Galaxy S4, other 2013 Samsung smartphones to pack 3GB of RAM?

by: Chris SmithOctober 6, 2012

While the Galaxy S3 was launched less than six months ago, the first Galaxy S4 rumors started hitting the web a few weeks ago. In fact, we’re looking today at a new Sam Mobile report that reveals that Samsung is already working on 2013 devices that would feature 3GB of RAM.

The publication even provides a leaked image that shows two such devices that have a “3Gb [sic] RAM” sticker on top of them. The handsets are obviously test devices, assuming they’re real, but we don’t have any product names for them.

In case we’re looking at actual future Android handsets, then it would make sense to see Samsung’s 2013 flagship devices to pack as much RAM as they can carry. Naturally, the Galaxy S4 would be one of those flagship Android handsets, although the publication doesn’t mention it yet. On the other hand, let’s not forget that Samsung also makes Windows Phone smartphones, not to mention that it has its own mobile platform to think about.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we actually need that much RAM in a smartphone. Or do we? Sam Mobile speculates that Samsung may be working on features that would require more RAM. Hopefully that’s the case, and Samsung won’t be increasing on-board RAM just so it can brag its upcoming devices will have better and better specs than the competition.

We’ll definitely put a pin in this 3GB RAM rumor and end our Galaxy S4 speculation here but we’ll get back to it once we have more proof that Samsung is indeed considering upgrading the RAM in its future Android handsets.

  • Henrick Steele

    I don’t see why not. My SIII idles at 1.5GBs. All of the nifty software they offer really takes a toll on the memory. I just hope they upgrade the battery proportionately.

  • randomrooster76

    thats more memory than my PC!

    • Cole Raney

      You don’t have much ram on your pc then.

  • what would be better is if they say 3gb of ram but mean 2gb of ram and 1gb of dedicated video ram which would make it a gaming machine to really kill off any chance of niny and sony or even iphone at going much further with gaming on their devices and it would allow devs to make games that look as good as computer games but for the phone

    • I have a brand new Sammy laptop with a dual core AMD APU plus 4 gigs RAM and it barely runs Black Mesa on medium settings. Forget about anything much more than that gamewise on it. Most laptops are significantly more powerful than high-end smartphones. Not happening, even if it had 4 gigs and the new Exynos.

      • Cole Raney

        Well of course a smartphone isn’t going to play pc games.

        • and another thing you have to realize is that for a smartphone its pushing it to a screen that is small where as a laptop is pushing the video to much larger screen so its 100x easier to push game quality to a smaller screen then a much larger screen

          • Cole Raney

            While this is true, mobile processors and GPUs are no where near their PC counterparts. Even an intel HD GPU would be more powerful than anything in a phone. The i7 is way beyond what phones can do. Computers also have higher clockspeeds on their CPUs and GPUs. Smartphones are increasing their processors at faster rates than PCs (It takes about 18 months for PCs to double in power and about 12 months for smartphones), but they are still far behind. They always will be behind.

  • Roger

    i would love to spread rumours to defame samsung, like this one. give me a job mate.

  • Nikhil

    How about Galaxy Note 3 I guess it will have 6 core pross and 5.7 inch screen!!!!

  • Quryous

    Why only 3 GB RAM? Even the LOW-END Nokia 510 has 4!

    • It has 4gb of INTERNAL STORAGE.

    • Orion Wolf

      Yeah…and a 4k display and it
      connects with the Hubble telescope to take pics…

      btw, happy new year everyone =)

  • Nino

    I think this is kinda pointless, its like have 8gb of ram on your pc, when 4gb is more than enough…… the 2gb that the us version has is more than enough

    • Pepet

      hahaha funny americans because your apple iphone is so antiquated and about 5 years behind the lowest end android smartphone made by India hahahah

  • I bet you that the Galaxy S4 will NOT have 3GB ram. They are probably testing the difference between 3GB DDR2 (Double Data Rate) and 2GB DDR3 on their devices.. I believe that the new DDR3 memory will be paired with the new 128GB flash memory modules that Samsung is also producing to provide faster and bigger storage! I look forward to 2013 because Samsung will truly innovate this year (or at least show the fruits of their labor during these last couple years)
    Here is the review that explains the new DDR3 module AND the new faster NAND flash based storage!

  • phoenix19861

    samsung galaxy s4
    – Exynos 5450 2.0 Ghz (28nm)
    – Mali T658
    – LPDDR3 3GB Ram
    – eMMC Pro Classe 1500
    – 16 mp 1080p camera
    – 5″ display ClorOled (358 ppi)
    – battery 3200 mAh
    Lte/Lte advanced