Galaxy S4 Australia: Telstra, Vodafone, Optus and Virgin to launch the phone

by: Chris SmithMarch 17, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 9 aa 600

Now that the Galaxy S4 is official, more and more mobile operators are starting to announce plans to carry the handset. In Australia, four companies have already confirmed they’ll have the Galaxy S4 in stock later this year, including Telstra, Vodafone, Optus and Virgin.

Ausdroid got confirmations from these four carriers, although actual release dates and pricing are yet to be made public in the region.

Two of them, Vodafone and Optus, have set up sign up pages for the Galaxy S4 (click here for Vodafone and here for Optus,) where users can leave their contact information with the carriers in order to receive more details on the upcoming Galaxy S4 launches.


Let’s hear it from our Australian readers, will you buy the Galaxy S4? While you wait for more availability information for the Australian Galaxy S4, you can always check out our international Galaxy S4 giveaway and try your luck at winning it.

  • Cedricnmarvin

    It’s very hard to get excited for a phone that doesn’t really bring any new innovation, yes Samsung has packed all these so called life changing features in the phone but most of it are just gimmicks and bloat ware. Oh and touch wiz overlay is crap, why create such a heavy stupid overlay to an already beautiful jelly bean interface, this will just make updating to the latest android version slow. They’ve added so much stupid function like hovering your finger to select or scroll, how hard is it to touch a screen of a mobile phone, I think Samsung put this function because they think all Americans are lazy asses haha. I will admit GS4 has top of the line specifications and that’s all good, but the design and material they used is second class, unattractive cheap plastic. For a flagship phone there is no excuse for not coming with a new design and improve material to encased all those awesome high end parts.

    • beci

      Even an Enzo Ferrari 1 million dollar is mixed with some plastic. So dont be jelous of your bad smarphone.

    • Jason

      dude you just sound like a hater, i can think of many ways why the function such as hovering your fingers is a good idea, such as u can use the phones if u need to hold something in your hands, or when your hands is dirty, oily or wet. Atleast samsung provides you with new features that u can turn on or off if u want to, which can later be improved in future flagship phones… What has your beloved HTC ONE do to make it special? Zoe? lol… boom sound is good and design is good, but 4MP? i can provide you many links and reviews that the 4mp is just as good or even worst than other 8mp or 13mp cams out there. Also dont forget alot of people including me find the SG4 design to look “okay” and better than GS3.

      Another thing, samsung provides removable battery and SD card, where as HTC ONE dont. In 3 or 4 months time HTC gonna bring out another flagship and probably stop giving support to your HTC ONE, its funny how nobody cared about driod DNA even though it had a nice design.

      Lessen learnt for you, a phone cannot win by ‘design’ alone.

    • Filip Justin

      Personally I hate stock Android. It is so simple and useless and I have to search for all the functions myself whereas on the Touchwiz Android I have all I need in terms of standard usability. I even have a browser that supports Flash on Touchwiz Android.

  • Cedricnmarvin

    Samsung is becoming very good at marketing their product just like crapple, unknowing people will fall for the marketing and will probably line up for this stupid overly hyped cheap ass plastic ugly phone on steroid…. Grrrhhhh.. I’m so pissed with Samsung, they got their short success with GS2 and GS3 and now they’ve decided to just sit back and creat a half baked hardware. I reckon HTC one will be the phone to get this year, htc has really tried there best to come up with a phone that will provide an amazing experience for people. Great design, solid, beautiful, premium uniconstruction casing and also top of the line specs, yes a little less powerful than GS4 but I’m pretty sure it will be enough to run everything smoothly for at least 2 years. Oh and for htc to come up with that 4 ultra pixel cam they’ve got balls to break away from the norms and take chances. These are just my opinion so hopefully I won’t get attacked by Samsung fanatics hahaha

    • beci

      you are talking about a mediocre Smartphone. HTC is like the others Motorola, Sony ericsson , Alcatel, LG. Even Iphone is better than HTC.
      Why Samsung is advanced becouse of Proccesor Octa Core, then S-Pen , S-voice, S-beam , Smart Stay, Smart Rotation and now S-Translator, Smart pause etc. Then on Samsung you have micro card and Removable battery (HTC not).

      • Beth

        Some of those features you listed are just gimmicks. You’re too much of a tech nerd if you can’t already see that. It’s like the Samsung/android v.s crapple debate. It’s all personal preference. E.g not everyone wants a removable battery probably only 10% or less of smartphone owners care about a removable battery. I like the ad card option bit it sucks now that you can’t store apps on there unless you flash your phone and install a custom rom – again probably only 3% of smartphone owners actually do this. Not hating I’m a s3 owner myself and I’ll bet you that about 35% or less of people who get the s4 will use even 50% of those ‘new’ features on the s4 that wetent on the s3. My 2 cents.

    • Brochachose

      I’m not sure what you’re thinking. This definitely isn’t half arsed. They’ve doubled the resolution on the phone and bumped it up in size. On top of that, they decided that they wanted to pack an 8-core processor with higher clock speeds into it. They’ve added a few new features, melted a 13MP camera onto it and straight up it’s worth the purchase.

      With all the apps and multitasking people do on their phones, without even new software on the phone, I’d buy the S4.

      Sure, they could have done more, but bumping up the power like that and the screen res and size was a pretty good move. They’re still hosting the power that we’ve come to expect. Just because they haven’t added much new software doesn’t mean they were lazy with it.

  • Dave McGuire


  • leslie

    Samsung aren’t trying trying create a groundbreaking new phone, there selling a ‘life companion’ e.g there focusing more on the software and making a great phone for the average user not for techies (I think that’s how you spell it) and anyway there releasing a high tech phone based on tizen later in the year

  • I’ll wait until the updates come for sg3. I had it for 12 months, I heard that the software updates will be what’s available on the sg4. lot’s of the hardware features at the moment don’t really encourage me to upgrade just yet. in my case I might wait till sg5 which is about the time my current Optus contract expires. Just in relation to comments made by apple about retina display as no android device has. I was under the impression that Samsung made it for apple. maybe what Samsung should do is make a add that shows apple users what Samsung actually use to make and currently still makes for apple. cheers from downunder

  • doesn’t say if we’re getting the exynos or qualcomm version. does anyone know?

  • candlelarbra5212

    Glad to see they all have it, although I can’t see on going without, I won’t be buying it. The S4 was a little disapointing, they should have left the announcement until may so they had a full year after the S3 to have a complete redesign and blow us away with specs.

    Its a shame the carriers jacked up their BYO mobile plans so you have no data unless your willing to pay a ridiculous amount. Their just trying to force people on to 2 year contracts I suppose.