Poor Galaxy S4 battery life and swelling up issues? Free replacements offered by Samsung

by: Chris SmithOctober 16, 2013

galaxy s4 battery life s4 hardware

Samsung has apparently confirmed that it will offer free battery replacements to Galaxy S4 owners that experience certain battery life issues with their batteries including battery swelling.

In a to a comment issued to Trusted Reviews, Samsung acknowledged the problem, saying that only a “limited number of customers” are affected:

[quote qtext=”We are aware of this issue, which has affected a limited number of customers.

We ask all affected customers to please visit their nearest Samsung Electronics service centre, where they can receive a replacement battery for free of charge. We remain committed to providing the best possible user experience for our customers.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

However, some reports claim that the actual number of affected Galaxy S4 units is actually larger than one would expect. MobiFlip reported a few days ago that as many as 30% of Galaxy S4 units purchased from a German provider have faulty batteries, saying that it has obtained is information from an insider familiar with the matter.

An actual number of affected buyers is not mentioned in the report, and Samsung will probably not mention it either – after all, it’s bad press as it is that a six-month smartphone already experiences battery problems that shouldn’t appear in new devices.

Galaxy S4 battery swelling up

For some reason, these faulty batteries are not able to hold a charge anymore, with some of them swelling up – this is a common security practice for batteries in electronic devices, although it’s not everyday you hear about this happening to a mobile device.

The image above shows the difference between a regular Galaxy S4 battery and one that has swollen up (on the right).

That said, we’re interested whether you have been affected by such Galaxy S4 battery issues yourself, and whether you have received a free replacement from Samsung.

Since we are talking about battery life on the Galaxy S4, check out these tips and trips that will hopefully improve battery life on your Galaxy S4 version.

  • Benjamin

    Sony For The Win!

  • Brandon Miranda

    BAHAHAHA. Sorry Sammy but that battery prob is going to hurt you. Not from me but from the press. Like the important people Sammy.

  • Non Kositkittiwanit

    By seeing many forums on the internet, It seem batteries that cause this problem were manufactured in china. My s4 battery was made in korea and I don’t have any problem with it for almost half a year now.

    • robertmckenzie

      Just checked and mine is made in China, no problems with it yet, actually we have 2 S4’s in the house and no issues (yet).

      • Magnús Geir Guðmundsson

        My first sign of problem was with the phone rebooting.
        Looking at it from the bottom I saw the back cover was being pushed away. A friend of mine had simular problems and let me know about the return.
        Although I’m abit curious that they(samsung) didn’t do a recall.

        • kp

          this happened to my wife’s S4. it was so bad that the swollen battery was bulging out the back cover of the phone! Samsung advised me to remove the cover and the battery because the battery could actually push out the lcd screen from behind. they replaced the battery free of charge today and checked the phone for damage. all ok now.

          • Nick W

            My wifes phone cracked from the button to the top. Bulging phone. Bad battery. Just the start of this piece of korean rubbish

        • Nick W

          We are all taking it up the bottom from samsung and it is painfull.

      • Nick W

        My 2 s 4’s are from vietnam and both freeze or reboot regularly. Batteries are swollen and one screen has crack due to a slowly expanding battery. Hows them apples macka

  • RanRu

    I suppose this is where those fancy explosion-proof batteries they’re working on come into play.

  • abazigal

    So that’s why they included removable batteries – because they knew their batteries sucked!

  • jonathan3579

    Although this article mentions the S4, I had the swelling issue on two different S3 batteries. It’s weird…

    • jjam

      same with the S1

  • khalidalomary

    To everyone hating on my SAMSUNG stop it, call me a fanboy (OR WHATEVER U WANT I DON’T CARE) but SAMSUNG will always be the best u can take dat to da bank son

    • khalidalomary


      • Nick W

        Try pears. Different texture and taste but a good substitute in any case.

    • jimv1983

      Samsung makes many good products but phones isn’t one of them. The designs are cheap and flimsy, they are ugly and the software(TouchWiz) is total gargabe.

      • khalidalomary

        And yet its sales are #1 in Android????

        • George Chew

          Not for long.

      • Nick W

        Samsung crap nuggets. Used to love samsung. Now i hate samsung. Die samsung. Hope you go to the grave like nokia

        • jimv1983

          I like Samsung overall. It is only their phones I don’t like. They make the best TVs.

    • Stacemeister


      • Nick W

        I am not going to buy another samsung product ever because of there after sales customer care is careless and useless.

