Galaxy S4 model number or high-end TIZEN smarpthone confirmed: GT-I9500

by: Chris SmithDecember 25, 2012


Samsung is said to sell over half a billion cell phones next year, with almost 400 million of those being smartphones. Obviously, we expect Android to be the main mobile OS for Samsung’s 2013 smartphones, although other operating systems such as Windows Phone and TIZEN will also equip some of them.

Sam Mobile seems to have confirmed a model number for the next flagship Samsung smartphone, the GT-I9500, which will run either Android or TIZEN.

According to the online publication, the GT-I9500 could very well be the Galaxy S4 because the number 4 is apparently unlucky in South Korea – the Galaxy S3’s model number is I9300 – and therefore Samsung would skip I9400 in favor of I9500 (I9505 for the LTE version). It also seems that Samsung hasn’t used the number 4 in high-end devices.

At the same time, we could be looking at Samsung’s first TIZEN handset here, even though that may not sound as interesting to Android fans.

No matter what handset model we’d be looking at, it’s worth mentioning that Samsung is reportedly testing software for the two handset versions, GT-I9500 and GT-I9505, as follows:

Model: GT-I9500
Model: GT-I9505 (Probably LTE version)

Will you buy a Samsung smartphone next year, or are you interested in trying out something else?

  • Jeff Leger

    If the number 4 is unlucky in South Korea, why are they calling it the S4?

    • They will probably call SIV. Not S4.

      • Jeffry Ng Darwis

        Yup . That’s a possible outcome

    • wsgaa

      Because it’s an international phone so they would want to prevent confusion.

    • Zeals

      Well we are calling it the S4 and that’s what everyone assumes it will be called. But if the rumours of a 4.99″ 1080p screen are true. I wouldn’t be too shocked if they called it the Galaxy S5. Also the number ‘4’ is unlucky in most Asian countries.

  • noneofthem

    Switched to LG this year after owning a SGS and a Galaxy Note before that. Owning a Nexus smartphone has long been on my to do list and I didn’t get disappointed at all.

    • yay

      Still have an SGS, hopefully getting a Nexus :/

    • ijks

      Never really liked LG phones so I skipped Nexus this year. I’ll probably get one when they do it with HTC or Asus. Or maybe Samsung again.

      • Riven

        i know exactly how you feel about the LG thing…as a Samsung and HTC fan Iwas super skeptical…but living with the NEXUS 4 is amazing and I’m totally loving it!

      • Richard Sequeira

        Well dreamo n! HTC’s chance was the Nexus One.

  • It won’t be a Tizen phone, they’ll have completely different model numbers (like the Bada and Windows phones).

    • th3d

      My thought as well, GT-i is Android.

  • mohdamr1

    I have a galaxy S3 and I absolutely love it. Probably i’ll skip the S4 and wait for the S5 or the S6. I believe smartphones should live 2 to 3 years at least if no accidents or problems happen to the device. I do plan on getting a nexus 10 tablet which is better than the ipad.

    • MasterMuffin

      I came here to see this comment, thanks :D

    • Mitchel Errol Suarez

      I can’t say it’s overall better than iPad 4, but it’s probably the closest one!

    • i will also skip the s4 and wait for the s5. only reason being i’m on a contract :) 2 years.

    • Mamoon Bakeer

      Same thoughts. Totally agree with you.

  • Jared Persinger

    I’m just curious what is tizen?

  • If it looks like that, then heck ya I’d be interested in buying it! But only if it’s android though. A black one of those would be spectacular!

  • ijks

    I doubt they will call it S4 in Korea or many other Asian countries. Maybe S4 for the models coming out in Europe and America. If you go to hotels in certain Asian countries, they don’t have a 4th floor on their elevators. It just goes from 1,2,3,5+ The number 4 signifies death which is considered very unlucky in certain Asian countries.

    • th3d

      Yes, and its spreading, in Philippines, being a more western oriented country, people havent heard about 4 being a unlucky number untill i tell them, for example when in an elevator. I also have to mention that not too many elevators in philippines is missing a 4th floor, yet, but its coming and is already common in tourist areas. 13th is always missing, same as in western world, but i wonder if 13th is missing also in elevators in for example Korea?

  • park kyokeun

    For me, I can’t use any android except nexus. Especially when nexus 4 is not only a power house but also very cheap. It’s like Ferrari with a price of cheap Toyota! Love it!

