Galaxy S4 press release image reportedly leaked already

by: Chris SmithJanuary 4, 2013


Just earlier today we told you that the Galaxy S4 will make an appearance at CES 2013, at least behind closed doors, and now we’re going to show you a first leaked press image of the device.

Yes, it’s not official, and yes, we’re advising you to take everything with a grain of salt. We’ve seen the same scenario last year when countless Galaxy S3 leaked images made their way to the web well ahead the official announcement of the flagship handset. And we expect to see the same thing happen this year.

Naturally, there’s always a chance that one of these pictures is real, which is why we’re looking at it in the first place. Sam Mobile says the image is coming from a Samsung insider that claims to have access to even more images, although just the one above is available.

In case the handset in the image is indeed real, the Galaxy S4 could feature a larger edge-to-edge display and will come without a Home button.

Previous reports would confirm the fact the Galaxy S4 is expected to offer users a larger display – a 5-inch Super AMOLED Full HD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution is rumored for the device. Other features include 2GHz quad-core Exynos 5450 processor, Mali-T658 GPU, 2GB of RAM, 13-megapixel camera and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. But, just like with the image above, nothing is confirmed yet.

What do you think about this Galaxy S4 render?

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    I’m calling it right now, that’s totally fake! :D

    • MasterMuffin

      it looks exactly like note 2 and it,looks like the home button was erased,with ms paint…

  • Rhys

    Got to love a double negative, think the “not” could be removed here:

    “In case the handset in the image is indeed real, the Galaxy S4 could feature a larger edge-to-edge display and will not come without a Home button.”

  • Apple Sucks

    looks like an Iphone 5 fanboy made it. Totally fake IMO :P

    • No One

      I will laugh real hard when Samsung unveil S4 like the one above and same ppl will say, doesn’t look like an iPhone at all.

  • Haha, Look at the stupid shadow at the bottom and the artifacts on the right side x)

  • IncCo

    not quite sure why people think the sgs4 will come out now unlike the sgs3 which had its own event in may.. i think.

  • I would love this if the note 3 came like this style too.

  • rodpe

    Very very very beautiful, love it!

  • TheFluffyOne

    Looks like a press shot of the Galaxy Note 2 with the home button removed, the camera and light sensors moved, and a very poor attempt at adding a reflected flash. It still has the partial reflection at the bottom (typical of Samsung’s images of the GN2) and it’s a remarkably dull and low-contrast image given a flash supposedly fired when the picture was taken. Oh, and I can tell because of the pixels ;)

    • TheFluffyOne

      OK, so another article indicated that it was a photo of an image of the phone on a monitor, which explains away the lack of effect of the flash (and the odd graininess of the image). The other points stand, though, and it still looks fake :)

    • Haywood

      Pretty obvious it’s a picture of a screen, not of the actual device, so it could be legit.

      • TheFluffyOne

        I think it would be really odd for Samsung to make the new S4 look pretty much identical to the Note 2. Not to say it’s not possible, just that in my opinion it seems very unlikely. Time will tell…

  • Shit !! Iphone just got taller…

  • Ryan

    Fake or not, that’s a nice looking phone. I hope the real S4 drops the physical button and capacitive buttons for the software buttons.

    • gea

      I hope not. That will take screen real estate or the screen won’t by 16:9 anymore.

    • Guest

      I hate the stupid software buttons. A huge big black bar at the bottom of my screen totally wasting space for 3 small buttons. A big reason I hate the Nexus10.

  • Jon E

    Looks crap just like a crapple. Hence it being fake – no way that Samsung ould be stupid enough to release a phone so similar to the iphone after all that ridiculous patent nonsense

  • Niraj Adhikari

    Might be they are just showcasing thier 1080p display for mobile devices

  • that looks cool, even more the specs, those specs trash most netbooks! and totally stump over every single GPU and CPU out there, even IPAD 4, but the phone is fake, specs maybe not

  • odeiosenhas

    It’s fake! It’s a S3 without home button

  • Adam Outler

    I hope they go slightly smaller than that with no physical button.

  • Adam Outler

    That does not look like Note2. Note2 has an indicator light to the left, the proximity sensor and camera are in-line with the speaker. It looks similar but not like the note2 as some people have stated.

  • mali

    The home button gone is a killer!.. could be real.. or photoshop.. the button missing.. and the corners go straight then turn with a point. But Ya that’s what I miss most bout my s3.. and wish my n4 had..all that extra space at the bottom of the screen and just a lil flashing incaditor… kinda day makes me mad.

  • Here it goes again, please remember all the horse shit that was spouted about the GS3, it was gonna have ARM A15s, Ceramic body, blah blah, and you know what we ended up with.

    At this point I doubt the GS4 will even get the quad-core Exynos 5440 with Mali T658, the dual-core 5250 used a max of 9W when Anahdtech tested the latest Chromebook, this was with the screen turned off. Even built on the smaller 28nm, the 5440 with twice the CPU and GPU cores of the 5250 will probably be too power hungry for a smartphone, but great for a tablet. The smart money is on the GS4 having a new version of the dual-core 5250 built on Samsung’s new 28nm process.

  • Kng

    Personally I prefer square corners rather than rounded, so I like this new look. 2nd thing is I hope Samsung will move the power button to the top. I always accidentally press it by mistake.

  • joser116

    fake and gay

  • Angelov

    5 Inch will be too big. The current size is the maximum they should go for the S4. The note is the type of phone that needs 5 inches and above.

  • James Mcarthur

    Fake, there are reflections below the device that wouldn’t be there if it were real :)

  • Pavi Guru

    I hope that’s real. It’s beautiful.

  • paulmurza

    Wow, they are now using pictures that were used to tease the galaxy s3??? Looks like even the fake pictures are hard to innovate