    • Nick W

      Listen here fanboy. Thats all you are a boy. Im a man and full of wo so does that make me woman? Well woman say’s stay away from samsung boys and girls unless you wanna get bit.you play with samsung your gona get burnt. Or bitten. Or something bad. Ok . Woman out

  • Brandon James D’souza

    same in aus! just rung Samsung service center and they wanted my phone as well for an assessment, said they didnt know about the battery problem. really no help at all

    • Nick W

      Not good customer care at all. Korea after all. Samsung owes me i have 2 dud s4 phones. They suck. The batteries suck. The bulging screen just looks weird and sucks, their service, that sucks, their non existent recall of their faulty batteries that sucked, the bulging screen that cracked, totally sucks. The ill feeling of being duped by damsang that sucks the most. If you buy damsung i hope its a television, awesome tv’s, good phones s2 and s3, be warned about samsung galaxy s4, it sucked totally for me times two. Samsung you suck. Bought a lot of your product. Your s 4 sucked. Im now so over samsung as a brand. Samsung sucks be warned. Sucking damsung fugly’s. I Mad with a capital M. Sucksung phoney s 4 piece of korean crap made in some veitnamese fishing town, it sucks holmes i bought 2 crap nuggets i wish i didn’t.

  • Kenny Woodard

    I’m probably gonna upgrade my iPhone 4 pretty soon and I definitely want an android. It will be out of contract for ATT so it needs to be kind of budget oriented. I was kinda stuck between the One or gs4. I have done a lot of reading about them both and watched reviews, but nothing beats advice from users. So which should I get? Or is there another phone I should think about?

    • AsakuraZero

      Nexus 5 cheap great but maybe a sup par camera

    • Dark Phoenix

      Honestly, both phones are great. The ONE gives a premium feel as opposed to GS4’S plastic, but evry sane person buys a cover for their $200+ phone. So they both are kinda equal. GS4 definitely has more features like SmartStay, SmartScroll etc.even though people call them GIMMICKY, once you get a hang of it, other phones look kinda old.. :D so, GS4 it is.. ;)

      • Blowntoaster

        I second your comment. @ Kenny Woodard, if you can get used to size, the Note 3 is also worth a look.
        If you like to show off the looks of your phone, HTC One,
        If you like features, one of the Samsungs, depending on the size of your….erm hands… :)

    • asd

      Note 3

    • Sepehr Mostofi Afshar

      moto X , note 3 , nexus 5

    • Harry

      htc one. great build like i phone . no lags been using it for 4 months now, smooth software. the extra stuff in touchwiz of samsung is not used …. but it uses the resource making it bit laggy .

    • SkylaC90

      go to your local AT&T store and play with both for an hour or so, then make your decision. Better yet you can just go to T-Mobile and the you can switch up to 2 phones a year no questions asked. plus they got the Xperia Z and soon the Z1

    • BB BB

      Get a Samsung. I had the OneX but hated the fact that I couldn’t expand the storage or pop in a spare battery. I was also promised Sense 5 which never arrived so I was forced to use custom ROMs. Since picking up the S4 I haven’t looked back. It’s the perfect size and an excellent phone overall. Samsung will pushes updates to galaxy phones much better than HTC which isn’t an issue if you use custom ROMs anyway. If I were to buy a new phone today I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up the s4 again. I would also check out the Note 3 and Sony Z1 but the rooter in me wants a Nexus 5 which btw offers the best value and pure stock experience while sacrificing expandable storage and battery. I would be more inclined to the note 3 since it has 3gb ram and an s800 even if it’s a bit big you can kill your tablet and smartphone needs in one shot.

  • Lau

    So I bought my GS4 in August. Exactly two months later, I noticed the screen was coming out of the place. So I took a look into the battery, and it was swollen up. And on top of that, the battery was made in China. So I called to the Samsung customer service, and got a new battery within days. And this new one is a Korean battery, so I expect better quality, but we shall see.

  • robertmckenzie

    I’ve had every Galaxy since the first one and never had a problem. Every manufacture eventually has problems with faulty components, when you’re making them in numbers like Samsung does it simply is the law of averages. If you’ve ever had anything at all to do with manufacturing you’d know it happens.

    I’m curious though, does anyone happen to have all the measurements of a new battery for the S4? It’s hard to know if you’re battery is swollen (or in the process of swelling) without some measurements of what it should be.

