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We have already seen a variety of Galaxy S4-related rumors today, and it looks like a new report claims that the handset could feature a 3D-ready camera.

Earlier today, we saw a bunch of leaked purported Galaxy S4 images, we saw a new Galaxy S4 teaser that doesn’t reveal too many details, but we also invited you to tell us what you’d like the device to look like.

Now it’s time to turn our attention to some new Samsung patents that cover 3D photography, but also a new Panorama Camera System.

When it comes to the latter, we already heard that the Galaxy S4 will have its own Photo Sphere panorama mode camera alternative, which will be supposedly called Samsung Orb. But existing rumors did not actually mention any 3D support.

Sam Mobile (via Patent Bolt) speculates that the Galaxy S4 could also offer 3D support for pictures and videos, as the number “4” in the Galaxy S4 teaser poster is in 3D (see image above). As always, there’s nothing official to work with yet.

This wouldn’t be the first time we see Android handset makers release 3D-ready smartphones, although such devices have not really been crazy popular with the crowds, so it would certainly interesting to see Samsung come out with such a camera feature in its most important handset of the year.


At the same, the technology covered in the new patents could be used in future Samsung devices, including its own second-generation Android-based camera, but we’ll just have to wait and see what Samsung has in mind.

We’ll follow with all the official Galaxy S4 details in the coming days, so don’t go anywhere.

  • That would be awesome

    Collecting goodies from many devices and putting them in one is what Steve Hope did with the iPhone

    I think Samsung is trying to do the same right now

  • cycad007

    Didn’t HTC already come out with a phone with a 3D camera? The HTC Evo 3D? Sorry…but 3D is still a gimmick/cheap marketing trick to me and most people.

    • Bone

      Stylus was a cheap gimmick until the Note series came with Wacom digitizer and dedicated functionality. Have you learned nothing about Samsung’s ability to pull a rabbit out of the hat?

      • cycad007

        Just like how Samsung’s 3D TVs have single-handedly brought upon hundreds of different 3D channels? Just like how the Nintendo 3DS has revolutionalized 3D mobile gaming? Seriously, 3D is just a gimmick.

        • Bone

          3D WAS a gimmick, today however it’s something you come by at every movie theater and can afford to bring home with significantly more content available. Olympics, some live sports, over 200 movies and network plans to widen the range, why not add 3D photos and videos out of your pocket? And add that you can buy a 3D TV, a 3D monitor and 10 3D movies from the price of a flagship phone, it’s really not a gimmick anymore, but an everyday option maybe a Galaxy SIV away from being a mass trend.

        • krudd

          Even though you haven’t evolved , doesn’t mean technology hasn’t. You don’t know what it will be yet so how about you quit predicting 2011 and observe what’s happening now? I mean get real. 3D died twice in one century, yet it keeps coming back.

          • You’re focusing too much on the fact that it keeps coming back without wondering why…

          • cycad007

            Do you even have a 3D LED TV (I have), a 3D camera (yes, again), or a 3D gaming console (PS3 and 3DS here)?! Have you ever worn 3D glasses for longer than 2 hours?!

            I’ve spent some money and jumped on the 3D bandwagon only to get off again after truly *EXPERIENCING* it. If you want to spend 30% extra making the movie studios rich, then be my guest. My stock portfolio is only going higher relying on “evolved” chumps like yourself.

          • RhodBerth

            Yes, I got a 3D laptop, a 3D phone (Optimus 3D) and a 3D TV (first Samsung, now LG).

            Awesome experiences.
            Of course you need a passive 3D TV, not an active one. The latter sucks and grows you a headache. But passive 3D is a difference of day and light for the 3D experience.

            And 3D cameras give you the option to make 3D pictures/movies of your private life, kids, vacatios, etc. To see that on your 3D TV really adds something to your memory. It largely increases the ‘realness’ of the movie/picture.

      • “Its not cool until Samsung makes it…”
        Your logic.

        • Bone

          It’s a much simpler logic even you could understand. HTC sold 5 million HTC Evo 3Ds. Samsung could sell 100.000.000 SIVs. Guess why the former didn’t make it a trend (help: because it only sold 5 million units).

          Makes sense, doesn’t it? You just have to think.

          • RhodBerth

            The number of sales doesn’t tell anything about if people like it or love it. The fact that HTC and LG made a 3D phone which didn’t sell as good as the S2 / S3 says more about HTC and LG then about 3D.

            I bet that if the Galaxy S2 would have had 3D, it would have sold as good as it did, at least, and all other phones would now come with 3D cameras.

