Galaxy S3 Mini front

It was only yesterday that we heard the Galaxy S4 family of products actually contains up to three distinct products, the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S4 mini and what seems to be a Samsung smartwatch.

According to that report, the first two devices appear to be confirmed and now we have a new story from the same Source detailing launch plans for the Galaxy S4 mini.

The Galaxy S4 is already said to hit certain markets starting with early April, and the Galaxy S4 mini is said to follow its (bigger?) brother a month later, in May. Sam Mobile on Thursday reported that Galaxy S4 mini accessories “need to be done by week 21,” which happens to be the May 20-26 week, but we have no way to confirm it at this time.

Will the Galaxy S4 mini be launched by mid-May? If these reports are accurate, then this seems to be the case. Moreover, it would make some sense for Samsung to release a Galaxy S4 mini smartphone this year, following on the footsteps on the Galaxy S3 mini.

With that in mind, if all this Project J talk turns out to be true, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Galaxy S4 mini be unveiled at Samsung’s next Mobile Unpacked event, which will take place in mid March according to the latest rumors.

Unfortunately we don’t have more details – specs, features or pricing – for the Galaxy S4 mini at this time, but we’ll be back with more news as soon as we have them.

  • Bene

    Why this mini????? the big is enough…

    • kascollet

      It makes perfect sense to offer two sizes, especially if the S4 grows to 5″ screen. Not everyone wants a phablet.

      • Vivghkl


    • Kassim

      Bene, the REAL question is this: will Samsung do it justice?!

      For all our hopes and dreams of a smaller form factor S4, they could do the same thing as they did with the S3 Mini and just bring it to market as a smaller S3 only in name – not in spec or capability.

      Perish the thought…

  • Peppin