    • dfonze

      I had the same Issue on 2 different Galaxy Exhibit and on the S2, luckily nothing yet on note3 or s4.

    • jimv1983

      I have the Galaxy SII(Skyrocket version with LTE) and it sucks. I regret it everyday. Such a piece of crap. I can’t wait until the Nexus 5 comes out. Hopefully it has reasonable battery life. Otherwise I might return it for the Moto X. Either way I’ll sure as hell never get a Samsung phone again.

    • RobRoy

      I’ve just had this problem. You dont need measurements cause you can feel the swelling with your fingers. Got a new Korean bayttery free of charge, the old one was Chinese.

    • Nick W

      Im gonna measure it. And maybe run a dial over the screen to document how pissed it is. Grrr samsung you messed up. Just sort it out is all i ask. Ps grrr

  • Mohd Danial

    More then 2 months have passed, my china battery no issues yet, but still taking this article into consideration, i see all the spare battery that comes together with the charger made in korea, should i buy a set just in case?

  • Stephen Wilkinson

    I had this issue (terrible battery life and swollen battery) after a couple of months with my S4 recently. I got it from Phones4U and took out their £5pm insurance – usually a rip but in this case very useful. This was before Samsung admitted this as an issue. I took the phone back to Phones4U and showed them the battery, they replaced the whole kit and kaboodle – full set of brand new everything fresh from the box – with no quibbles.

  • Δ A L I ▽

    I bought the S4 9500 version a couple of months ago and yes, 2 months later the battery started to go haywire on me… Changed it because I couldn’t handle it.

  • ian baillie

    I have an s4 and have had no problems but my sons s4 is suffering from this problem

  • petser

    I use an S4 since friday, and in the first day I noticed my battery doesn’t last more than 3 hour long, whatever I do. I like this phone so much, but it’s terrible. I’ll go and pick up a new battery

  • Steve Tierney

    anyone got a link to an official announcement from Samme about this? Im UK Based, happened to mine and i need to return to CFW

  • Mash D

    I was facing issues with my S4 battery. It would come to about 50% mark and the phone would just switch off, and would refuse to turn on unless plugged in to the charger.

    So the very next day I visited the samsung service centre. They opened the back cover and checked the battery, they found the battery to be swollen and said that it will not be covered under warranty as the battery was swollen. I asked them how this could have happened? Having used every galaxy smartphone in the S series since the launch of the galaxy s in 2010. I have never faced such an issue before.

    The reply from the service centre was that it is likely caused due to improper or over charging. I found that pretty strange since I have been using galaxy smartphones since 2010 and as an experienced user would surely know how to charge the device. Then the service centre representative said that if the company is willing to change the battery under warranty, they have no issue doing so.

    Pretty straight word right? Well apparently not. I have written to the company 4 times, including my last letter to the CEO’s office. And have only received the same answer that it is caused due to improper or over charging and that my battery will not be replaced under warranty. Upon asking why the service centre did not check my phone or charger to make sure the current supplied to the battery is proper, there is no reply from samsung.

    Now I have sent a 5th email this time with links of 6 websites all reporting the above issue on the galaxy s4 having issues with the battery swelling up for a large number of users. It will be interesting to see their reply this time round.

    In the meantime I have already purchased a spare battery which brings me to another gripe. In India you cannot purchase just the battery for the S4, you have to purchase the entire spare battery charging kit, which costed me Rs. 2300/- surely just the battery would have cost much cheaper.

    • jayant

      I am also facing exactly the same problem..n got the same reply from samsung authorities…could please tell that anything positive happened through your approach…or what can i further do..
      – from delhi

      • Mash D

        It took 5-6 emails to the CEO office. I even got the same old silly improper charging/over charging excuse from the CEO office again. Then they asked me to hand my phone in to the service centre. Again got the same old excuse even after doing that. But then finally better sense prevailed and they agreed to replace my battery under warranty. Even the service centre guys knew it was a faulty battery by then because they had quite a few s4 owners come in with the exact same issue. Be persistent and they will change it for you. Because they have provided a faulty battery. It happens sometimes. And Samsung India did the right thing by replacing it under warranty for me. So kudos to them. And yes my loyalty will now continue to stick to the brand

        • aleesia

          I experienced the same thing, called up samsung customer care who advised me to go to the nearest samsung service center who said they’ll arrange for a replacement free of charge. Quite pissed as they were not able to provide one immediately and will contact me once it’s ready for pick up. Had to buy another battery. Well at least i have a spare as these batteries discharge easily.

