Galaxy S4 CyanogenMod 10.1 nightlies to be soon available for T-Mobile version (SGH-M919)

by: Chris SmithMay 4, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one s4 in hand aa

The first CyanogenMod 10.1 nightlies for the Galaxy S4 will soon be available to download according to CyanogenMod founder Steve Kondik.

The developer posted on Google+ the announcement a few hours ago, revealing that the first handset version to get CM 10.1 will be T-Mobile’s (the SGH-M919 model) and that “the first nightlies will go off tonight”. Other Galaxy S4 models including the international GT-I9505 (Qualcomm Snapdragon 600-based) version will be supported in the future, as soon as the team will get those devices.

Kondik says that you’ll encounter a “few rough edges,” but they’ll be “ironed out in short order.” Of interest to him seems to be the touchscreen of the Galaxy S4, as it will support “Android’s hover events:”

The touchscreen on this device should support Android’s hover events. I’m looking forward to see what the community can come up with using this new feature!

Kondik posted just a few days ago a screenshot showing the T-Mobile Galaxy S4 already running CM 10.1, after expressing a day before that his concerns with the fact that AT&T’s version comes with a locked bootloader that will prevent Android users from customizing their smartphone experience with help of different ROMs.


Since then, word on the street got out that the AT&T Galaxy S4 bootloader has been unlocked, but the procedure won’t be shared with the public until Verizon launches its own Galaxy S4 version, also believed to come with a locked bootloader.

That said, let’s hear it from you, Galaxy S4 users, will you stick to the default Galaxy S4 ROM or will you go for CM 10.1 as soon as possible?

  • derda

    If I still can use NFC & Co

    • CM10/10.1 support NFC just fine on the S3. I’m sure all that stuff will work pretty early on with the S4.

      • Clóvis

        What version of S4 do you got? The I9500 or the 9505? TY.

        • I have the SGH-M919 as in this article. I also have an SGH-T999 (TMO S3).

  • sounder

    I just want a clean stable ROM.

    • whoknowswhereor

      Its called stock.. seriouly stop ruining a great phone by putting junk roms by hs kids.

      • CyanogenMod isn’t exactly a junk ROM and Steve Kondik ain’t exactly a kid nor are the serious devs behind the scene. And I mean the people who write code, not the people who glue bits and pieces of things together and call it a ROM.

        Honestly I think having a over a dozen Samsung and bunch of T-Mobile stock apps on my phone sucks. The TouchWiz camera kind of sucks too. I prefer the UI in the AOSP 4.2.2 camera as they have in CM10.1.

        And the Settings … What a MESS!

        I think that perhaps to new owners of Androids, this might be fine, but I started off with Android 1.0 and have come to, over time, expect a consistent UI across all my Android devices.

        And read what Steve Kondik wrote about TouchWiz — all he says is true. It’s exactly what I thought of it except he really picked at the nitty gritty details of why it’s bad. The ugly dialogs and other UI elements make it an Android 2.3 throwback.

        • That said, I would really look forward to some TW-only stuff get love from the community at some point.

          Wifi Calling is great, though a very low priority for most (only applicable to US T-Mobile customers and I’m guessing most don’t care about it). I hope that someone at least reverse engineers the IR blaster.

          Anyway, I have an S3 and have never had Wifi Calling on it as I went straight to CM after I got it. I’ve learned to live without it. The trade-off of getting an overall superior system on my phone free of crap is worth it. Hundreds of pieces of crapware installed out the box … If you don’t believe me, look at it in Titanium Backup.

      • Arsenal™

        lol someone doesnt want to root :P

        as i said before, Without Custom ROMS and Rooting where would Android be?

  • mrkie

    I am going for a clean and stable rom also. I love the Omega roms but i don’t think he will come up with an AT&T version.

  • I just got the S4 yesterday for my wife and forgot how terrible TouchWiz is. It’s nice that it has Wifi Calling (we have a dead zone in our apartment) but as far as we’re concerned, that’s really the only thing it has to offer, aside from an ugly GUI and some gimmicky features.

    I agree stable is good — I’m a bit disappointed CM10 never got stable and as stable as CM10.1 got, it’s not too stable on the S3 right now. Should’ve stuck with an earlier build, maybe.

    So, in short, my wife and I are looking forward to flashing CM10.1 nightlies as soon as they become usable enough on her S4. I rooted her phone last night and apparently ROM Manager already offers a CWM Recovery flash option. That was quick! When I checked earlier in the day, the device was not listed. Then later in the evening, there it was! Just as I was about to flash some other guy’s recovery off XDA…

    At least the system on my wife’s S4 isn’t so bad after I went in with Ti Backup and froze half the crap on there. I don’t like Samsung’s apps that try to duplicate/replace Google’s apps. I wish they would be good citizens and just contribute back to the community.

