Galaxy S3 sold 50 million units, demand for Galaxy S4 deemed “explosive”

by: Bogdan PetrovanApril 26, 2013
SAmsung Galaxy S4 launch korea

Credit: Korea Herald The Samsung Galaxy S4 launched today in South Korea

Samsung has high hopes for the Galaxy S4, launching into its first markets today. The Galaxy S4 is projected to sell in 100 million units, a target that is deemed “highly achievable.”

It’s a big day for Samsung. The Galaxy S4 started selling today in the first market, Samsung’s native South Korea, with great expectations and glowing reviews.

Over the following days, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will launch in countries from around the world, although at least one major market, the US, has seen the device delayed. The official reason for the delay is “overwhelming demand”, with Samsung officials being keen to boast that customers are going nuts over the latest Galaxy device.

At the Korean launch event today, Samsung executives and analysts interviewed by the Korea Times stated that the largest smartphone maker in the world would have little trouble meeting its lofty goal of selling 100 million Galaxy S4 units. Moreover, Samsung said it has been receiving “explosive orders” for the Galaxy S4 and that the sales target is “highly achievable”, thanks mainly to the “competitive pricing” that Samsung is able to leverage, without sacrificing hardware specifications. This last statement is a bit unclear, considering the premium price tag that the Galaxy S4 bears.

Another interesting piece of news that emerged today is the fact that the Galaxy S3 has sold 50 million units since it became available in May 2012. The last time we’ve received a sales tally on the Galaxy S3 was in January, when Samsung announced the reach of the 40 million milestone. In other words, the company moved 10 million Galaxy S3s in about three months, a very respectable figure for a phone that was launched in mid-2012.

Will Samsung manage to smash its own record with its current flagship? All signs point to a clear affirmative answer. The only potential problem that could, temporarily, derail the runaway success that the Galaxy S4 shapes out to be is a big manufacturing problem, similar to what HTC experienced with its One.

But Samsung is the biggest smartphone maker in the world for a reason. If anyone can orchestrate a huge manufacturing operation flawlessly, it’s Samsung.

  • i doubt it ?

    • I would think the same considering they didn’t bring much or at all to the table with the S4 but then again i look at sales of Apple. Guess they fought with them for so long that they become them in the end.

      • mirko77

        new screen, new camera, new CPU, tons of new software features in just 1 year is not much? What are they supposed to do?

        • Cole Raney

          They are supposed to make it morph into a flying car, obviously.

          In all serious, people say stuff like that because Samsung sells so many devices that they want to demonize Samsung.

          • It’s the same looking phone. It’s a bit faster device, it’s a bit higher MP camera. But in the real world, when you use it. It’s the same phone. HTC made a sexy looking phone that takes grate images. Huawei made a phone with the fastest LTE. Nexus has wireless charging. Sony u can use under water. What did Samsung do? You can still use it when you are painting your nails. Am sure you Mirko and you Cole will be happy they brought this new feature.

          • Cole Raney

            Design isn’t important to me, LTE isn’t either thanks to data caps and the fact that I am always on WiFi. Wireless charging is also insignificant to me. The waterproof is a nice feature, but I won’t realistically use it. I won’t use Samsung’s things either. About the only think that seems truly different that is important for a device, are the front facing speakers on the HTC one. All those other things, I really could not care less for. Overall, I would choose Samsung though. They seem to be better than HTC at updating the OS, and the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 have the best hardware. Once the next nexus phone comes out though, I will be buying it. I like being on the latest OS. Plus the price if nexus devices aren’t outrageous out of contract unlike every other high end phone.

          • Agreed there. Nexus is awesome. If you ask me it is still the best considering you don’t lose a ton of GPU/processing power to render a 1080P resolution. No1 ever really mentions it yet this is what every1 should be talking about. I know u just posted that you don’t care what it looks like but you must admit it’s an inconvenience giving all that cash and getting something so plasticy/cheap feeling.

  • Ugo Marceau

    “thanks mainly to the competitive pricing that Samsung is able to leverage”

    In what world is 800€ for a smartphone competitive pricing ?
    The Nexus 4 offers competitive pricing, the Galaxy S4 is nowhere near that. It’s a premium device with a premium price tag.

    • Mike Reid

      There have been now 2 “daily deals” on EBay for GT-I9500 for $700 US.

      I, personally, would not pay over $1000 for a local product when I can get it shipped for $700-800.

      IMO, N4 is an aberration: “bare bones” pricing, only because Google doesn’t need to make hardware profit. And IMO, LG cuts way too many engineering corners.

      I’d compare first with prices for HTC and Sony flagships.

  • Biavela

    There are lost of people buying S3’s now that the price has drop.

    • the2000guy

      I prefer buying the S3 over the S4. Dont find useful all of the new features that the S4 has. I bet is great for those who have an S2 and want to upgrade. But the S3 now is cheaper and will work for what I am going to use it

  • Abdullah Naji

    Great, I can’t wait!

  • asdf

    is it just me or didnt 50 million gs3s get sold by march already?

    • Darktanone

      That’s true, but in the same time over 135 million iPhones were sold. In the last quarter, iPhone 5 and 4S were the top two selling phones on the planet.

      • Nevi_me

        So that means that Samsung can possibly achieve the 100 million mark by this time next year … They’re improving in making their device available in more markets at the same time as the US, Asia and UK. And if Apple can sell 135 bar, there’s still some market share to grab. I know my argument is simplistic.

      • Nevi_me

        So that means that Samsung can possibly achieve the 100 million mark by this time next year … They’re improving in making their device available in more markets at the same time as the US, Asia and UK. And if Apple can sell 135 bar, there’s still some market share to grab. I know my argument is simplistic.

      • in the first quarter of 2013 iphone sold 37 m while samsung smartphones sold nearly 70 m

        • Darktanone

          Took them a year to sell 50 million units of the Galaxy SIII.

          • mirko77

            is it a bad result? They started building smartphones 4 years ago, without having a brainwashing luxury brand on the market like Apple

          • Darktanone

            It’s a good result for them, I guess! The numbers just don’t live up to all that hype. Over promise and under deliver. Sammy has been building phones for more than four years.

        • faiz

          But Samsung make hundreds of smartphones. Apple only sell 3.

  • Hanshen Jordan

    the two korean girls bring me here.