    • kumar

      I got mine replaced free in just over 2 minutes? Battery is covered by 6 months of warranty. Where do you live?
      If it is chennai I can help you.

      • Rajiv

        Hi I am in Chennai and have the same issue please let me know how and where you got this resolved. rajivsubra at gmail


    • Nick W

      My wife and I both have samsung galaxy s 4’s. Both batteries swollen badly. Phones freeze but usually switch off after heavy use, for example, if I’m using the movie camera then try viewing the movie it switches off, neither phone can handle this. At about 60-40% battery they are prone to switching off and rebooting. But if you can get it to turn on, it has 0% battery, so the phone becomes a phoney, and you have to charge it, and keep it on charge if you want to use all its functions without fear of it switching off. Also my wife’s screen cracked, it was in a protective case, two long cracks appeared from the home button and went up to the top of then phone. When I took the phone out I noticed the screen and rear cover were bulging so bad, I believe the glass cracked from the corners of the button out towards the top due to then phones need to bulge and contort to house the battery, which is like 40% thicker in the middle than it was when new. I took the other phone out and noticed the bulging. I contacted samsung in australia where I live and they asked for the battery serial numbers and will replace them. But they said I can only have my phones checked out in another state from where I live and it takes 7 days. They are business phones purchased from telstra business centre on Port Road In Hindmarsh I believe, they couldn’t help me so I called samsung who cannot provide a loan phone, and require our phones for a week. They don’t understand that I can not be without them. Why didn’t they contact me about the battery issues. I bought a KTM motor bike, a few years back. After owning it for over a year and despite changing address, a man arrived one day to swap fuel caps because there was an issue with the one i had

    • sapna

      Hi ,
      I am facing the same battery bulge problem …I visited the nearest samsung service centre but they are refusing to replace the battery free of charge giving the reason that the phone is no more under warranty and that the phone is been purchased in U.S so they cannot do the replacement in India. I don’t understand from where warranty comes into picture when I got a faulty product in 1st place…what is my fault if the battery is bulging now after 8 months…Please let me know if I can get it replaced free of charge.

  • BB BB

    I have two s4 batteries one is made in Japan, the other made in Korea and I rarely have to use the second so I guess that’s a good sign? I easily get a full day of battery life ( 4 hour total screen time according to battery manager ) curious as to what others are getting.

  • kshitij

    i own a samsung galaxy s4 i m frm india i suffered from this issue abt 2 months ago i askd fr da replacement they were not ready to give… will they give me a replacement now?

  • Bob McLaughlin

    My battery that came with the phone is fine. The one I ordered on Amazon (an official Samsung S4 battery) is terrible, starts to lose the charge as soon as you disconnect it from the charger. I don’t have a receipt and I wonder if Samsung would replace it at a store?

    • steesry

      If you pruchased from amazon you do not need a receipt as the order is under your account..

  • jasxgamer


  • pnr

    Mine bloated after 2 months

  • Zizikos

    My S4 battery was swollen and wouldn’t charge, so I took it to a service center where they said the battery had absorbed moisture(!!!) and wouldn’t cover it…
    I bought a new one and unfortunately threw the old one away.

  • Gareth Stewart

    Samsung customer service is garbage. To get the battery swap they want u to give ur phone in for repair and go phone less. My first samsung is my s4 and battery is garbage. Worse is my brother has issue with iPhone he walks in they don’t even bother asking they just take his phone and give him a new one. Great phone Shitty battery Shitty service by Samsung.

    • Nick W

      Samsung just sucks ive have s2 s4 and 8 inch tab 3 and more so its not like i have no experience with them. The bury their heads in the sand when u have an issue. Thats why i wont buy samsung now. Might get an lg phone i like their smart tv. Damsung you suck. Its crap nuggets from me

  • Marin River

    Of course that I am affected and of course that I’m waiting for already 10 days for the replacement battery from Samsung Croatia! :-(

    • Bruno Croatia

      Hi, i’am also from Croatia,can you share me your experience with samsung croatia services? i contacted them on facebook and i must go to official center in Zagreb for analize the battery – you also leave a phone there and now waiting?

  • jimv1983

    I think my cousin has one of these issues. He gets about 8 hours of battery life with about 2 hours of screen on time. Unless that is typical for the Galaxy S4 he probably has a defective one.

  • jimv1983

    “We ask all affected customers to please visit their nearest Samsung Electronics service center”

    How many people actually live within a reasonable distance of a Samsung service center?

