times square samsung galaxy s4 launch billboard (2)

We’re just a few hours away from the moment the Samsung Galaxy S4 is introduced to the world. Android Authority will be live at the New York Samsung Unpacked 2013 launch event.

Just in case today it’s your first day on the Internet in the last three months or so, Samsung will unveil tonight the Galaxy S4, at an Unpacked event that promises to be grandiose. How grandiose? Well, Samsung booked the huge Radio City Music Hall in New York, a venue that usually hosts party conventions, movie premieres, and Grammy awards.

Just so you can’t miss it, Samsung plastered Galaxy S4 ads all over Times Square (prompting some cheeky photobombing from LG) and has done its best to drum up the excitement.

Android Authority will be attending the Samsung Unpacked 2013 Galaxy S4 launch event through Kris Wouk and Joshua Vergara. The guys will be bringing you the news as it happens, hands-on photos and video with the star of the night, and our traditional Versus posts pitching the Galaxy S4 against the hottest devices of the moment.

You’ll be able to watch the event livestream right here, and Josh and Kris will keep you updated on the pulse of the event on our live blog.

The event starts at:

  • 7PM EDT
  • 4PM PDT
  • 11PM GMT
  • 12AM CET
  • 2AM EET
  • 4:30AM IST
  • 8AM KST
  • 10AM AUS

Stay tuned on AA through the day because we’ll be bringing you some of the most comprehensive Galaxy S4 coverage online. Learn everything there is to know about the GS4 here. Did I mention we’re giving one away?

Sound off in the comments. How excited are you over the Galaxy S4?

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • Verrry Verrryyyyy Excited Wating From December When I Heard The First Rumours,!!!!!!
    It Will Be Be Perfect If I GOt One !!!
    Now !!!!
    And Also Good Luck At Show And Keep The Work Up !!!

  • lol 4:30 am its gonna hard…

    • Just take a sleep after you get home from work :D Just like me ;D See you at the live stream!

      • As I am student I have planned to study till the launch begins.. Now the only question is when to start :D..

        • I’m a student too :D But right now i’m on the job learning. :) guess i will take a lil’ sleep and play some videogames ;D

  • hassan

    very very excited i want to have one GS4 love it <3

  • mvikred

    4.30 AM IST … no way I’ll be up at that hour. Will have to pass the live event.

  • Gaurav Chawla

    It would be the greatest from samsung and i surely do need an updgrade from samsung’s original galaxy note. So looking forward to it. Thanks for the live stream buddy.

  • Benedict Chong

    So many people waiting for the Crap Plastic Toy from Samsung! Ha Ha!

    • Balraj

      it’s plastic and yes it’s a toy but not some crap toy
      it’s an adult toy :O
      not for kids like you !

      • Nnaemeka Emenari

        Adult toy would denote something else…entirely. It’s a cool sophisticated nerd thing. People are different and have different preferences.

    • The glass is the first part to break on any smartphone. Get over yourself and this plastic BS. Why do we need metal on a phone? They have been plastic for decades.

  • I wish I was the secret messenger instead of Jeremy! This S4 will surely sell the targeted 100 million, super excited!

  • Guy De Vos

    They should put a countdown timer here

    • Karim Allen

      the countdown timer would be cool

  • Balraj

    it’s already 5:45 pm at India March 14th
    alarm set to 4:20 am March 15th
    I hope the previous leaked device is a s3 plus :D
    all the best to Sammy

  • M.Beg

    I prefer you to be in Africa, making a difference…..

  • Lara

    Be prepared to be disappointed, overhyped like s3. S3 owner, s4 will seller like 60-65 million, maybe 70 million of its lucky. Truth

    • S3 owner here. Best smartphone I have ever owned. Not sure what hype you speak of that it didn’t live up to…

  • Devaughn Miller

    Will be tuned in at 7

  • brady

    i dont understand time zones. i’m in illinois. what time does it start lol

    • I believe all of Illinois is in central time. If so, 6pm for you.

  • Emeka

    I want one. it’s shiny and pretty.