  • mjolnirxz

    im not sure I wanna buy it if its not running android. I dont want to be the lab rat again for tizen like during cupcake.

    • Exactly! If they really expect users to consider a new mobile OS at this point in time, they better make it backward compatible with Android apps… or at least provide a tool for devs with which they can port their Android apps to Tizen with little or no effort.

    • ijKs

      Of course it will run Android. If Samsung wants to bring out Tizen, they will do it with lower-end handsets, or bring out an S4 that is an Android model and another one that is a Tizen model.

  • Leroy Hayward

    I don’t care what they call it.. I have a sgs3 and I love it.. And I will get the next one 4,or 5 what Eva they choose to call it a I’m on it..

  • Once2work

    I look forward to the HTC, they have some thing new coming out soon, watch out.

  • oneblackover

    Yes, the comment from earlier is correct. The number 4 represents death in many Asian cultures. It’s not uncommon to see 4 and 13 missing from elevators in these cultures.

  • TonyHawk

    Are you serious? This is not news. The GT-I9500 was announced at the beginning of this year. It was the reference device for Tizen, which Samsung abandoned later in the year. Samsung will NOT be focusing on Tizen, but mostly Android and Windows phone.

    Where do you get your information, the toilet store?

    • swift11

      Samsung has abandoned Tizen ? Are you serious ?

    • Can’t tell if trolling or a f**king idiot. Samsung will probably be the first company to bring out Tizen based mobile phone… and it will most likely happen in the first quarter of 2013. The OS they are retiring is Bada OS.

  • williammatar

    I love Android phones in all aspects

  • Jim Russells

    This article is not true, the author clearly doesn’t do his research. I know now to avoid Android Authority in the future.

  • Zenstrive

    Gimme Exynos 5 Quadcore based 5″ phone !

  • Rony

    I have the S NOTE 2 and I would prefer this one instead of galaxy series.

    • James Johnson

      Um…the Note II is part of the Galaxy series…

  • Dude, Naw

    Okay, I have a GSIII and I really like it (I’ve been on Android for several generations now). I’m NOT a fan of iPhones, least of all the Apple eco-system lock-in.

    However, I can’t help but notice how the device pictured above takes MULTIPLE design cues from the iPhone 4+ (flat edges, more squared, different material panels on the back). Samsung can make awesome devices, I know they can create more original, aesthetically pleasing designs. It’s almost like they WANT to be seen as a copy-cat.

    • James Johnson

      That phone above is NOT Samsung’s concept, it is one that has been floating around the internet for awhile now…

  • Romy

    4 unlucky number. Why is it S4????????

  • HellG

    Tizen as far as my information goes is a fork of android, That violates the rules of OHA, will google let it pass and act blind or will actually kick Samsung out o_O
    I’m pretty sure the next flagship will never be tizen and that will start on cheapo devices to see if people like it or not, but the idea still the same, what would google do?

    • swift11

      Tizen is not a fork of Android, that’s for sure.

      • HellG

        Why not ? (not trolling just really interested)
        Both will run android apps
        Both are using java as primary language
        Both using the same Java emulator to run these apps
        looks pretty android-ish to me

        • swift11

          No java crap on Tizen, thank God !

          • HellG

            Thanks for that i didnt know it, but why Java is crap where HTML5 can be no where as strong as it? I saw Firefox OS through that firefox addon they had it felt like a cartoonish Symbian o_O

          • swift11

            Tizen is going to be a mix of native and web apps but 80-90% of native apps will die, long term. Every manufacturer will have its own (native) UI ;)

        • Andrew

          Because Tizen is just the name Intel gave to LiMo which could be considered a fork of Nokia’s Maemo/MeeGo which is also a Linux distribution.
          Tizen is a true Linux distribution with the well known RPM package manager and the less known light weight Enlightenment desktop which is well suited for reducing resource usage.
          Tizen uses HTML5 and I think they made some JS bindings for the native UI toolkit and they support WebGL by default which is promoted by Google but only supported on the Firefox, Opera mobile and some Sony Xperia phones (not tablets).
          The Tizen OS does support Android Java/Dalvik apps but this is for compatibility purposes and other OSes do.
          I think Samsung’s plans are to run both Android and Tizen on the same phone because they all use the same kernel, I think Ubuntu does this already and that’s how they can have free Android compatibility and even run both OSes simultaneously.
          Tizen is probably the best mobile OS yet and if Samsung, Intel and whatever company decides to join the project will not make greedy choices we will all benefit from this great platfom.

