Galaxy S4 and HTC One with the Nexus Experience begin selling tomorrow – which one are you getting?

by: Brad WardJune 25, 2013

galaxy s4
The Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are two of the biggest releases of the year, though, the crowd wasn’t very interested in them due to the bloated software, sluggishness, and etc. However, just recently it was announced that the two devices would be launching with the Nexus Experience (stock Android) to be sold alongside Google’s own products on the Play Store.

So, when are the two handsets launching? Tomorrow, and on one of our favorite corner’s of the Internet, too — the Play Store. The Galaxy S4 and the HTC One with the Nexus Experience will cost interested buyers $649 and $599, respectively.

This raises a question, though. Which of the two devices do you plan on getting, if any at all? Vote in our poll and let us know in the comments!

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  • Alex Ohannes

    I’ll go with the S4. Without all of Samsung’s bloatware, it really will be the fastest phone.

  • MariaxXT

    i’m getting the king of all phones the HTC One. no thanks to the s4

    • Richard Sequeira

      Yeah from a company that has become irrelevant and down to 4% marketshare.

      • MariaxXT

        for me its not about marketshare. its about Quality phone that alot of hard work been put into it. samsung didn’t put any work into the s4 everything is still the same just upgrades i hate lazy companies. HTC worked hard you can tell just look how the phone has 0% lag they fixed all issues HTC had in the past.

        • Richard Sequeira

          I was an HTC customer. The major reason why I ditched for Samsung was because of the lack of SD Card support and a remove battery. I got frustrated when my husbsnd’s HTC One S’ battery died. HTC took over a month to fix the problem. The HTC Thunderbolt was a fiasco, the handsets antenna was worse than the iPhone 4. HTC’s tablets were a failure too. HTC has become a lot like Apple, a very closed architecture for their phones.

          • MariaxXT

            well some people want sd card and remover battery then samsung is for you. for me its not needed. well any company you said something to fix it will take more than month to get your item back. for me htc fixed all the problem in there past phones that i didn’t like about them.

          • bozs13

            I can’t understand what you’re saying Maria.

          • Jillxz

            She said it well. I understand her completely.

          • RaptorOO7

            I would like an SD Card and removable battery, two things HTC was able to do for the HTC One in China but they said it had to do with the available space constraints.

            To HTC I say fine, make the phone slightly bigger say 5″ screen and find a way to fit the microSD in there.

          • NarutoNamikaze1010

            The removable SD is in the HTC One 802w variant.

          • On a Clear Day

            But they do have that wonderful metal case.

            People who are foolish enough to buy HTC’s sealed phones without SD cards are setting themselves up for exactly the type of unnecessary frustration you have just described.

            There are more than enough problems that beset us during the course of our days here on earth – the smart man and woman use their God given ability to analyze a situation and choose the courses of actions that have the least likelihood of causing them problems. Only a fool could not see nor admit that buying a phone where that if the battery goes bad and/or runs down and can’t be replaced and thereby becomes a glorified brick is stupid.

            And only a company that wants to continue to – justifiably continue to loose market share – would continue to build such “problems waiting to happen” rather than devote their time and effort to solving problems for us before we ever run into them.

            I will be getting a S4 as soon as the ones come through that have the advanced LTE chip in them are available and I will not be getting a straight stock Android one.

            But, if that makes your day – go for it.

          • Jillxz

            That is bullsh*t

          • Claudia Romero

            You had me until the last statement.

          • Jillxz

            An sd card slot is not important to a lot of people. I am more concerned with the onboard storage I am getting . Like make sure I get a phone that has 32 or 64 gb. Dang an sd card slot I don’t need one

        • Jaun Lombard

          You will be glad to know that Samsung isn’t lazy…AMOLED screens are the most expensive mobile screen…the Corning® Gorilla® Glass that the S4 use is their third generation where the One only use the second generation, plus all those sensors, sd card slot and powerful processors makes for a well developed phone! Plus they added all that tech in in smaller body…HTC might use aluminum…but Samsung can fit more into less…now to me that is better development and expertise than to make an Aluminum body! So no Samsung wasn’t lazy….HTC just had to catch up…All Galaxy S phones was great…but not all HTC phones…so HTC was lazy and had to catch up…Samsung never sat on their asses to begin with!


            What the hell are you talking about? You sound like your tripping or something.
            If you want to take a look at how HTC is able to cram a lot of stuff in a small place – take the Butterfly S, that is an absolute wonderful example.
            For the service part – replacement and fixing takes about the same amount of time for every phone maker. Difference is, that I never had to service my HTC phones, while samsung had a few trips and Sony was leading the pack with about 3 sends of one phone.
            Processors are all the same, RAM is almost the same.

