Photo of announcement invitation for the Galaxy S4 leaked. Real or fake?

by: Joe HindyJanuary 4, 2013
Galaxy S4

Image Credit: SamMobile

As we get closer and closer to CES 2013, the phone rumors are getting spicier. The Galaxy S4 has already been rumored to be making a closed doors appearance at CES 2013. Earlier today, supposed press images were leaked. We won’t know for sure until the device is officially announced, but expect more of these rumors in the coming months.

The latest rumors coming out of SamMobile is that a Korean member there managed to get their hands on an invitation. An invitation to what, one might ask? Why, to the announcement of the Galaxy S4, of course. As is customary, Samsung sets up an event every year where they show off their newest goods. Particularly the Galaxy S series.

Pictured above, it’s hard to discern any real details about the announcement. Things like the size of the invite or what it’s made out of are impossible to discern. However, based on the size of the comically placed LG logo at the bottom and the vague outlines, it looks like it is being displayed full screen on a laptop.

So let’s cut to the chase, is this Galaxy S4 announcement invite real?

It is probably not real. Never mind the fact that it’s a full screen picture on a laptop or that LG is making a guest appearance on a Samsung leak photo. The biggest tell that this is likely a phony is the tag line. Samsung has come out with some witty catch phrases and commercials, but, “You think it was the GALAXY” just doesn’t feel like a slogan Samsung would use. Especially for a phone that’s likely going to break Android phone sales records.

Even if the invite itself is fake, the date might not be far off. The Galaxy S3 was announced in May of 2012, the Galaxy S2 in August of 2011. The first Galaxy S, though, was a March announcement. Also, SamMobile reports that Samsung employees will get Galaxy S4 training in April. So a March announcement is not out of the question.

Like everything else that’s come out surrounding the future flagship, it’s probably a well produced fake. Let us know what you think. Is it real or rumor?

  • TechUnity

    Seems fake.
    Then again, I’m not going to buy it. I’ll stick to my Nexus 4, thank you.

    • jian

      no one is forcing you. lol

      • TechUnity

        I’m not forced, I’m just stating my opinion. Mostly because I’m still on contract and realized that contracts suck. Also, I love vanilla android and rooting/installing ROMs.

  • Hope it does not come out with Tizen OS

    • dani

      me too -.-‘

  • A friend of mine who blogs about these devices wrote about this as soon as he saw it on SamMobile. Here’s the article and it explains in-depth why this is fake. And really guys why even write about these things, it is just feeding the trolls who do create these for publicity.

  • Nech

    dont care if fake or not. i just got my Note and sticking to it. love the screen size. wont settle for smaller ^.^