          • HellG

            Good info thanks, but what does Tizen have over android?

  • Matt

    If you look, K is the last letter of the build number. Android always has the first letter of the code name version as the last letter of the build number. K=key lime pie. So we know it will run the latest android. No surprise

  • Sike

    I love the idea but I would stay with my Note 2.i rather wait 2 yrs at least before making any changes on my cell phone..Samsung you are the best. Oc

  • md ayub

    I have htc one x plus its better then note 2

    • its better coz you couldnt afford a Note 2

    • Kaa Pee

      HTC one x plus is just a minor improvement to one x since their used to be htc flagship has been annihilated by S3 or Note 2 in terms of processing power or graphic card. Not too mention their limited internal memory which is so laughable.

    • Bruce Banner

      You’re right. The One X+ IS the best smartphone on the market. It’s strange though that no one seems to know that. I guess HTC needs a better marketing campaign. It’s also funny how people compare smartphones based on thes software they came with. I mean if you don’t like your launcher, download a different one. Same goes for the browser, email client, keyboard, etc..

      • tearsofapathy

        Why shouldn’t people compare software? It’s every bit as important as the hardware – it radically changes your phone experience.

    • chris

      LOL how do you figure your one X+ is better? I highly doubt that.

  • sk

    I started with S2, upgraded to S3 when that came out and will definitely upgrade to S5 when that comes out

  • Yes, the S4!!!

  • mattpyles

    Looks like the iPhone 5, it better end up looking different than that

    • frank

      Its just a concept render , chief, meaning it aint real. Wake up!

      • Norm Mosley

        I prefer the look and feel of my S2 over the S3 so I’m hoping the S4 IS like the render.

  • kgp

    So I call bs on this post. That service order says adjusted AF, a standard protocol for all camera manufacturers to do when a camera body comes in. Otherwise everything else was only checked, and the second attachment has no indication who it is from or why it is there. Somebody must have printed it from home and scanned it in to stir up some ruckus.

    • kgp

      Sorry. Browser switched and I thought I was posting in a completely unrelated post. Stupid iphone

  • Amit Damania

    yes i would like samsung S4 if it comes with the android OS.
    Otherwise i would like to skip it…
    and would wait for samsung S5..

    • tomn1ce

      What other OS would Samsung have on the SGS4…The SGS series is the Samsung Android powered devices….

  • Kaa Pee

    Do not think will upgrade .. so far sgs3 has been all that I need. I do not need to push the device to all the maximum usage like all the benchmark does so probably a slight modification or upgrade of specs will not have any practical effect to me. Maybe after 3-4 years when I actually feels that S3 is out of date and not comfortable to use anymore. I will stick with Samsung I guess, I am using HTC Desire and LG Optimus 4X HD as well and seems pretty unsatisfied with their software development.

  • Ross

    I will help my parents with their phone upgrades next year. The best phone on the market right now would be the Samsung Galaxy S Series. I have had very few issues with my Galaxy S Phones. I have had the Original S and currently own the SII. No HTC and the other companies, at least in my experience have not learned that both hardware and software matter in equal measure. If you get one wrong, the whole device is a piece of junk.

  • Puleen Patel

    No I will not buy Samsung handset, even though my current roster includes: Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S (donated), Galaxy Captivate, Google I/O Samsung Galaxy Tab. and Samsung HD TV 46 & 40″. I find that the Motorola build quality is (and hopefully remain) more superior to Samsung when it comes to mobile devices.

  • benny89

    The problem with the S3 is there is at least around 5 different models of that phone mainly difference is the chipset. Quadcomms a9-cortex cpu/gpu comes in quad core (i9500, internationals models) or only a dual cpu… ie ;the sgh i747 from AT&T or Bell

  • Hung Le

    Samsung need some software like face time in their phone. That will bring some more customer to them. It is good idea if I can forward peoples phones number to my phone,
    without using my finger to copy any number.
    Hate to go to looking in the app.
    Samsung need to make a front light so all the girl can See their face include front camera like they all way look in a mirror. That will be great.
    This idea just for Samsung only ok.

  • hussien almalikey

    I have the galaxy note 2 and I don’t plan to change it for that device

  • Skem

    No more Samsung devices from now on because they did not keep their promise on providing full source codes for Exynos SoC and Mali GPU,


  • aj


  • ARo

    my phone will not have a large screen than the S3. even the S3 is already slightly too large for one handed operation on the move. if i need big screen, i use my 10.1.