            FOR YOUR INFORMATION JAUN, Compare the S3 and S4 and name any significant improvements/overhauls? There are only a couple, but not a lot of innovation.
            Jeez , you guys sound like your jealous. The ONE won every single tech award, what is there to hate about? It is a magnificent phone and kudos to HTC for that.

            Any of you like sammy? Pick a sammy and that’s that. To me it is wonderful that there is such intense competition and looks like Samsung will put a lot more effort in to the S5 judging from the relative failure of it and current rumors.

          • Jaun Lombard

            FOR YOUR INFORMATION SHEEPSEVERYWHERE, Compare the HTC One X to the HTC One and name any significant improvements/overhauls? Only the looks changed…everything else is just an upgrade like the S4. And no the HTC didn’t win every award only certain categories!

            There is nothing to hate about the HTC, I just don’t understand why the HTC fan boys hate the S4, it is still a good phone! I was just showing that people should stop being bias and completely write off Samsung! Last year everybody was voting for them to be the best now half of the android community want HTC to replace them?

          • Adama Simmons

            Hes really got a point I’ve had like 3 HTC phones and loved them all to death. The Incredible was my first when I jumped the iPhone ship, then the Thunderbolt and Rezound. All those phones were awesome but were kind of second rate when I bought my Galaxy S3. It really did redefine what a phone should be. Now that I got my S4…I love Samsung just that much more. Sure would I like a slightly better build quality but not at the expense of better displays, expandable storage, removable battery, or cost. I root every android phone I get and all my friends, I’ll tell you something from that point of view….non removable battery phones are a huge headache if you get caught in a boot loop or you soft brick your phone. If you keep all your content in the cloud I guess SD card support is not for you but I still don’t trust having all my content floating around out especially now that we know the Govt has been put their nose where it doesn’t belong. Who knows what else their looking at? HTC really is following Apples path when all they focus on is build quality not developments, i mean what is really new one the HTC one besides stuff that could be a software update?

      • Claudia Romero

        How does that matter?

      • Rayan

        @richardsequeira:disqus , To be honest , the company doesn’t really matter!
        A phone is a phone!

      • Jillxz

        A terrific company. Don’t underestimate it. Look at Crapple as an example

  • Jack

    i hate lag. i hate the almond displays so no to samsung. HTC One got my money.

    • bozs13

      LOL Almond

    • John Mortimer

      The lag will not be on this phone, the gs4ge will be faster

  • Cal Rankin

    The S4 has the great features of a removable battery and a microSD card slot. However, the HTC One Google Edition has the wonderful design, plus LTE. However, for half the price, I could settle for the Nexus 4

    • Richard Sequeira

      The S4 has LTE

      • Cal Rankin

        so does the one. And neither AT&T nor T-Mobile have LTE where I live, so the Nexus 4 does the job well for half the price. A different material composition and a slight resolution difference makes the Nexus a sweet deal

        • Richard Sequeira

          Oh don’t get me wrong, I recommended the Nexus 4 to my sister and she loves it.

  • DrCarpy

    I’m in the camp of waiting and seeing. I really like the HTC 1, but I would be interested to see if HTC will allow for utilizing Blink Feed as well as their camera software. Without some of the HTC branded software, there may be a drop of in performance that critically affects the end product.

  • nicedudex26

    getting the HTC one for me and my wife. wait why is there any other phones out there? i don’t see them cause they all short to the HTC ONE. HTC ONE out shine all phones from performance to quality.

    • tmonews

      Dude. Ultrapixels suck, just like your hair cut.

      • nicedudex26

        your ugly face sucks. f off. your mom hair looks like a man

      • MariaxXT

        go enjoy your laggy touch-wiz and 99 cent samsung s4 calculator. good news now you can get it at any dollar store.

        • Rockwell mellow


    • Rockwell mellow

      Quality yes performance not really

  • If I could buy one of them, I grab the Samsung Galaxy S4 hands down. I just don’t care for the HTC One. Its just not my cup of tea.

    • On a Clear Day

      There must be a lot of people reading this ThinkingBrian who love their HTC Ones. I’ve never seen so many negative votes for simply expressing your personal opinion – as well as the God’s honest truth about all the various and sundry shortcomings of the HTC One as I did above!

      It is a fundamental characteristic of human nature unfortunately that most people have little ability to respect those whose belief systems differ from their own. Doesn’t make them right though.