  • xtriker360

    I’m still waiting for a 32gb version from T-Mobile to available :(

    • Yeah, I was sort of disappointed to buy the 16GB vesion when I have the 32GB S3… But 64GB microSD isn’t so expensive anymore so it’s not that bad. I was hoping the S4 would have 64GB built-in — there was supposed to be a special edition S3 with 64GB. I can easily fill up my 32GB internal SD but it’s mostly nightly build downloads and cwm backups (which I’ve now decided is dumb to have on the internal SD as it’s screwed me over before.)

      • xtriker360

        I have a 64gb sd card too, but you can’t install apps there unless you root your device and possible void the warranty.

        • It says POSSIBLY void warranty. My interpretation (and what I can find of this doing some research online) is that if whatever third party software you install is what caused the device to break, then your warranty is void. But if you go that path, technically anything you install from Play Store (Instagram for example) is “third party software” and COULD void your warranty. I’m not worried for a second about these scary-looking “warranty void” messages. Carry on and stop worrying. At least as far as the US, UK, and EU go, you are safe from the tyranny of “Oh, your USB port broke but you installed a custom OS so your warranty is void.” sort of FUD.

          • xtriker360

            Interesting! however I think that they have an special policy regarding rooting your device? See if can find anything on that. :D

          • Voiding of warranty over flashing a ROM doesn’t fly, especially in California I hear. Only if you did something obvious like overvolt your CPU and fry it. It makes sense. If I were Samsung, I wouldn’t want to warranty phones when some kid was irresponsiblew ith it and fried the CPU doing something they shouldn’t. Installing custom software that doesn’t exceed the design parameters, however …

          • I just traded in my rooted S2 yesterday. I set it back to stock using Odin and took it in. No questions whatsoever.

          • Swarit Sharma

            Listen please I am an XDA & Google Developer and take my advise or either do your research or try it yourself, You will never be able to fry your CPU with anything you throw at it. Sure it will overheat and do random reboots but it will never ever fry your CPU no matter what you do. The reason why you don’t have any cooling fans like your your laptop, Mac or pc is cause it cannot overheat to a point where it can fry.

          • Yeah, makes sense. I’m more worried about something happening to a cheap lithium cell once it gets too hot anyway.

            PS: I used to work at Google too, that’s how I got my ADP1.

  • whoknowswhereor

    Stock is always the best. Smoothest, least bug, most features. Cm just turns a great Samsung phone to hust another android.

    • To each their own. I want all my Android devices to have the latest AOSP 4.2.2/CM 10.1 (and whatever comes after that) UI. It’s definitely not “just another Android” — try putting it even up to an S3 with both running CM10.1. One of them is obviously better. And there are advanced Samsung settings in CM for these devices, too.

      • The hard choice now is with all the excellent features that are on the stock phone when you put CM on you lose all of them, so it’s hard to pick what you want. If you go CM then there really isn’t a need to even get the S4. Stick with the S3, or heck, even the S2, as the CM ROM will have all the same functions for all of the phones. I was running CM 10.1 on my S2, but tried the stock JB when T-Mo released it. I’m still on it because of some of the TW features. So far the stock ROM outweighs the CM ROM.

        • Well, we ended up putting the very first CM10 nightly on the S4 last night and my wife loves it much more than TW. It’s nice Samsung provides a slew of features, but gosh it’s so ugly and Android 2.3-like. My wife has been used to CM since the CM 7.x days, she doesn’t want to use a TW ROM. Sure, features are missing, but there are features there that TW doesn’t have as well. Hopefully there will be interest in porting some stuff like the IR blaster software over. Most of Samsung’s gimmicks will go unmissed.

  • whoknowswhereor

    Stock is always the best. Smoothest, least bug, most features. Cm just turns a great Samsung phone to hust another android.

  • I just want to remove all that bloatware and get stock Android for a perfect S4 experience. Thank you Cyanogenmod for all your wonderful efforts!

  • CM is dandy but they really do need to work on the stable releases.

    Not everyone wants to be constantly flashing their phone due to the nightlies. Some of us want to flash once, stick with it, and not flash it again for a good six months down the road.

    And yes this is coming from someone who constantly flashed every different variation of ROM under the sun. I just got burned out by flashing flashing flashing…seeing great things on this ROM, but this or that feature didn’t work or something else was intermittent along with the strangest force closes which would come out of nowhere.

    • Jared

      I am with you on this. My mentality as well, I did find that Synergy rom for my t999 is the most stock like and tweaked just enough with multiwindow with amazing stability. Aosp looks cool, but it just craps out all the time for me atleast.