Galaxy S4 to feature sound from Wolfson, now ‘primary audio partner’ for Galaxy family

by: Chris SmithApril 18, 2013

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The Galaxy S4 will come with Wolfson sound on board, as the company announced it has become the “primary audio partner for Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets,” including Samsung’s latest flagship handset.

This isn’t Wolfson’s first contact with the South Korean giant, as the company provided sound technology to some of Samsung’s 2012 mobile devices including the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 smartphones, but also the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.

The Wolfson-Samsung deal is a “multi-year IP License and Component Supply Agreement,” but not many other details are provided in the press release. While Wolfson wasn’t as prominently featured by smartphone makers – like HTC did with the Beats Audio technology – potential Galaxy S4 buyers will certainly be happy to hear the company has plenty of experience with providing sound products for mobile devices, but not only.

Wolfson’s clients list includes, in addition to Samsung, companies like Apple, Microsoft, Sony, LG or Logitech. The company has provided audio tech for various products including iPod and iPhone versions, Zune and Xbox 360 or PSP, to name just a few.

The Galaxy S4 will be out in customers’ hands in just over a week from now (at least in some markets), at which point we’ll be able to better asses his performance, sound included.

When it comes to audio performance, one of the obvious comparisons people will make will naturally be between the HTC One (also a great sound performerBoomSound dual stereo speakers and Beats technology) and the Galaxy S4, considering the two devices are the hottest Android handsets of the moment, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Show Press Release

Multi-Year IP License and Component Supply Agreement with Samsung establishes Wolfson as a primary audio partner for GALAXY range of smartphones and tablets
Thursday, April 11, 2013
Wolfson Microelectronics plc, a global leader in the design and development of mixed-signal semiconductor audio solutions for the consumer electronics market, and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, have today agreed a multi-year IP License and a Component Supply Agreement which establishes Wolfson as a primary Samsung audio partner. As a result of this agreement, Wolfson expects to be a major audio component supplier for Samsung’s GALAXY range of smartphones and tablets including the GALAXY S4 in 2013.

This announcement builds on Wolfson and Samsung’s existing relationship, where Wolfson has provided outstanding audio performance for Samsung devices including its best-selling GALAXY S III, as well as its GALAXY Note II and GALAXY Note 10.1.

Mike Hickey, CEO of Wolfson, said: “This is a significant milestone for Wolfson, and we are delighted to be making this announcement. Having worked closely with Samsung over recent years on their GALAXY range of tablets and smartphones, this agreement is a testament to our strong IP portfolio and our growing partnership, and we very much look forward to working closely together to continue to deliver exceptional audio in Samsung’s smartphones and tablets.”

Notes to Editors
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  • Good article :D

  • As a former owner of both devices; the galaxy S3 and the Note 2, I particularly don’t believe in that expertise they talk about…. The speaker on the Note 2 was loud, clear and had some nice bass to it, but the one in the S3 was crap to my ears.. It sounded very tiny… in top of that, both devices suffered from the same low level signal coming from the 3.5 mm jack.. The sound was unacceptably low… at least the good guys at XDA came up with some custom kernels that fixed the problem by implementing some voodoo sound things and don’t know what else… But after that tuning, the sound was superb! Very rich and loud.. The bass coming out of the jack to whichever device I connected was insane and clear!, So I believe it’s a problem of tuning and not quality of circuitry.. In my opinion Wolfson did a great job in the design but not the tuning! Btw the kernel I used was Siyah Kernel, great for overclocking too!

    • eszol

      Siyah FTW!

    • Well have you listened to the 3.5mm output of Galaxy S, Wave, Wave 2, Nexus S ?

      They all come with the WOLFSON WM8994 Codec Chip and sound amazing and probably not many phones nowdays match such audio quality through good dynamic range earphones.

      Wolfson chips are highly regarded and you probably want to create a non-existing debate bcoz the Yamaha chip on Galaxy S2 was the worst performance for a high end phone of that time.

      Check the results on; they fare very poor compared to Wolfson.

  • melody

    I always believe in Wolfson sound chipset, it’s well proven on classic ipod. too bad apple change most sound chip with cirrus logic.

    Some wolfson chip in tegra2 phone also sounds pretty good to me. Even the low end one.

    I really hope wolfson chip in sgs4 deliver to its name.

    Oh and please don’t compare wolfson chip with beats audio.
    Beat is just software enhancement. I always turn it OFF on my htc phone. Even playerpro equalizer does better job than beats audio.