      • Yeah I have to agree. The thing is, personally I prefer Smartphones with a SD card slot and a removable battery if possible. I own a GNex, but would prefer a G2, G3 or G4. But even more, I just don’t care for the HTC One…there are better and less expensive Smartphones on the market. That said, if you like an HTC One, buy it, if not (like me) don’t. I would own one if I won one.

        • One more thing, if I really wanted the best bang for my dollar Smartphone, I would simply wait until November and see if Google releases the next Nexus device (Nexus 5), who makes it and what those specs are. It might not have the best camera or an SD Card slot, but a price tag of around $350 for a high-end Android Smartphone is a damn good deal. That’s $250 to $300 difference as the HTC One sells for $600 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 sells for $650.

  • SXT

    getting the HTC ONE all the way. no other phone like it

    • Gil

      “G2” by LG all the way. all the time……….. for this year!!!!!

    • Adam Eldin

      Well the Xperia Z is pretty damned nice as well, do you have any idea what it is like to play temple run in the shower? That being said they are both fuck ing awesome

  • AndroidShiz

    Going for the HTC Neo. 16 GB does me little good when the SD card is only for videos, music, pics, and only for apps that MAY allow App 2SD. 32gb with probably 27 available will be just right for me.

  • Patrick Cameron

    Neither ! Not until you get with android 4.0 and have onscreen navigation buttons instead of this old school capacitive bullshit! I’m waiting for the Sony xperia z. They have a proper navigation system!

  • TMach

    I would opt for the HTC One GE in a heart beat if it was available in UK! Shame on you Google….grrrrrrrrr!

  • Frank C

    I need screen real-estate, I’ll wait for the Note 3 thank you very much!

    • Anonymousfella

      Go for the Xperia Z ultra or Galaxy mega 6.3 if screen size matters the most! For most people,5in is big enough…

  • techgeek87

    I used S3 earlier. I am using HTC One now. Of course not Google Edition. The HTC One charging is killing me, it is taking 3.5 hours to fully charge. When I use my HTC one as navigator, it discharges faster than the car charging (S3 used to be fast) .The lock button is on top and hard to access. The notification light is not multi color like S4. I do not like cases, so HTC is scratch prone. So I am picking GS4 since I can use it heavily without case. Yes HTC One is beautiful but whats the deal when it is prone to scratches and when edges are easily chipping off.

    • On a Clear Day

      Glory hallelujah! Someone who has had experience with the HTC One and who clearly states, in an excellent, grammatically correct style no less,his case with panache most pointed and cogently clear his experience,observations and recommendations. So that we may avoid the trials, travails and tribulations he has suffered for us and thereby follow his wise, well chosen corrective course of action that will lead him – and us – out of the valley of dead batteries, chipped cases and unfulfilled expectations! LOL

    • MariaxXT

      go enjoy your laggy touch-wiz and 99 cent samsung s4 calculator. good news now you can get it at any dollar store….

      • Rockwell mellow

        Show me one place that sells the gs4 for 99c… Nope I didn’t think so looks like you’re making shit up because you have no real argument against it.

      • techgeek87

        I do not like Touchwiz or Sense. I use nova launcher. It is pretty fast.

  • Grman Rodriguez

    idk i like custom skins of Android, some give it more value

  • RaptorOO7

    I won’t be getting either one because I already purchased an HTC One Developer Edition 64GB last week. IF, Google had offered this in 64GB I would have waited a week and purchased the HTC One from them.

    So now I have to wait for the GE Source code to be pushed out, made into a ROM we can put on our Dev Editions. Seriously WTF HTC, why not offer this straight up to those with the Dev Edition.

  • The HTC one keep boomsound and that makes it VERY worthy

    • OMGgary

      Well of course it keep boomsound. Giving away one of its popular features would be silly.

  • Aren

    I already have the HTC One, but not the GE. I had decided to get it simply because it wasn’t made by Samsung – oh and because it is also a damn good phone.

    I will go for what I want, not simply because it’s what everyone else is buying. Quite often the underdog has a far superior product that just isn’t as well marketed or as popular to the masses.

    My old phone is a Sammy, I guess I had to try one, and my partner has an S3 – and she can’t get a replacement battery for it, don’t know why.

    Very happy with my One, a brilliant deal, and I’m even starting to like blinkfeed.

  • jmckinl

    Would love a native Android 32GB GS4 if it were available on Verizon…

  • Ronald

    I’m getting the HTC One because like the full metal body and I want to hear boomsound.

    • technology

      It is aluminum which is a low grade type of metal… It’s even cheaper than polycarbonate.