    • Nick W

      Samsung crappy care call centres are useless twits that just recite policy waffle. It samsungs policy is what u will hear. Never mind what u want. Its the policy that will get. Shitty ex communist policy that tells you your wrong and it sucks. Just will never buy samsung again

  • one nj

    I had this problem. After 4 months it swelled up. I had to contact Samsung directly. They dealt with it very well as an under warranty job. They didn’t mention anything about this being a common problem, I learned this myself after the repair just from googling. Anyway I had to send the phone to them and the battery with it. In 1 week they returned with new battery. I’m very happy with the service.

  • Herbert Cambe

    i have got this issue, samsung service center replaced it. and it happened to 2 friends as well.

  • Samsung S4 User

    How to get a free replacement in Saudi Arabia

  • UnlimitedUser

    I switched from Apple iPhone 4 to the new Samsung Galaxy S4. I do like several features of the Android operating system. However the battery life on my S4 is terrible and I have tried everything, even going to the Samsung site to chat with a support person (that was an experience for a whole other topic). My battery will last only about eight hours of light use. What is the purpose of having a device with all the features of the S4 if you are unable to use them unless you carry a “car battery” around with you? I was actually told by Samsung support to use the phone in “Safe Mode”. That is like using your Windows laptop in safe mode. If Samsung could make the battery life better I would be a friend for life.

  • Savan

    I am a Bangalore (India) resident and have faced the same issue 3.5 months after purchasing Samsung Galaxy S4. Since last 15+ days, I am battling with Samsung Service Center and Samsung Customer Care. But, nobody is answering to me. My phone is with Service Center guys and there is no progress happening on this issue.

  • Aditya Kumar Ak


  • chetanya

    I have purchased samsung s4 on 1st September 2013 in India. When the battery would come to about 50 percent mark,

    the phone would then just switch off and would refuse to turn on unless plugged in to the charger.

    After removing the back panel I observed that my battery is swelled up and went to the nearest service station in

    Delhi, India. They told me that the problem is due to overcharging and despite of the battery being under

    warranty it would cost me Rs. 2000/- to replace the battery.

    On searching the web about this problem I found on more than 50 sites that there was same problem on more than 30

    percent of S4 devices and samsung has officially confirmed to replace the battery free of cost on any service

    station. When I told this to the service station officials they told me they have no information about such free

    replacement and would cost me the same.

    They are replacing the battery in other countries but not in India. Please help me in resolving the problem.

  • RogerThat

    It has been 3 months now since I got my Galaxy S4, and as the site mentions, I too am facing the same “Battery Swelling” issue. Of course, the next thing I did, just like any other proud S4 owner would do, is going to the Sevice Centre. I explained everything to them properly, and even told them about the “Free Battery Replacement Scheme” and the reply I got was “Sir, this is Samsung India. We are not aware or informed of this scheme”. I was like, “What does it matter if it is Samsung India or not! Samsung is Samsung, it applies to all countries”. They had no answer, but all they told me in reply was, “Please call the Delhi Service Centre” (P.S. I am from Mangalore, Karnataka). Well, I called the Delhi SC, spoke to them for nearly 30 mins and in the end the guy tells me to call the Manager of M’lore SC (The guy who attended my call wasn’t even working for Samsung!).
    So I ring up the Manager and he tells me the same crap as his colleagues (Warranty doesn’t cover bulges. FYI, my battery is very slightly swollen). I even told him about the websites posting about the Free Replacement Scheme. The worst part is, the M’lore SC doesn’t even have stock of S4 batteries! Sheesh!!!
    After reading about the success in obtaining a Freely Replaced Battery of my fellow commenter, “Mash D”, I was like let me give it another shot. I called the Delhi SC again and asked them to check on this issue and give me an ASAP reply.
    All in all, I’m feeling really pissed right now, to not be able to access my S4. Such a wonderful phone deserves extraordinary service.
    My dad owns a Galaxy Nexus, it’s been a year-and-a-half now, and he has no issues whatsoever with his battery.
    I really am proud of my phone and do take good care of it. I don’t understand why Samsung India is not aware of this darn problem. Is it that, or is it just their acting or another means of making money, I do not know.
    I’m just 18 right now, and a Student. To buy a new battery would cost me quite a fortune, considering the fact that i’m not earning. If this CRAP continues, I don’t know how bright the future of Samsung India would be!?
    If I get a positive reply, I’ll be sure to post it here.

