Samsung Galaxy S5 5 kids mode

Users of the popular Galaxy S4 in Germany woke up to a pleasant surprise this morning, as Samsung made available an update that brings over two features from the new Galaxy S5.

The update for the unlocked version of the Galaxy S5 (GT-I9505) weighs in at 130MB and bears the XXUGNE5 number. In the changelog, Samsung mentions performance and stability improvements, better power management, the new Kids Mode, and an update to version 2.0 of the Knox security suite.

Kids Mode, introduced on the Galaxy S5 in February, gives the phone a colorful kid-friendly interface, limits access to applications, internet, and settings, and offers a variety of parental controls, such as daily usage limits and monitoring tools. As any parent of small children can testify, this is a very welcome feature, and there was no reason for Samsung to keep it exclusive to the Galaxy S5.

The updated Knox 2.0 comes with a few extra bells and whistles that will probably only interest IT managers with a BYOD program. Knox Key Storage, for instance, generates and stores encryption keys inside a secure TrustZone environment, while real-time monitoring keeps tabs on processes that attempt to edit kernel data and system partitions. There’s also a dual APN feature, useful for managing business and personal data connections.

The update is currently available via Kies and as an OTA, with more countries in Europe and abroad likely to follow in the coming weeks.

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • Jayfeather787

    Like it already wasn’t bad enough. Thanks Samsung.

    • AnonGuy

      All you idiots do is complain. As if they made you buy the phone. Their reputation wasn’t any different back them. Stop complaining just cause you feel you made a bad choice, and spamming websites with useless banter.

      • Random Guy

        Give me 3 reasons, why you upset/care/wanna-explode about Jayfeather787’s comment?

      • Jayfeather787

        Fuck you idiot!!

        • L

          OMG you know that samsung has a reputation for horrible UI, but you still buy there product. if you are still buy samsung devices, just shut up and live with it, or buy something yet.

    • joseph carmine nero

      exactly.i already have a lot of problems with first knox

      • Bilal Mahmood

        Knox is the worst thing to happen to Samsung devices flashing a custom kernel or rom can sometimes trigger it and void warranty

  • William E Evans

    My little one (he’s 5) Loves kids mode. I always have him asking “Dad may I please play your phone on kids’ mode?” It is great when we are out someplace that is not kid compatable and he ends up sitting there staring at the walls while the adults talk about blah blah blah stuff.

    • jpd514

      All kids love the “kids mode” my little daughter is 3 and she loves kids mode of the Galaxy Tab 4. An other great idea from Samsung

  • asd

    They should update the S3/4/Note2/3 to the new touchwiz update while also making it faster and smoother, similar to how HTC has the various Senses, but I expect them to do that sometime after the note 4 has been announced…

  • tanivula

    Biggest fix with this update is GLONASS is working again. w00t