Health functionality to be central feature on Galaxy S4 – Korean report

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 22, 2013

samsung s health Credit: Samsung

Samsung is doubling down on the integration of health and medical functionality into its mobile strategy, according to The Korean site says that the Galaxy S4 will collect information about your health using optional accessories.

The Samsung conglomerate is active in the healthcare business, with the American division of Samsung Electronics announcing a consolidation of its health and medical efforts last year. Moreover, Samsung is said to be targeting healthcare startups as potential investment candidates for its newly set up investment fund. suggests that there is a growing interest within Samsung for creating synergy between the mobile business and the medical business. But this isn’t a novel development – the Koreans have made their intentions clear since last year, when an app called S Health was launched. Running on the flagship Galaxy S3, S Health allowed smartphone users to connect to medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, glucose level scanners, and electronic scales. But S Health was only made available in certain markets, and the initiative lacked the marketing push required to gain traction in the consumer market.

This year, Samsung seems more resolute in promoting the health and medical functionality of its devices. even mentions a health hub, which could mean that Samsung plans to preinstall its health apps on the Galaxy S4. The company already preinstalls other similar apps, like Social Hub, Game Hub, or Readers Hub.

The report also mentions an optional health accessory that Samsung could sell along the Galaxy S4. It’s also possible that Samsung is integrating health-monitoring functionality in the rumored smartwatch it’s preparing, codenamed Altius.

Regardless what Samsung has up its sleeve, we’ll find out more on March 14, when the Galaxy S4 is said to be launching.

  • Interesting. Sammy is certainly broadening the scope of what can be done with a smartphone.

  • Soonershooter

    pretty cool, i can use the BP function when reading comments from apple fan-boys who still slobber on pics of steve jobs

    • LOL. Ah, that explains why Walter Isaacson’s book down at the library has a plastic cover on it.

  • Matt V


  • Matt V


  • pasta

    well, that means sgs4 will automatically shutdown after 1 hours of heavy usage.

    because, you know, phone radiation is bad for eyes and human brain :)
    samsung know this and they don’t want their loyal customer to have short lifespan,
    they want customer live long enough to buy next galaxy phone :D

    • pasta

      joke aside, I hope someday mobile phone will have display with adjustable focus, to be used by people with vision problem.

      display like this one:

      so that people with vision problem don’t need glass to use latest gadget.

      most elderly I know prefer mobile phone with huge physical buttons, because it’s tedious to put on glass before looking at screen phone.