Galaxy S4 release date set for April, S Pen included report says

by: Chris SmithDecember 28, 2012


There’s definitely a lot of talk about Samsung’s upcoming flagship device, the Galaxy S4, at this time of year. We’ve seen so far a variety of rumors, and it looks like there is even more Galaxy S4-related unconfirmed stuff to look at.

This time around we have a report from South Korea that says the Galaxy S4 will launch in April, although we’ll remind you to take everything with a chunk of salt for now, as we can’t offer you any official release dates for this next high-end Android handset.

Furthermore, the Galaxy S4 – which is already rumored to come with a larger 5-inch 1080p AMOLED display – is now said to feature S Pen functionality right out of the box. So far Samsung has paired its stylus models with phablets and tablets alone, but it looks like it’s now ready to bring the S Pen to the future Galaxy S flagship device, right alongside a variety of S Pen features.

Obviously, we’re keeping close tabs on all things Galaxy S4-related, and we’ll cover all the rumors and leaks out there, no matter how wild, until we find official details for you.

Are you planning to upgrade from the Galaxy S3 to the Galaxy S4 when the latter is launched?

  • Asadullah

    I dont think that Sammy would include S pen in S4..if they did then they will lose Note custoners

    • doubt it because it’s still a smaller screen. Big difference between the two screenwise.

      • pslim80

        The difference is those devices are called “note” I’m pretty sure Samsung will want to differentiate the 2 devices by them having different features. That’s what makes a note device a note whether it’s the tablet or phablet irz the fact you draw

    • rami

      definitely agree with you there

  • MasterMuffin

    hell no

  • pslim80

    They better not include a freaking S Pen and bloat my S4. I can’t believe this in the least. I believe they will leave the pen for the “note” devices.

  • Val Komissarov

    I definitely plan to upgrade from my SGS III when SGS IV is out.

  • Michael Paul

    Then make the NOTEIII 6″ please!!

    • rumors are saying that the note 3 will either be 6.3″ or 6.6″.no worry ;)

  • Filip Justin

    Who wouldn’t want to use an S-Pen on such a huge 5″ 1080p display? Probably those who haven’t tried using the Note 2 and thought it was too big.

  • They should change the name from Galaxy S4 to Galaxy Note Mini.

  • I don’t if this is so, but it would be a silly move. That is something unique to the galaxy note family.

  • Roshan Kumar

    Umm…Hope the pen doesnt make the S4 too bulky….Other than that i will upgrade of course.

  • yungqb7

    Well I’m waiting for the gs4 to drop. My upgrade is Jan 28th, so I don’t want to get the gs3 then next thing you know the gs4 is available. As long as it has a 4.5-5.0″ screen, quad core cpu, 2GB of RAM, and supports 64GB external.


    do you suggest getting the s3 right now or waiting for the s4 which is 4months due thats quite a long period of time? and do you think the s3 will get future updates or is it the end of its era?

    • Dennis Bender

      I would suggest waiting for the 4, I just got the three and wish now I would of waited a little longer. Love the phone just want the latest version

    • Bob

      Nothing will be out until July. In any case it will be 2014 until anything of real interest is released.

  • S3 was launched on May-3rd (5/3)

    S4 will be launched on May-4th (5/4)

  • Igor

    Just because the pen is there it doesn’t mean you have to use it.

  • olfa

    I’m not fond of 5-inch phone. I may skip SGS4 if it goes to that 5-inch range.

  • Jei Arc

    loos that home button and the capacitive button and i will join the legion

  • siddubellad

    S pen good features HTC, Sony, zte, huawei, LG, others upcoming 5″ inch phone tthey’re not have s pen Samsung galaxy s4 different the king of the smartphone an evergreen