Galaxy S4 to feature Samsung Orb, a Photo Sphere of its own

by: Chris SmithFebruary 22, 2013


That’s right, we have more Galaxy S4 rumors for you, and this time around we’re talking about a feature we expect to see on the device – panoramic picture mode – since, after all, it’s a feature available in the latest Android OS versions. But, obviously, Samsung will have its own custom Photo Sphere, called Samsung Orb, a new report reveals.

Android Geeks has it from a software engineer working on the Galaxy S4 that the flagship device will come with panoramic picture mode and Samsung Orb will let users capture 360-degree images.

According to the unnamed engineer, the Orb will give you “an almost three-dimensional viewing experience,” and it will be “even better than Photo Sphere, courtesy of the S4’s amazing camera.”

Speaking about camera, most rumors say that the Galaxy S4 will have a 13-megapixel camera, and it will surely be interesting to see whether Samsung has any other special camera features up its sleeve for this device, or whether it’s simply moving along in the megapixels race instead of coining UltraPixels-like marketing terms.

How reliable is the rumor? Well, we certainly expect more Android smartphones to offer Photo Sphere capabilities in the future, whether using Google’s default app or building their own similar experiences. The recently announced LG Optimus G Pro is one such example, going the custom route as well, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see Samsung include its own panorama mode in future Galaxy devices.

That said, we are a bit surprised that a Samsung engineer would reveal as much considering the way Samsung has been protecting such leaks in the past – or is this some sort of anti-UltraPixels controlled leaked of some sort? We’ll tell you more in a few weeks, once the Galaxy S4 becomes official, at which point we’ll surely be able to confirm or deny the Samsung Orb feature.

Are you used to taking panoramic photos? Do you care much about such a feature?

  • nexusss

    yea, as S-Voice was better than Google Now this would be same :

    • Filip Justin

      S-Voice is better than Google Now in my opinion.. Google Now is just a Search app on steroids..

      • sxs

        seems you are blind fan of Sammy!
        s-voice is the crappiest software of Sammy and you’re comparing it with google now! I pity your ignorance :(

        • saleensuper

          and you, my friend, are… blind sammy hater?
          I mean c’mon! Give people some room to have their own opinions instead of labeling them as fanboys or haters instantly. So what if his experience with S Voice has been better than Google Now just like yours might have been the other way round?
          We should present facts/proofs/personal experiences in discussions instead of branding others. After all we all are consumers!

  • Benedict Chong

    Crap, all those useless rumours and seems that you are running out of technology as your own processor chip also having big issues. Trying to prolong sales with all these gimmicks, only those with real technology survives in this market.

    • Mike Bastable

      I agree, only real innovation will help. Samsung basically copied Apple. Everyone else copies Samsung. I’m not a fanboy of either platform by the way. This year will see the rise of China handsets, low production costs combined with a nothing to loose everything to gain mentality will lead to innovation and success. Massive govt sponsored industrial espionage also helps of course…….

  • I’m pretty sure they will have a good Orb capturer. Makes sense to use their own app. We’ll have to wait and see. Can’t wait for the unveiling

    • sxs

      just like s-voice was better then siri, right ?
      well, one thing for sure- sammy is good at stealing ideas and then MARKETING them as if they have done a out of the world job!

      • I’m not at all going to compare Samsung and Apple. I’m just saying it should work well enough. We can’t stop them from doing it. I know they re brand everything

  • MasterMuffin

    Does The One have a photo sphere? Anyways, bye bye ultra pixels! :P

    • le_lutin

      “Anyways, bye bye ultra pixels!”

      Why are you saying bye? Neither the Htc One nor the s4 have even been released yet, let alone reviewed. And the information contained in this post is only speculation.

      • MasterMuffin

        I thought I was quite obvious o.O

        • le_lutin

          Au contraire. Your post makes little sense in the context of this article.

          • MasterMuffin

            Now that I think of it, it does (make little sense in the context). Well I think that ultra pixels (though great for marketing), will be a fail for HTC because people will be like “but how many mp does it have” and then buy the competition with 13mp. That’s just little sad, but I’m not convinced about these Ultra Pixels either!

          • le_lutin

            Totally agree with you. Anyone who knows anything about cameras knows that the number of pixels makes little difference to the quality of the image taken.
            Unfortunately for HTC, most people think that more pixels is always better.

          • MasterMuffin

            If I could have a phone with 100mp camera, I would ditch quality and go with that. 13 mp are the 100 mp of todays ordinary people, and unless the people in the stores that sell The One will start teaching people about megapixels and stuff, 4 mp will (as I said) probably be the down fall of The One :(

          • Lara

            A phone would NEVER have a 100mp camera. Why do people ALWAYS think more mp is always better? It isn’t it simply means you can print larger prints (images). Having a 100mp camera on a phone would be terrible. A 10mp point and shoot camera is better than a 13mp phone camera. Why? It’s the señor, the size of the sensor is everything thus the quality will be better. Geez

          • MasterMuffin

            Geez, calm down, did you even read my comment?…

  • Mike Bastable

    Yawn, really bored by the new crop of HD etc phones, nothing exciting or new. HTC One…boring will literally be the death of them. The samsungs all look like crap after a few weeks, little wonder they are giving away free covers now in Europe. The new China phones, Oppo etc, look better. I really hope that the new Moto phone has something new to offer. At the moment this crazy spec war is going to destroy Android. A mid rage Android is better value than the premium phones. Apple seems still to get it right, market the hell out of its one phone and sell loads. Updates across the board, same day. Don’t get me wrong I love Android, especially my Nexus 7, but fragmentation, the spec war for specs sake is going to kill or damage the platform. There is simply not enough profit to support all this pointless development, even Samsung has rubbish margins and profit compared to Apple. Less phones, more focus and better quality will serve Android better long term.. Let’s hope the next wave of phones are better and innovative….

  • the fragmentation is killing me…