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The Samsung Galaxy S4 was not a surprise in any way, due to a series of leaks originating in China, which have pretty much revealed every aspect of the new flagship. What was surprising however tonight was the launch event that Samsung staged, which was frankly, awkward, in an almost painful way.

The recording of the Samsung Unpacked 2013 is now available online, for your viewing pleasure. Check it out.

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Bogdan Petrovan
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  • artiplier

    Tonight’s event was definitely painful to watch. A canned laughter track would have been helpful with the many awkward silences following the host’s attempts at humour.

  • Yeah, it was disappointing… It was awkward, it wasn’t at all too informative on hardware and it was just plain terrible in execution. They still can’t even tell which markets are getting Octa and which not. I live in europe and would like to have the S600 version. But let’s see some more tests, hopefully soon :)

  • I missed the live event…and I couldn’t be happier to be able to FF this to the “important” parts. To paraphrase the Comic Book Guy from the SImpsons…
    Sad that such a supposedly amazing device got such a cornball launch…oh well, hope to have some more info on this device soon, I’m up for an AT&T upgrade late this spring/early summer, so hopefully the LTE version will be out by then. Fingers crossed!! ^_^