    • Don’t you ever hate on the Evo 3D bitch

    • Chatz

      You are just a fool, if you don’t like the feature just don’t use it, There are tons of features in S3 that I don’t use, but i’m someone out there would use them, I’m sure samsung won’t charge extra for that feature. Haters will always hate,

  • Cant see why anyone would want it, HTC tried it and it didnt take off. But Samsung does have its sheep just like Apple, which means it will probably be the new trend -_-

    • Bone

      For starters, it was HTC which suffers from terrible marketing, so it wasn’t going to have mass success, but if the industry leader adopts the technology – and supports it properly on SW side -, it could make a breakthrough.

      Plus timing is much better, 3D is not a curiosity but a reality today with much more ppl. having compatible devices that come much cheaper, while 3D today is pretty much the norm in cinema, tomorrow in sports.

      Maybe the SIV won’t come with it, maybe a mobile phone will never do quality results, but if anyone can pull it off it’s Samsung. Why? Beacuse they spend $10B on research.

      • 3d is a gimmick. 3d movies are made to make more money. You obviously do not realize this though…

        • Bone

          And how are they doing? Newsflash: extremely good, 3D movies pulled 10 billion dollars just last year just at the box office. Add dozens of millions of TV sets sold and a potential of a phone that could do 100 million, and taking a photograph or a video of an event in 3D that is downconvertible to 2D doesn’t sound to gimmicky anymore, now does it?

          Try to think out of the box, the world is a bigger place than you’d think.

          • maybe because they are shoving 3d down our throats. is 3d necessary for a comedy movie?

        • RhodBerth

          I enjoy 3D a lot. It’s not a gimmick.

          And the 3D picture I have of my wife holding our just born daughter is larger then life. Everytime I see it on my 3D TV (passive 3D of course) it’s like I’m there again.

          15 years ago people thought that mobile phones were a gimmick and 50 years ago nobody needed colour tv.

    • Jared Persinger

      I am starting to be convinced that Samsung is the new apple considering they like to copy other peoples ideas just like the 3d camera and the s pen which is a rip off of the htc scribe

      • egagsdf

        Nowadays, there’s isn’t any much revolutions. But what Samsung did is it evolves existing tech, and through their marketing, makes it relevant. What Samsung have and HTC lacks is it’s innovation in the software department.

        • Jared Persinger

          Even if touch wiz adds a few new features in think that it is ugly personally

    • We will see until Tizen OS comes.

  • Sony did 3D in their photo’s 2 years ago!

  • JGaLaXY

    You know what? For as much crap as people are saying about stupid gimmicks and blah, blah, blah. As least they are still trying to make a complete experience, unlike some of these other phone companies that have slowed down their innovating *coughs* apple *coughs*. on the flip side, if they didn’t do anything, people are gonna say “well, they didn’t do anything differently…”

  • brady

    a lot of people dont like 3D .. i dont get it. it’s tight.

  • LG OPTIMUS 3D – Jun 2011
    LG Optimus 3D MAX – Apr 2012

  • I want 2 say that the sg4 has auto think and speech technology so u wake up in the am and it will do it all 4 u, darn that is what we need, right, but then again it is a rumor and u no wtf else happens, bull shit, the phone will b a 4 core metal case with all the motion technology that is current the folks at Sammie told me solo believe me it’s true! Well stay thirsty my friends!

  • yungqb7

    I don’t see what the big deal is. I’m sure you don’t have to use the 3D feature if you don’t want. Samsung is just giving you the option. HTC hasn’t appealed to me at all really, especially since I’m on Verizon. The DNA is ok, but having no expandable memory is a real downer.

  • Sara

    3D is a gimmick and you’re an idiot if you don’t realize that. Not every single D- movie needs to be in 3D. If you wear 3D glasses and watch a 4 hour movie that’s 3D your eyes are gonna hurt for a long time afterwards! Why do we need 3D crap on such small screens? I.e. smartphones, computer screens and tablets, etc. it’s like with the high MP count for camera phones. It’s the SENSOR NOT THE MP! So many sheep in this world. Free Assange, Manning and impeach Obomber and govts everywhere!! Go back to sleep sheep, crapple and samsung fanboys alike. Go back to sleep, don’t ŵorry the four reich will be here soon.

    • wingman002

      LMAO. I’m just enjoying reading how absolutely ridiculous, childish and closed minded people can be. I especially love the way people can be so confident when typing hate speech, yet these same people/children wouldn’t have the balls to say this to someone’s face. Grow up people. It’s just a phone. I love my Galaxy S3 purely because it does what I want it to do, perfect size screen and just fits with what I do. It’s my preference and thats it. I love 3D too. I think it enhances my movie experience expecially Sci-Fi and action movies. Thats my preference, if you dont like it then thats just great too. So if Samsung want to give the option to people then let them. Stop hating guys. To each his own. Life is about choice, so if u dont like it simply sont buy it.

  • My Xperia Ray already had this feature.

  • QuBe2

    Has somebody noticed that the samsung unpacked trailers about that young boy all have the 3D option on youtube….