  • Ruben Ali Fuenmayor

    I have a hard time buying an Android handset that is not a Nexus device. At the same time I am interested/curious about what the Tizen team is building.

  • Aswin Adirono

    I’ll get the next Nexus one. Not sure about the Nexus 4 so…

  • RarestName

    Tizen? Why not Bada?

    • Filip Justin

      Why not Zoidberg?

    • ijks

      Samsung abandoned Bada. But Tizen shares many simliarities with Bada.

      • swift11

        which similarities ?

  • Why are you posting iPhone picture calling it SGS4? You guys smell Apple!

  • smartphone

    Dear mohdamr1,
    I havesamsung s3 too.but lately many issues is being sited and reported
    On many sites which is the suicide of the phone.tje main board is suddenly
    Being died.hopefully mine and urs dont have this issue.but i had to say it

  • Salim Uddin

    If you already have s3 then it would be ideal to skip s4. The specs for s4 are not going to be dramatic in comparison to s3. I love the s4 design!

    • Where did you see the S4 design?! You work at Samsung?

    • Filip Justin

      I actually think that the S4 will be dramaticly changed compared to the S3.. Quad/Octa core A15 cpu with 1080p display and 12 mp camera.. that is a revolution..

  • Mitchel Errol Suarez

    Can i post my Galaxy S4 mock-ups here?

    • I Like the S4-2.

      I Like the stereo speekers in the front, but I think it would cause feedback problems in speakerphone calls.

      But I think that the SIV project will be something like this S4 in the middle. Keeps the identity and the acessories of the S3. But I think they will come with something new in the building material or texturing or only new colors. Something to distinguish the new model at the distance.

  • l have the Note II and love it.

    • Larry

      Same here… note II will be my first device to carry me through an entire two year contract, something I’ve yet to accomplish. I can’t think of anything tempting enough to lure me away from my note II.

  • Danny

    I’m sure that the specs of the galaxy s4 are going to be Excellent but hope that the Galaxy s4 will have a better design than the s3 cuz the s3’s design is awful! Who Agrees?

  • Rorro

    Just bought my S3 couple months back, and the S4 is around the corner. Seriously Samsung wtf…. i ain’t rich

    • ijKs

      Haha. Yeah, but just because the S4 comes out doesn’t mean S3 suddenly gets weaker or breaks down. Samsung just has to refresh every 12-18 months or their top brand line “Galaxy” will become obsolete against their competition.

    • Larry

      Samsung will introduce something better to the market every 4 to 6 months. Think about it, the S3 back in quarter 2 of 2012, the note II in quarter 4 or 2012 and now the S4 in quarter 1 or 2 of 2013. Although it’s only speculation right now, the S4 is expected to house and 1080p display, quad-core 2.0GHz processor and possible a 13MP rear camera. Again those are rumors, but it’s a safe bet that it will house a faster CPU processor and higher resolution display than any other Samsung device currently on the market.

  • drewmac

    I agree with mohdamr1 I will wait for s5 or s6 I too have the s3 and I love thr phone..

  • Haider Mehdi

    I am in problem bcz i live in KARACHI .

  • rami

    I got the hTC One X+ a month ago and I love it! I chose it over a Samsung Galaxy phone because of the beats audio (yes I know theres not much difference in that but its nice), the polycarbonate finish, and hTC’s awesome screen. Bu the device heats up ALOT when you play games or listen to music for like ten minutes so I guess I’ll be going with a NoteIII or S4 in around the end of 2013. But TIZEN won’t be the OS for either I’m sure.

    • Jeremy Osborne

      Lol you can get beats audio on most any android

  • Got the wife (tech challenged) a Galaxy 3 and she’s already an expert at Android. Writing this on my Nexus 7 which I love more than my laptop. A Nexus 10 is my future purchase.

  • IPhone look a like. Lawsuit waiting to happen

  • Michael Sulzen

    soooooooooo… who’s seen the hobbit?

    sorry, i just love random questions!

  • gello924

    Well i was just thinking it was right in line with the uneven “numbering scheme”… the S2 was i9100; the S3 is i9300, I figure i9500 only makes sense for the S4

  • jeff

    Hopefully the next galaxy can zoom, I have a g3 and the camera sucks

  • Nickan Fayyazi

    Once you go Nexus, you never go back.

  • 路人


  • 19batman13

    Why dose it have two cameras.