Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini reportedly appears on official Samsung website

by: Brad WardMarch 23, 2013

Galaxy-S4-miniYesterday, photos were posted to Twitter revealing the Galaxy S4 Mini. However, another image was posted to Twitter today reportedly revealing four Galaxy S4 Mini model listings on the Samsung support website.


Italian publication Android Caotic (source below) reports that the GT-I9190 is the standard Galaxy S4 Mini model while the GT-I9192 is the dual-SIM version. The GT-I9195 is reportedly the LTE variant and the GT-I9198 seems to be a model being made for China.

This, of course, has not been confirmed by Samsung, so it’d be best to treat it as a rumor for now. On the other hand, it would be highly possible that four Galaxy S4 Mini models exist considering Samsung often makes multiple models for different markets.

According to SamMobile, the Galaxy S4 Mini is expected to have a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED qHD 960 × 540 display with a pixel density of 256ppi. It is also said to have a 1.6GHz dual-core processor and is running the latest version of Android, 4.2.2.

  • kascollet

    Maybe it’s a Snapdragon 400 ?

  • Iram Ali

    What rubbish! Rip off! Samsung trying to have customers eyes out with this underpowered rubbish! Better off buying Sony Xperia SP

    • DroidnTech

      Underpowered how? My current device runs dual-core 1.2 GHz and runs everything I throw at it just fine. And the Xperia SP is only running at 1.7 GHz compared to the 1.6 GHz of this S4 mini, so that’s a dramatic uptick? Rubbish.

      • Iram Ali

        Rubbish that’s right! Not even a 720p screen. Will cost £300+ and claiming be an S4 mini yet it is nothing like S4. Samsung implying this is S4 but smaller! Why would you buy this plastic rubbish?

        • freedomspopular

          It’ll probably have like a 1500 mAH battery or so, just due to it being smaller. That size of a battery with S4 specs would get TERRIBLE battery life.

          • Iram Ali

            That’s the reason why Samsung devices getting bigger!

          • vampyren

            Not true really, most people I know want big screen plus the difference between s3 and s4 is minimal, Samsung mostly decreased the bezel so you get more screen with the same overall size. Even the weight has gone down compared to s3. Really a great job from Samsung I think.

          • Iram Ali

            We’re talking about the rubbish S4 mini!

          • vampyren

            not sure its rubbish specially when you/we dont have all the facts. Also not everyone buys/needs the latest and greatest right? for half the price of S4 this could be a nice phone for non gadget freaks, i myself only buy the latest and greatest but i definitely see a group of people wanting cheaper phones and Samsung is still Samsung (name has a appeal really).

        • Gerard R

          Peasant boy talks again, meh, don’t feed him attention. Clearly not worth it, inferiority complex, lol!

          • Iram Ali

            Your stupidity knows no bounds! Lol! Boy? Peasant? I’m female! Samsung can’t make a handset as good as an iPhone 5 in a 4″ form factor!

    • Gerard R

      Nope, Samsung equals choice and clear vision. Sony equals the true rip off and has been striving to remain relevant whilst being outmaneuvered by Samsung at every turn. That lastability of a Samsung phone in comparison to the relevant Sony models, do you see Sony updating their Xperia Arc to 4.2.2 like Samsung is doing for their S2, How about the Xperia S, see that getting Key Lime pie, didn’t think so.

      • Iram Ali

        What about the other 50 handsets that Samsung won’t update to the latest Android version?Will the S2 see Android 5.0? Xperia S will get 4.2.2 at some point! Get back to me when Sammy have updated all their 2012 handsets to latest Android version! Don’t think so!
        Sony equals quality design and build quality! Unique style bit copycat features!

        • Gerard R

          50 handsets that still outsell Sony’s choice of devices, right now I haven’t seen anyone using xperias from the previous years and that includes the latest Xperias. I see more S2’s than Xperia Z’s ffs, for your info those ’50’ handsets you mentioned are getting an update to 4.2.2 and they’ll probably get it before the overhyped Xperia Z which is still stuck on 4.1.2. Honestly, do you have some sort of inferiority complex coming on to troll a Samsung article, the fact is that Samsung own Sony in the mobile department and the reason they haven’t caught on is because the general consensus is that Sony are pretty naff. Doesn’t matter what they throw in, they haven’t thought long and hard about their past devices. The S2 isn’t getting key lime pie BUT IT HAS had 2 years of support, unlike the Arc, let me ask you, is the Arc getting ICS or daresay Key lime Pie. I don’t really see the logic in your argument, as far as i’m aware nearly all of Samsung’s handsets are pretty much running on 2012 software. Look Imran, I own every handset from Nokia/Apple/sony/HTC and Samsung, every OS so your argument toward me is irrelevant. Unlike some, I can actually have as many handsets as I choose with multiple contracts so I don’t have to suffer single handset syndrome and don’t have a fanboy bias. Hate it or love it, I will still be getting Son’t latest but I don’t troll on sony’s articles about failing software, doing so is pretty much insecure with nothing better to do in your spare time.

          • Gerard R

            Oh and by the way, the xpperia s getting 4.2.2., you mean through custom ROMs and modding. That’s not the official version, plus you’re talking about a 2012 device. The S2, a device from 2011 IS GETTING 4.2.2, a device announced all the way back since MWC 2011 is getting the latest update to android and is the OFFICIAL Jellybean update without messing around with ROMS. The Arc….pfft…..that’s the device you need to make a comparison to the S2, not the 2012 Xperia S in which Sony will fail to support it up tp 5.0, the S3, the model the xperia s is fighting against…yep, version 5.0 on the way and one final update lasting till 2014 making the S3’s resale value not only higher, but a relevant shelf life that will outlast the Xperia s by a factor of 2 years. Sony = release 4-5 different flagships, Samsung = 2 Flagships for every 5-6 months, the S and Note series. The rest for the developing market or those on a very tight budget/first time phone buyers. A model for everyone, come back to me when Sony figures out the market for the real world (a market it has recently decided to abandon) and not just for well off geeks or those that can afford an expensive phone only to get shafted by Sony when they release another flagship to stay competitive, thereby rendering the previous flagship pretty much useless.

          • Iram Ali

            Are you just dumb or blind? My name is Iram! No Samsung haven’t updated their entire line of 2012 handsets. Don’t talk rubbish! Sony only just getting started.your life must be sad when you feel the need that you can afford multiple handsets!

      • carlisimo

        By “choice” you mean “big and great” or “small and lame”.

        The only way to get a 4″ phone with modern hardware is to get an iPhone, and that’s not the way it should be.

        • Gerard R

          Like did you seriously tell an IMac/Macbook Pro/IPhone/Ipad mini/Ipad 4th Generation owner that? To top it off, I get what I want, when I want regardless of brand without fanboy bias and I don’t need you telling me what i should and shouldn’t get.

  • DAngelo8

    I would pick one up with LTE in a heart beat.

  • anticrapple

    perfect just what i was looking for.

  • 60Kg000

    No new styles…..

  • art

    why only a dual core???
    its the best if its quad core :D

  • kshatriyan

    Terrific piece of hardware on mediocre software. Waiting for Samsung galaxy with fluid windows phone !

  • Quad core Chinese smartphones are better and cheaper. Look for S7589 and N9589 for exemple. Quad Core, 5.7″ HD screen, 1GB RAM…