Galaxy S4 CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4 KitKat) alpha version available for download

by: Chris SmithNovember 24, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy S4 aa (33)

After showing you a CyanogenMod 11 alpha version for the Nexus 5 a few days ago, it’s time to look at a similar early KitKat-based custom ROM version for the Galaxy S4 (GT-i9500 model).

However, it’s worth pointing out that unlike with the CM11 build for the Nexus 5, it looks like this alpha test build for the Galaxy S4 comes with quite a few bugs that have to be ironed out. Some of the problems encountered already by users include the inability to record videos, internal and external storage issues and call quality issues to name just a few.

As we have already told you, work on CM11 has already started, but we’re yet to see a stable release for supported devices. If you’re not comfortable installing custom ROMs, you’d be better off not trying out early CM11 builds for the Galaxy S4, or any other device.

That doesn’t mean we encourage you to install CM11 or any other custom ROM on your device – that’s something only you can decide to do. That also means you’ll be the only person responsible for what you put your device through when going through such procedures. For further installation details, check out the Source link below.

  • Gaja

    Why are you making such a big deal about unofficial ROM?? This is not the first device to get an unofficial CM11..

    • anonymous724

      Yeah. My Samsung galaxy tab 2 is running an unofficial one now

      • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

        Totally, lmao

  • Mystery Man

    What ever happened to 4.4 for the s4 Google edition?

    • Mr T

      What ever happened to 4.4 for the Nexus 4 & Nexus 7…

      Yeah, still waiting for the OTA. Can’t be bothered with a manual install.

      • linkedblade

        OTAs are out for those devices. The Nexus 4 update is said to be very buggy. GPE devices can’t be too far off from their updates.

  • mustbepbs

    “but we’re yet to see a stable release for supported devices.”

    CM10.2 hasn’t seen a stable release yet, either. They just barely finished RC1.

  • I9500 with Fresh CM11 is something big!

    I9500 CM11 with working Camera! Compare to i9505 non-working Camera in its CM11 build is something big!

    I9500 with less developers made it to this point is something big!

    I9500 SoC once hated by most developers because tougher to developer, mod because of Samsungs reluctant to release source code! Now receiving this Gift is something big!

    • Damien

      These are all working with cm11 builds, and have been working through unofficial builds.

      • Yes,CM member named Intervigilium is working for this particular device unofficially, almost like he’s personal project. And that sources has been compiled into reality by the community hard working developers.

        • Damien

          I meant that these have been working for a while on i9505 builds. And it was well before i9500. I understand you love your i9500, but there will and is more support for the i9505. i9505 was first to get cm11 build, and has been relatively stable for a few weeks now with all of these bugs fixed already.

          So your statement are incorrect.

          • Yeah I agree, I9505 have unofficial CM11 earlier than I9500, also have many Developers supports, but you need to understand my point is that I9500 had less developers, and only few people working one this, but they are well experienced and can fix something in on shot. Also I9500 tougher platform for AOSPs. I didn’t mean I9505 is bit off, I9505 Have huge community support and many devs willing there. Plenty of ROMS, Kernel, Mods

  • MegaMan

    Is it going to build it for Galaxy S3 LTE (i9305) as well?

    • i9305 fan

      try here: the same user has been uploading the unofficial builds for a week or so. Search for i9305 for more.

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