      • MariaxXT

        go enjoy your laggy touch-wiz and 99 cent samsung s4 calculator. good news now you can get it at any dollar store..

        • A Name

          You’re an idiot.

  • Christos

    I am from Europe but later next month my brother is coming to the States for some businesses. I have some questions:
    1. What does he have to do to buy one of the 2?
    2. Will the phone be working in Europe?

    Regarding the poll, i think i will go with gs4 because i really hate the buttons on the htc one.
    Ofcourse the optimal would be for both to have the soft buttons.

  • eli-future

    I wanna get the GS4

    • Jaun Lombard

      Yes plz…in Arctic Blue!!

      • eli-future

        but, first i have to sell my T-Mobile galaxy note 2

        • Jaun Lombard

          Haha someone gave us a thumbs down…apparently we are not allowed to say we like the S4 better than the HTC!

        • scb1898

          A couple of weeks ago, I sold my T-Mobile Note 2 in under an hour on Craigslist just to get ready for this phone.

          • eli-future

            Im thinking the google editions phones will be work on H2o, simple mobile, T-Mobile, at&t and go phone of at&t?

          • scb1898

            Dy default they will work on tmobile and at&t. If those other networks use these networks, it should work.

  • Jaun Lombard

    haha I have read a lot of comments on articles…where HTC fan boys and Samsung fan boys clash. To sum it up…most HTC boys say they will buy the HTC because Samsung’s S4 is a crap and not enough thought went into making the phone and HTC is superior in every way and Samsung boys say the S4 got sd slot and removable battery! Both those arguments are irrelevant! Ultrapixels are nice, but the S4’s camera is still just as good…some android blogs actually prefer the S4’s camera! The S4 is more powerful than the HTC, but the HTC does everything the S4 can! Now HTC fan boys say but power isn’t everything and the HTC is powerful enough…well if the HTC had more power than the S4 you would have used that argument against the S4. It cost a lot to make an aluminum body and nice speakers…good on you HTC…it costs a lot to use the AMOLED, Corning® Gorilla® Glass (3rd generation) and all those sensors in the S4 cant be cheap!

    I actually think it is nice HTC made such a good phone…Ultrapixels and good design will make it stand out…the S4 doesn’t have the looks..well the artice blue S4 is dammm good looking…but nobody can fault the S4 for not being at the top of its game…no phone on the market got as much hardware in as the S4…

    Keep opinions unbias. rather say this: The S4 camera is very good, but I want the HTC for its low light abilities. Or the touch-less interface of the S4 is awesome, but I will use the speakers of the HTC more! Saying Samsung was Lazy is harsh! Samsung was never lazy…HTC just got off their butts!

  • Neither, sticking with my current S4, to which I might install Google stock rom.

    In meantime fixed its only flaw (Samsung bloatware) by replacing it with CyanogenMod 10.1 nightly :)







    Enjoy your phones and quit this childish argue with arguments that are not sufficient!!


    • OMGgary

      Ermahgerd! I am like totally unbiased, but here’s the (htc) one I would like buy if I wasn’t so unbiased. You silly peoples, with your biases and your spending moneys!

  • Luka Mlinar

    It’s not a pure nexus experience is it? Samsung has the back button on the wrong side so it basically tries to give you carpal tunnel syndrome when you use it with one hand and the stupid HTC doesn’t even have a menu button.

  • Angel Reyes

    LG “G2” more Unique and stylish POWERFUL Smartphone!

  • Claudia Romero

    “The Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are two of the biggest releases of the year, though, the crowd wasn’t very interested in them due to the bloated software, sluggishness”; speak for yourself. BTW: I hope Google launches 4.3 alongside these phones.

  • The Calm Critic

    Neither. Since ZU just got kirfed by its own lack of LED flash and pitiful than Huawei Ascend Mate’s batt, I’m gonna have to wait for either a Note III or Butterfly S GE. That is… IF that’s even remotely possible :$

  • scb1898

    What time does it go on sale???? I need it now!

  • Lord Popo

    I’ve been singing the Canadian Anthem my whole life! Why Canada no bring good phones? I want that HTC Nexus NOW MOTHER FUCKERS!

  • Jillxz

    HTC One with Sense and Samsung Galaxy S 4 with Touch Wiz are selling quite well. Most people don’t care for the so-called Nexus experience. Quite inferior

  • Jillxz

    If I could get the LG G2 Pro I would , but unfortunately Verizon don’t carry it. I am stuck on Verizon for my area.

  • E. Tasche

    The title on this is very wrong. It is in no way ‘The Nexus Experience’.