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Yesterday, we learned that Samsung managed to sell 20 million Galaxy S4 units in about 60 days, proving wrong the analysts that were worried about slumping interest in the new flagship.

The Galaxy S4 is an amazing device, but that alone is not enough to capture the interest of millions of customers. Samsung also needs to offer good support services to ensure that customers stay satisfied after they purchase the device. How many times were you annoyed by a hapless sales representative or a grumpy customer service worker?

To ensure that its customer-facing staff knows the ins and outs of the crucial Galaxy S4, Samsung prepared a guide that covers 140 of the most frequently asked questions about the device. The folks at Sam Mobile have got their hands on the internal guide and kindly made it available for download.

We’ve embedded the document below, or you can go to Sam Mobile to download it as a PDF.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Customer Consultant Guide FAQ

Note that this guide is meant for internal use by Samsung personnel, so it may be a bit hard to navigate. With that said, the document is rather comprehensive, and it may help if you have unanswered questions about your Samsung Galaxy S4.

Bogdan Petrovan
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  • Keith Beswick

    how can we get our Samsung galaxy S4 to stop anticipating key strokes???

  • pinklike

    hi, this is my first post ever.
    i have a galaxy S4 GT-19500. few days back a software update appeared, i didnt asked for it, it automatically appeared and after i installed it. the network signal diasappered.
    since then
    when I insert sim card it still says Insert sim card
    android version has changed to 4.3 (it was 4.2.2 before)
    IMEI is null/null or says unknown (but sometimes once a day it shows the imei for few minutes)
    baseband version is Unknown
    IMEI SV is unknown
    bluetooth address is unavailable
    battery has started draining early.

    I have tried factory reset several times, inserted different sims,

    I live in Pakistan and my brother bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 from UAE for me, so If it needs a warantty claim then I will have to send it back to dubai which is hard for me to do.