 anything other than, well, Galaxy S4. After all, the Galaxy S is probably the strongest Android brand out there, and it would make no sense to have the name of a famous product line changed.

In fact, that’s what current rumors and leaks call the device, not that we’d expect it to have a different moniker. To further clear the air, we have a new report from IT Pro Portal that says a Samsung exec has already mentioned the Galaxy S4 smartphone during a very recent event – the Invest in Photonics in Bordeaux:

So when Kit Lam, who is the Chief Innovation Officer at SERI [Samsung Electronics Research Institute], comes on stage to run through his presentation and lets slip the words “Galaxy S4” during the speech, it’s certainly worth taking note of; given that hitherto no one from Samsung had uttered anything about the follow-up to the S3.

This is the first semi-official confirmation of the existence of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that has reached us. The name could well be a guess from Lam but given his position within SERI, it’s debatable.

Lam did not mention any details about the Galaxy S4, not that we’d expect Samsung execs to spill the beans on the device quite yet.

As for referring to the device by its proper name, that’s not exactly a leak, since every Android fan and their grandmother probably knows that a Galaxy S4 will follow the Galaxy S3, so there’s no point pretending it won’t be made.

Are you already saving money to buy the Galaxy S4 as soon as it comes out?

  • Jared Persinger

    I didn’t really like the design of the s3 but if the s4 looks like that then it will be one classy device

    • It looks like an iPhone, I think that’s just asking for a lawsuit lol.

      • Jared Persinger

        The back kind of does I guess and Samsung always gets in lawsuites anyways so I don’t think this will be any different

  • nope im waiting to get that DROID DNA with its 1080P Super lcd 3 full hd display and 1.5 ghz quad core processor

    • Mike

      The oppo find 5 is way better

    • ijks

      Hasn’t the DNA been out for a good month now?

    • Abdullah Qaraeen

      non removable battery and doesnt last much, no sd card slot, no android’s true multitasking… Droid DNA is a disgrace to android !!!

  • I see Apple shit in the picture! The Photoshop guy must be a great Apple fanboy!

  • Shayne Johnson

    Aren’t we going a little overboard in that render with stereoscopic rear cameras?

  • casinrm

    LOL. Screen says wipe to unlock.

  • Fudge, rounded corners?

  • malibu

    Sounds nice… but I’ve made my pledge to say with any nexus device from here on. I’m a huge android fan.. and No one brings it better then Google Nexus. :)

  • This is a nice phone. Why not build more that support S-Pen devices even if they are not integrated into the phone like the Note 2. Those who like it will use it and those who do not, will not.

  • Ah, you had a chance for an awesome pun, instead of “spill the beans” you should have said “spill the ‘jelly’ beans”


    • Njck Atkins

      except it will be running Android Molasses by then

  • Whoever made that render is trolling Apple fans to scream “COPY!”

  • RarestName

    No back button, sharp edges for the phone and sleep button, two tone back design, centralised clock on the top with date at the bottom, doesn’t it look a little too familiar?

    • Lee Moe


  • James Johnson

    This isn’t even Samsung’s concept, this is a third part concept that has been floating around the internet for several months now…

  • James

    LOL @ Horribly shopped image

  • John jacobs

    Chris smith ima poop on your chest naked well smiling from ear to ear with red glowing eyes all sweaty in the T-bag stance…

  • Abdullah Naji

    Note II is amazing.

  • yungqb7

    I will be waiting for the GS4. I’m willing to suffer a bit longer with this LG Revolution :-/

  • If they decide to get rid of the UGLY button in the bottom middle of the phone, then I might consider buying one. If it looks something like this then it’s a step in the right direction.
    Seriously, if Samsung is to win any prize, it’s for creating the ugliest phones.