Galaxy S4 rumors – here’s our interview with Samsung at CES 2013 [video]

by: Chris SmithJanuary 9, 2013


Not only did we interview NVIDIA at CES 2013, talking about the company’s recently announced products, but we also got a chance to speak to Samsung about its mobile performance in 2012 and some of its plans for the future.

Naturally, the Galaxy S4 came up a few times during the interview, and while the company wouldn’t confirm anything about its next flagship device at this particular point in time, it kind of hinted that some of the existing rumors out there are on the right track.

Will we see a Galaxy S4 with a 5-inch 1080p AMOLED display later this year? That certainly sounds like something Samsung would launch, especially considering what its competitors are already selling, or getting ready to release, isn’t it?

At least we got Ryan Bidan, Director of Product Marketing at Samsung Telecommunications America, to say “Galaxy S4” on camera, which is most likely what the next flagship Android handset will be called – after all, the same product name was used by a different Samsung exec on a different occasion in late 2012.

Check out the video to see all that and more! And let us know your plans for 2013, are you buying the Galaxy S4 when it comes out or are you looking forward to other smartphones this year?

  • HellG

    You should have asked him about
    MMC bug – NOT FIXED
    Sudden Death Problem – ALLEGEDLY FIXED
    Exynos Documintations – NEVER BEEN RELEASED
    Making Tizen – TO FIGHT ANDROID!
    I started to HATE the way samsung is going after it got all big and powerful :/
    And can you please pick someone but darcy to make the interviews ? since he got so excited for the iPhone 5 i feel like he is nothing more than another iSheep, oh and dont remove this comment please….

    • satsmine2k4

      Don’t worry dude… Samsung is not stupid enough to drop android… If it does it will fall like a house of cards…

      • HellG

        But why get greedy in the first place? Google give these OEM’s so much flexibility and freedom to the point that they hurt android and cause fragmentation and that’s not enough for them? its ok for me that Samsung become greedy and make their own OS but making android apps available on it? that was the last straw! really really disgusting!
        BB Note II back to a nexus :(

        • satsmine2k4

          Agreed!!! Hence the notion… Nexus for life…

    • malcmilli

      why does tizen have to be used to “fight” android? That would mean that samsung is already fighting android by making windows phone 8 devices.

      Its probably more likely they just want something to fall back on incase android popularity were to come crumbling.

      • HellG

        Not really, WP is more like iOS it has nothing in common with android!
        Tizen on the other hand is something that is sooo much like android! if they are able to push the modding community from android to tizen then android is simply..dead! using different OS’s is good, using and OS that is so much like your leading OS that makes you what you are is pure….

        • malcmilli

          I would say yes windows is a much different OS, but i wouldnt go far to say that iOS has nothing in common with android. They are both very similar from the outside. Besides, it doesnt matter if OS’s are different or not, fact is that vast majority of people only have one personal cell phone. So whether they chose Tizen or Wp8 its still stealing away customers from android. i dont see the difference what so ever. They are simply diversifying their portfolio in order to make it harder for them to fail.

  • satsmine2k4

    I know samsung will put Brilliant hardware in the S4… the only one feature i really desire is a 5 inch 1080p super amoled PLUS display…if this happens am sold or i will stick with my Nexus 4 for it’s next iteration..

    • it might not be “plus” but you won’t spot a pixel at such a high PPI

  • I’m will be due for my upgrade about the time that the S4 is rumored to be out. I will be impatiently waiting til then. Love all my Samsung products.

  • now i really don’t care about some documentation. Or some bugs, but i JUST WANT MY S4!!!!!!!!

  • yungqb7

    I’m waiting for the GS4. I prefer to have the latest phone on the market when I upgrade, which is in three weeks. I’m willing to be patient for it. I don’t want to buy the GS3 and then a month or two later the GS4 drops.

  • 144534536

    looking forward to google x phone

  • r2d2

    Samsungs are’nt not the best. Androids us bitter. I Wan’t!!!1!
    When are this phones coming out on here? I’m thinking that this phone could be to best phone apple have made, android suckers. Bleakberry 10 will win hands down on this phone and then Nokia will be sorry. Untill Windows come out with their microsoft phone.
    Why are Samsung always copy iphone. iphone had their ‘iphone4’, so smasung are bringing out their ‘S4’. It will be S5 next – just you see. Always copying.

    • Are you stupid? The S4 will be the latest iteration in the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones, adding a number to the end simply signifies that this is the next major phone in the series. Plus, the Galaxy S2 was released as competition to the Iphone 4, the naming convention has nothing to do with it. You sir, are either a troll, or plain stupid.