Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Life: Tips & Tricks (video)

by: Brad WardAugust 14, 2013
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The Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life is impressive, but sometimes it can be pretty disappointing, especially when you need to use it a lot for work. We’re going to show you how to maximize your Galaxy S4 battery life, and eek out that last bit of needed juice!

1# Hardware

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Coming at 2,600 mAh, the Galaxy S4 has a pretty hefty battery for today’s expectations, however, it still just isn’t enough juice. That said, we recommend picking up a second 2,600 mAh unit or an extended life battery from a third party vendor. Of course, picking up a juice pack from someone like Mophie is probably your best bet here.

A juice pack or extra battery will certainly boost your Galaxy S4 battery life.

2# Home Screen Widgets

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If you’re trying to maximize battery life, keeping a low amount of widgets on your home screen is a great way to bolster Galaxy S4 battery life. Cutting out live widgets completely is another way to do this.

Live widgets take a lot of battery life because they’re, well, live. It can take a lot of juice trying to update your social network widgets in real time.
While live widgets are really handy, sometimes it’s just not worth that extra Galaxy S4 battery life.

3# Turn off extra features

galaxy s4 battery life features

One of the big appeals of Samsung’s flagship devices is the amount of features loaded in them. While everyone loves new features to play around with, it does take a toll on battery life.

Simply turning off all of those unneeded features like Bluetooth, GPS, Air View, Eye gestures, and etc, can really bolster Galaxy S4 battery life.
It’s fairly easy to turn these features off, too. Just pull down the notification shade and you have access to pretty much anything you would need to flip the switch on!

4# Wallpapers

galaxy s4 battery life wallpapers

Another battery hog is live wallpapers. Thankfully the Galaxy S4 only comes with two, but plenty more can be found in the Play Store. It’s best not to use these if you want to save Galaxy S4 battery life. It makes things much less intensive on the processor, GPU, and etc.

Secondly, the Galaxy S4 uses a Super AMOLED display, which means every color is a light. So, if you have a colorful wallpaper, you’re using much more battery life than you would be if you were using a completely black wallpaper. It’s still using battery life, just not nearly as much.

5# Power Saving Mode

galaxy s4 battery life power saving mode

By taking advantage of the built-in power saving features in TouchWiz, you can optimize a lot of your battery usage. You can have it slow CPU usage, haptic feedback, and even screen usage.

6# Display Brightness

galaxy s4 battery life brightness

Finally, we’re going to look at the HD Super AMOLED display. Having the brightness all the way up will drain your battery fast, and having it at its lowest setting will reduce your usage. However, while some say having it on automatic is your best bet, it isn’t.

Having your brightness set on automatic means that the Galaxy S4 is using the sensors to test how bright it is in the room to adjust your screen brightness accordingly. It’s much better to change the setting manually to maximize Galaxy S4 battery life.


Wrap up

And that’s just a few tips on how to maximize Galaxy S4 battery life. They’re not exclusive to the S4 either, which means you can use these tips on a lot of Samsung devices and save battery life on those devices, too!

Let us know in the comments how well these tips worked for you, and if you have tips of your own, feel free to share them with everyone! You can also find more tips in the Galaxy s4 manual that can be downloaded on the internet for free.

  • paulmurza

    wow, thank you very much, i really didn’t know this stuff. I really kept starring at the economy mode and didn’t know what it is about. I thought it was for economy while i am going to the supermarket or something. Thank you for emphasizing that buying another battery will certainly boost the battery performance.Before reading this I really thought 1+1= 1. Now it is all clear in my mind. Please when Samsung Galaxy s5 comes out on the market, write the same article just erase 4 and write 5, or elase the s5 owners will be completely lost without this advices. Thank you again!

  • Cristhian Mejia

    If you want awesome battery life on your S4 turn off smart stay, and when not in use turn WiFi off. I am pulling 20-1.5days battery life with only LTE on. The power save mode works well when you’re under 50%.

  • Andrew

    I want that black and orange wallpaper!

  • Muzz Shah

    Yo..thnks bro…very usefull info…its the best…love it!!

  • Terry Tim

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  • Bhavana Sharma

    Samsung Battery Ab494051Bu Black is the latest technology based battery. This battery is used to power the newest mobile phones, which has a long application in memory. By using these batteries our phone can work for more then one day without charging.

  • Andy

    Does anybody know what the Orange and Black wallpaper is? I’d really like to have it.

  • wildman

    I just did all that and im hoping to see a difference otherwise im taking it back

  • Chris Lovescoke

    This article would be helpful if you would give some examples. For example, in #1, what is a “juice pack” and who is “Mophie”? In #2, what is a “widget” versus an “app”, and how do we tell which ones are “live”?
    Yes, I could google all of these questions. But if we are not super-techie types, who are the likely target audience for this article, we won’t know what you mean with your limited suggestions. Just pointing out why this article was less helpful than it could be so hopefully your articles will be more helpful in the future.

  • Naveen

    Does draining a battery fully and recharging it once in a month helps battery life for s4?

  • synjab

    My screen is taking up almost 90% of my battery life. I worked on the tips, and my battery dies really fast. Have a s4, please help

  • S4

    My s4 is Turing off when its not 0% its Turing off when its like 23% and its very annoying please help and before i put my battery out its 30% and when i put it out and turn it back in its like 60%. What do do? Please help

    • Michael

      Dear ‘s4’

      I had the same problem , the only solution is go to your local retailer where you bought your smartphone and swap your s4 ‘s battery with a brand new one ( your battery has a 6month complete warranty) so dont let them tell you otherwise !

      Your battery’s problem consists out of one problem , it cant deliver the juice you need for heavily programs. And thats samsungs fault , not yours.

  • nick

    Im using a galaxy s4 3 mos old.. its annoying that my phone batt is draining even if its charging on a dc current… at first I thought got problem with the charger but when I I used other samsung charger same as mine same thing is happening..really annoying…

  • cosmin

    Try ×#×#4636×#×# on dial pad disable Lte ..choose gsm and cdma only ..leave phone on 4g only thats how u save battery

  • Larkins Dsouza

    You could also disable Samsung Push Service, increase battery life like crazy.. Have a look

  • You could also disable Samsung Push Service to increase battery on Samsung Galaxy devices .