Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Active, HTC One, other smartphones 50% off at AT&T

by: Chris SmithJune 22, 2013

Galaxy S4

AT&T has kicked off a smartphone promotion that lets users purchase a new device for half the price.

However, in order to take advantage of the promo, you’ll have to ink a new two-year contract with the carrier, and select a device that’s priced between $0.99 and $199.99 until June 30 when the deal is over.

We will point out that the activation fee will also be waived through the end of June, giving you additional savings.

There are plenty of Android smartphones you could consider including the recently announced Galaxy S4 Active, the Galaxy S4 or the HTC One to name just a few. Smartphones running other operating systems are also included in the offer, if you’re not necessarily looking for an Android-powered device.

The discount is applied automatically in your online shopping cart, so you don’t have to do anything yourself.

Galaxy S4 Active

Galaxy S4 Active order with one-year contract | Image Credit: Android Police

More interestingly, is that you may be able to ink a new one-year deal with your chosen smartphone, and pay for it just above the regular two-year contract price, as Android Police points out. Whether that’s just a mistake or not it’s not clear, but you can check it out for yourself when ordering a new smartphone from AT&T.

What are you going to buy?

  • MasterMuffin

    Are carrier bills so overpriced in USA that they can afforf that o.O

  • Patrick Lyle

    Any word on if The Active is coming to Canada?

  • Victor V.

    did the mean 1 year contract? i’m confused.

  • jaime m

    Went to the att website right away, indeed I found the deal. However when checking out I got a message that my features are not compatible to the device (I’m an old customer with unlimited data plan, and not willing to loose that :). Also I was still getting charge for the renewal fee. Where did you see this deal, so that I can call att and get it the way my plan is and without paying fees?

  • vchamp2k

    Just made 3 separate month to month orders for note2, s4 and htc one. I am able to grab 50% off all of them. Selected overnight as shipment method. Let us see if these orders are honored.

  • Guest

    American operators are thieves, here in the UK we get most of the latest phones for free, with a two year contract

  • Jác Lindley

    Tried it with no contract – total was $297.50!