Galaxy S4 launch happening by early April, New Zealand contest seems to reveal

by: Chris SmithJanuary 31, 2013


Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors continue to abound and this time around we’re looking at a leak that seems to indirectly confirm that the Galaxy S4 will be available to customers in early April.

An internal contest at a mobile retailer in New Zealand reveals that the handset could be launched by April 8, with the handset being one of the prizes offered to all winners.

The contest happens to end on April 8, so it only seems logical to see the Galaxy S4 in stores by that time, in order for it to be awarded to winners. However, the leaked documents do not specify when the prizes will be given.

Furthermore, the docs do say that all winners will go to an event in Auckland in late May, so who’s to say that they’ll get the Galaxy S4 units before that particular event? Naturally, we expect the Galaxy S4 to hit various stores by late-May.


Will the handset hit carriers in early April? That seems possible, especially considering that competitors like Sony and HTC will already have their flagship devices in stores by that time.

Existing rumors suggest that the handset is going to be unveiled at a special U.S.-based Mobile Unpacked event that will take place in March, with the device expected to be released in the following month. So an early April release date is not out of the question, at least for some markets, although today’s leak can’t really confirm that.

  • Bone

    Fits into the line of rumors.

  • Jobo

    Auckland not Aukland

  • Didn’t the roadmap revealed at ces say q1?

  • Zeals

    Just putting it out there, but those papers could be EASILY faked.

  • Dallas

    poor bitch trying to make a rumor…a reality

  • mali

    0/12/24 month term are valid?.. no matter how u flip it there is no 0 month other day

    • mali

      Or **

      • hmmm

        it means 0 month or 12 month or 24 month contract…

  • jayayejay

    Wait.. Where does it confirm anything… I can run a contest that ends next week and say the winner will get a galaxy s5… Does that mean it’s coming out at that time? This is far from any sort of confirmation. I wouldn’t even call this a rumor…

    • jayayejay

      And on top of that.. The trip isn’t until late may.. So the logic that it has to be released so the winners can receive it fails logic as well…

  • FrillArtist

    Forged papers. I can easily make up a contest in my mind and print it on simple A4 paper like you’ve done. If it’s early April, most likely on April FOOL’S day.

  • Filip Justin

    Might be forged, but this increases my anxiety. I can’t wait to buy this beauty..

  • SGS6 S owner (GT-i9666)

    Blooging this and rumored pictures are just a lame and stupid way to try to catch attention, subscribers, likes and +’s….didn’t read the article, short glance at the picture and I already shook my head. The comments are more intresting and almost every body is true with theire thoughts.

    Last year the S3 was “rumored” and “specs’ted” to arrive in April, bet all of ya Samsung is gonna present it like last year keeping it secret till the actuall presentation! Quite waisting your times on Youtube etc watching & reading lame post like this till the actuall FACTS & DEVICE will actually appear! quit beeing childish

  • Netizen

    Apparently the successor to the Galaxy S3 will very likely not be called Galaxy S4.
    Just spoke to a Samsung employee. Within Samsung, those in the know are probably laughing at what some of the rumours are with regards to the final looks and specifications are for the S3 successor.

    The number 4 in many countries in Asia where there are Chinese sounds like the Chinese word for death. Just like the number 13 is considered an unlucky number by many people in Western societies.

    Anyway we will soon find out.

    • bob


  • AA

    I think it’s just a typo

  • Joe

    Actually this will be legit, The logo on the right is a 2Degrees logo, a popular mobile carrier in NZ