Galaxy S4 in limited supply ‘due to overwhelming global demand,’ Samsung says

by: Mike StengerApril 24, 2013

Galaxy S4

The highly anticipated Galaxy S4 will be available in limited supply at launch, according to an official statement released by Samsung:

Due to overwhelming global demand of Galaxy S4, the initial supply may be limited. We expect to fulfill inventory to meet demands in the coming weeks.

Earlier today, T-Mobile announced online orders are delayed until April 29, while Sprint had to cancel its launch date of April 27 due to “unexpected inventory challenges.” Moreover, Galaxy S4 pre-orders have exceeded expectations, with carriers such as Sprint completely selling out its pre-order stock ahead of the official release.

For Verizon customers looking to get their hands on the Galaxy S4, pre-orders begin April 25, but the handset won’t be launched until May 30. Like with the launch of the Galaxy S3, Samsung has maintained a multiple carrier approach. More of its devices on more carriers, means increased revenue. However, launching such a buzzed-about device on many top carriers around the same time, can clearly have a downside.

Getting a headstart on the Galaxy S4, the HTC One is already available in the U.S. from multiple carriers and retailers, including the unlocked and Developer versions. While this delay could be potentially good news for HTC, Samsung is expecting to ship 10 million Galaxy S4 units in the first month after its international release.

In comparison, HTC is said to have shipped 300,000 One units in March, will ship 1.2 million this month, and two million in May.

  • RaptorOO7

    This was expected wasn’t it. I mean the GS3 had 9 million pre-orders, the GS4 is expected to sell at least 10 million in the first month. Its being launched in 50 countries at once, and who knows how many carriers in total.

    I hope this doesn’t push the GS4 32GB back into June or later, that would really piss me off.

    • On a Clear Day

      But just look at the opportunity it will give you to cultivate mastery of patience!

      Actually Raptor007 they night be doing you a favor in that whatever bugs do manifest in the initial release probably by that time will be exterminated.

      I want the 32 GB version too – anticipation is half the fun they say – of course “they” are usually full of it.

  • xoj_21

    well my worst fears were actually, finding a s4 wil be pain, specially the exynos version

    • Toss3

      I was thinking about getting the Exynos version as well, but I doubt it’ll be worth the effort.

  • dandroid13

    Why you guys always compare Samsung with HTCrap, when the number one OEM after Samsung is Sony? You’re all fanboys.

    • comatose1978


  • I don’t deny that the S4 is going to sell well but I question how true the “overwhelming global demand” statement is. It sounds to me like it’s marketing spin.

    Last I heard, Samsung had a hard time ramping up their supply chains due to limited production capabilities of their chips. As such, they can’t supply all their wireless carriers… and instead of blaming the limited supply of components, they spin it as “too much demand”.

    If it was truly too much demand, I’d expect the carriers like Sprint and Verizon to actually launch their S4 now as planned and just have “back orders” like every previous launches before that.

    Any good business would want to secure the customer’s commitment (and money) upfront instead of delaying the actual launch.

    • Mike Reid

      Yes, standard plan and spin.

      Tell people something is in short supply and they want it more. Toilet paper shortage ? Twinkies discontinued ? Buy a truck full of each.

      And HTC wants people scrambling to get the better microphone HTC One’s, despite HTC likely having a metric ship-load already in hand.

      • APai

        there might be some truth in it. cutting edge technology will have some supply constraints, simply because no one wants to gamble by spending too much on ramping up production. samsung could spend a bomb on creating new lines – but it would cost them too much and reduce their already thin profits. so they chose to ride the “demand” wave, plenty of PR, they hold the key to market. apple did the same for a long time now.

  • htc=crapple

    htcrap will be out of business come next year. it will a looooong time before anyone can catch up to Samsung.

    • thisguy

      thats what they said about apple.. just sayin

      • biAS

        samsung is not apple so…

        • David Brymer

          i know samsung wish they where apple

    • David Brymer

      u need sum help pal, has ur wife cheated on u using a htc phone sending and receiving photos, how on earth can htc go out business hahaha, they are not losing money there profits are falling, ps i hope ur happy with ur plastic, shit looking, samsung phone. which all the chavs will have lol.

  • Jared Persinger

    I already have my phone for this year which is the HTC one

  • biAS

    bill gates just visited samsung in korea, and the word from the korean media is that they are cooking up something good, does anyone have any ideas or herd anything ?

    • APai

      yeah, the fantastic windows laptop :P

  • helix

    Whybwas att skipped? Because I got mine 2 days ago. Yes I’m typing this on my S4 in minnesota.

  • Dave Weinstein

    But which version of the S4? I wouldn’t want the cost reduced Snapdragon version or even the slower Octa-core version.

    The only version of the S4 that’s at all interesting is the Korean 1.8Ghz Octa-core LTE variant.

    • ya but i heard that the octa core is going to have heating issues at 1.8 ghz. i am going with the snapdragon, its quad-core 1.9 ghz is fine, not much difference between the two, it really comes down to memory clock speeds.

  • williamworlde

    Samsung taking a page out of Apple’s marketing book creating hyped demand and supply? Way to go Samsung for a lackluster product alike the iP5!

    Now I suggest you go out there and buy this device en masse because you must have an x.1 upgrade! Hmmm…..