Galaxy S4 to feature floating touch, highly efficient AMOLED display

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 8, 2013

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With less than a week to launch, rumors say the Galaxy S4 will feature a highly efficient green PHOLED display and floating touch technology, similar to that on the Xperia Sola.

Another day, another Galaxy S4 leak. The Samsung gossip purveyors at Sam Mobile have just served us a steaming hot bowl of rumors about the display of the upcoming flagship device.

First off, you know those rumors about there being two different versions of the Galaxy S4, one equipped with a Snapdragon 600 chip and one with an Exynos 5 Octa? Well, today’s leak partially confirms them.

Sam Mobile’s source says that Samsung is developing two Galaxy S4 prototypes. One is fitted with an LCD display and a Qualcomm chip, while the other maintains the traditional Exynos-AMOLED combination. It’s not clear at this point whether Samsung will abandon one of the prototypes or it plans to sell the Galaxy S4 in two versions.

Floating touch

Now for the juicy part. According to the purported leak, users will be able to control the Galaxy S4 without actually touching it. Before you cry “Witchcraft!”, the technology is nothing new. In fact, Sony implemented it a while ago in the low-profile Xperia Sola.

Floating touch lets you interact with a touchscreen by hovering your fingers a few centimeters above it. The screen incorporates sensors that detect the electrical field that flows around your fingers, and accurately determine their position. Samsung already offers something similar in Air View, which makes use of the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 2. With Air View, you can interact with icons or folders, by hovering the tip of the stylus over them, much like you would do with a mouse on a PC.

Sam Mobile’s report isn’t very clear here, though. It could be that Samsung will use a different type of tech to detect the movements of your hand. The Galaxy S4 is said to come with many eye-movement detection features, such as Eye Scroll, that employ the front camera of the phone. So it’s possible that Samsung will use the front camera to detect your hand gestures. I guess we’ll just have to wait for March 14.

Here’s a video of magic touch in action on the Sony Xperia Sola:

Green PHOLED display

A bit of background: you can have two types of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) in an AMOLED display, fluorescent and phosphorescent. The difference between them is that fluorescent materials last much longer but are harder to produce and less energy efficient. So far, Samsung has used a combination of the two types in its AMOLED displays: the green and blue OLEDs were fluorescent, while the red OLEDs were phosphorescent.

For the Galaxy S4, Samsung will use phosphorescent materials for the red and green OLEDs, and fluorescent materials for the blue ones. This should ensure that the display is up to 30% more efficient than a similar LCD panel.

The use of green PHOLEDs (phosphorescent OLEDs) will not have a major impact in terms of the quality of the display, however, the power consumption should be reduced. Which is always good news.

  • Bone

    Oh March 14 can’t come early enough. Well April 22 can’t come early enough. Love the floating touch idea, could be revolutionary.

    • You can’t call it revolutionary when it’s already in Sony, but would be a great feature. Bye dirty screens :)

      • Bone

        You’ll still have to touch it Laci. :)

        • Yeah, you’re right….you still need tap functions :)

    • trsrev

      Not revolutionary, but evolutionary at least. Remember, Sony created a phone with that feature already. Even the article states that.

      • Bone

        Yes but Sony only showed off with the technology, Samsung wants to utilize it’s potential (see AirView), and if done right, it’ll soon reach other Samsung devices then Samsungy devices from LG, then the rest will join. Revolution.

        • Typical samsheep claiming ideas other companies implemented first but Samsung then use its suddenly revolutionary! Lol!
          Where did S Voice and Multiview come from? Wasn’t Samsung!

          • Vivghkl

            The problem jack is that when sony does it, only the fanboys go mad, face it buck, they’re a shell of their former selves. The Xperia Play and others are really just the same phone in a different body, same ole 1.5ghz SP P40/Snapdragon yada yada.

    • Samsheep Alert!

      • Vivghkl

        Jealous peasant trollboy again.

      • Elle

        I wouldn’t normally feed a troll but since your insufferable need for attention hints at a badly malnourished ego, I’ll give you the time of day. I suggest you find forums that don’t mention Samsung. With all the energy you put into “fanboi-ing” over everything that isn’t Samsung, you might give yourself a condition called “no life”. Turn your anger at Samsung into your love for HTC and comment with praise on their forums. Recent years would see them needing a hell of a lot more support than Samsung, that’s for sure.

  • xoj_21

    OMG finally is using this kind OF OLED, they last much longer and they are more efficient, now they just need to find a way to make blue last long and use RGB on HD and the display is gotta be perfect

    • MasterMuffin

      No, it’s not going to last longer because phosphorescent materials last “less longer”

    • joser116

      Blue is going to last long, not the others.

      • Current blue phosphorescent materials don’t last enough for commercial use.

        • joser116

          Uhhh Samsung used blue phosphorescent for all Galaxy S phones, but now they will switch to fluorescent blue for the S4 which lasts longer, just like I said.

    • alves

      when I read Green PHOLED, first thing cross my mind is it can do photosynthesis, which means display can show color & charge the phone at the same time (lol).

      my bad :P

      • CyBrix_21

        Wow… It is an innovation if it is produced… a display that will charge the battery when it produce green color…

  • tomislav

    All I can say it’s going to be long night in front of us, and the guys from Europe :)
    Presentation will last def an hour or more because of so much to say, present and I can’t waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit :)

  • Sea ttletech

    All the sudden i’m hungry for some PHO

  • Rob C

    Here is something to think about while you wait.

    Which largest Company in the World is making an anouncement in one of the most populated Countries in the World about the fastest Cell Phone in the World; also guess which day that announcement is being made …