Galaxy S4 Italy: launch set for first half of May, pricing revealed for Exynos 5 Octa version

by: Chris SmithMarch 17, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 3 aa 600

The Galaxy S4 will be available in 155 countries from 327 carriers starting with late April and now we have more details regarding the Italian Galaxy S4 launch.

Local Android blog has received a tip revealing such details from a trusted source that has some ties with Samsung Italia. The Galaxy S4 will be launched in Italy in the first two weeks of May, although an actual launch date is not available yet. The phone will cost €699 (European warranty) or €599 (Italy warranty).

This is the full price for the 16GB Galaxy S4 version, and according to the screenshot below, we’re looking at the Exynos 5 Octa model.

Like in several other markets, we expect plenty of local carriers to stock the handset in the coming months, although we have no details on subsidized Galaxy S4 offers or carrier release dates at this time.


Are you buying the Galaxy S4, Italian Android fans?

Thanks, Andrea!

  • way too pricey. not paying over 400€ for a new smartphone ever again

    • mazdajdavis

      Just remember, I’m ALL about lower prices as we’ll but Google jaded the public a little. GOOGLE can afford to make little to no profit from a phone & I thank them for doing so. & if you want to wait & buy the next phone Google puts out if they do it again that’s your right. But that is what flagship phones cost, not the price Google put on theirs. Other companys can’t compete with that & stay in business. Just keep that in mind. Google has $500 Billion in the bank & multiple streams of revenue. Phone manufacturers do not. I’m not on the side of the manufacturers at all & they should keep their mark-ups reasonable. But it can’t be expected that all phones be priced like Googles. & Google may not always put out phones, yes there will be nexus phones but we can’t always expect them to be priced that low. As a consumer you need to educate yourself on the true cost of these things & what companys like Google are doing when they put out phones at those prices. That just isn’t a realistic businesses model unless your Google.

      • Filip Justin

        This comment deserves a like.. so here.. take it! +1

      • MasterMuffin

        & in Finland sgs3 was priced at 650 :(

    • Mahesh

      and that ain’t a new smartphone its jus a refresh, they should have named it Galaxy S3s

  • Toss3

    “The phone will cost €699 (European warranty) or €599 (Italy warranty).”

    Think no one will go for the latter… :D Didn’t know they charged you extra for warranty?

    • extra €100 for letting manufacture take risk probably. I want to know what actually European warranty & Italy warranty is.

      • miu

        italy gives 2 years of warranty to whatever you buy.Europe gives one…

        • Jason Bailey

          Europe gives the 2 year warranty.

          Really though it shouldn’t be able to sell a probuct in the EC that doen’t have a 2 year warrantee so I don’t quite understand why they are advertising this as such.

          Apple have gotten into trouble in the past with with their apple care product.

          Usually when things are advertised as having the 2 year warranty you can only do so if the warranty covers things over and above offered by the 2 year European warantty

  • Bone

    It’s a funny question, but how will it be ready for first half of May if manufacturing of the Octa starts in Q2?

    • MasterMuffin

      Because May is in Q2?

      • Bone

        No SIV Sherlock! It takes weeks from manufacturing to shipping to China to Foxconn assembling to shipping overseas to get past customs to carrier testing to launch. My question was how will it be ready if manufacturing of the Octa core is not even half ready, and launch is a few weeks away?

        They didn’t even bring prototypes to Unpacked it’s that far behind…

        • MasterMuffin

          “no SIV Sherlock” :DD
          don’t know, miracle of love? :)

  • M.Beg

    More plastic for the Italians

    • MasterMuffin

      Why must you troll EVERY article about sgs4. If you love your HTC/Sony/whatever (iTroll?), enjoy it, don’t come here. And really, what’s so wrong about plastic? NOTHING.

      • no rply

        i agree with you

    • miu

      more plastic for all,man!

  • Paolo

    too expensive !! I won’t buy it !!!

    Milan, Italy

  • Dorin Procopciuc

    No, I will wait to see the Motorola X Phone!

  • Pete

    €699 for an underwhelming product that looks like a GS3? No thanks!

  • Okay so, the OCTA version will have LTE right? Tried for the last 3 days to find the answer and this screenshot in the article kinda confirm it. I’m confused. Great job Samsung for being such a moron about CPU specs this year.

    • Toodles

      The only reason the Octa core cpu wasn’t publicised at the event was coz it was held in the US and they don’t get the Octacore version due to the extra CDMA radio placed in their handsets. Us in the UK/EU get LTE enabled international version.

      • And what version you guys will get ? The Snapdragon one ?