    For now I am…
    Still waiting for a reply………(sigh)

  • piggy

    Yes i have an s4 now for less then 6months and today the battery dies after having 100%. Looks like a new batt is needed. Going to contact my supplier first for a new battery.

  • lee spence

    I’ve had my galaxy s4 for 6 months and I’ve noticed that my device shuts down randomly and the battery life is verry poor. I took out my battery and I could see it was swolen …I’m really disappointed with this seeing that I paid quite a lot of money for this phone …I really hope I can get it replaced for free

  • Anton Slabbert

    I live in Alberton (South Africa) I took my Phone to Samsung in Boksburg (20 KM from where I stay) because the phone battery would not last 1 hour. They booked it in phone, battery every thing, it is easy visible to see that the battery is swollen, my phone is almost 6 months old …………they have a back log and turn around time of 1 week, so lets see if my battery gets replaced.

  • jove

    Same problem for me in Serbia.
    Device has like 80% battery and than just turns off. It can be turn on again only on a charger, and battery is down to 10% or something…
    Will take device to Samsung on Saturday

  • andyjh64

    I’ve had this issue with my S4. Symptoms exactly as described, and battery has swollen slightly. However, when I called Samsung, they refused a replacement saying that the serial number on my battery “is not among those known to be affected by this issue” How do they know this if I am the first? I smell cover-up!
    And by the way I’ve since bought a new battery myself, and the problem has disppeared. Thanks for nothing Samsung!

  • Russel Pagulong

    Please tell us where to buy the battery here in manila philippines….

  • Russel Pagulong

    Because the battery drains fast…..The phone is good but the battery issue is the problem. Another problem that I encounter is when I play the Plants and zombies 2, there is a part of the game their that requires squeezing the characters, unfortunately the screen has no response maybe you guys must do imrpovements regarding this matter…….:(

  • Øyvind Wennersberg

    My battery is from Korea but still is swollen.

  • K. S. Rao

    I have had the problem couple of days back. I have roamed all the service centyres in Chennai, India but I could not get replacement . Everyone says there is no stock and would come next week. When Samsung has sold hundreds of S4 mobiles in Chennai, is it not their responsibility to keep adequate stock of accessories in their service centres or show rooms.POor standard of after sale service.

    • venkat

      same here. today also no stock. pls let me know if u have some options. :(

    • kumar

      Please go the service centre behind Malar hospital in Adyar. They have a good stock. I got mine replaced in 2 minutes flat. When you drive towards Mandaveli take a left just before Malar and keep going straight till you hit the service centre that is opposite to a school ground

  • Anuj

    I have the galaxy s4 nd bought it 3 months ago…nd now havin major battery issues with a swollen battery and it dying out within an hour…so annoying…tryin to get hold of the service centre to get a change.

  • Stu

    I’ve had my S4 for 6 months now and in the past few days, my battery has swollen to nearly twice it’s size.I am scared to charge it in case it causes a fire. Would Samsung still replace my battery?

  • Jomon George

    I purchased galaxy s4 on 21 august 2013 and middle of September my s4 battery became swelling and approached warranty provider and they replaced battery again after 15 days same problem facing. I went to the warranty provider they told me first time only they will replace the battery… now i am very worried about Samsung mobile. Not only for me so many facing same issues so I always prefer Iphone

  • Nick W

    Crappy service from samsung. Crappy batteries. Crappy experience. Crappy crack in my swollen crappy phoney s4. Thanks for nothing samsung. I hope america nukes nth korea but it only takes out samsung in south korea by mistake, killing all samsung korea employees, oh and psy as well.

  • Nick W

    Id rather support dennis rodmans bff, kim jong un than support samsung. Die you battery swelling facists.

  • Nick W

    Crap nuggets samsung. Crap nuggets ya hear

  • Nick W

    God dam crap nuggets

  • jeckyl

    Samsung are mailing me out a new battery while telstra deducted the cost of a new battery off my phone bill. I will soon have a spare when the samsung one arrives in case my wifes phone does the same.


    glitter yellow leather back cover for galaxy s4 i9500,it is also to be a wireless charging case,if like other color ,such as pink,blue ,purple.red,please source follow gadget2us

  • lucia

    just wondering if I can change the battery now coz it dead twice a day.

  • saintvans

    I went to Samsung shop Oxford Street London. Sales rep told me to upgrade as my phone is very old…..