samsung galaxy s4 after the hype aa vs s3

Just last week, Android 4.3 started rolling out to Galaxy S4 handsets on AT&T’s network. If you’ve yet to receive the update, you might be in for a bit longer of a wait than previously expected.

AT&T and Samsung have pulled the Android 4.3 update and are now investigating some potential issues with the build. We can’t say how long the update will be unavailable, though hopefully this is just a temporary delay.

As for those that already grabbed the upgrade to Android 4.3, AT&T has yet to divulge exactly what’s wrong, though reports from Galaxy S4 users suggest some of the problems might have to do with Wi-Fi or cellular data connection issues. There also seems to be a few random bugs and other issues.

Then again, some users seem to be rocking the update with absolutely no noticeable troubles.

We have reached out to AT&T for more details on what exactly the problem is, and have asked for a rough ETA on when the update will start rolling out again. We’ll be sure to update if and when we hear back.

What’s interesting is that this is the second time that Samsung has pulled an Android 4.3 update this month, with the first incident revolving around issues caused by the Android 4.3 update for the Korean and UK version of the Galaxy S3.

For those that already have the AT&T GS4 update to Jelly Bean 4.3 — is everything working alright, or are you running into any unexpected issues?

Andrew Grush
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  • Julian Corpus

    I downloaded the update and had 0 issues so far, it’s also score about 800 points higher on 3D mark. All in all it seems to be a good update for me.

    • Craig Curtice curtice markley

      So jealous considering like I said the name I heard dev would have been able to roll with the punches anyway I always wondered why the second top of the line Snapdragon 600 seemed so slow on this phone my Galaxy Nexus with slim bean ROM actually runs faster real world

  • Andy

    My phone is att unlocked using on tmobile network. I have an issue with network data off and on. Sometimes the network is found and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s so bothering.

    • rob

      my phone gets hot also and lock screen appears and I can’t even find Knox can’t find net work icon only wife been waiting to get it well I should have waited it ducks and there’s nothing special about it

    • Mike Wilson

      what are your apn settings for your phone, I can’t get data to work at all on my phone.

      • robert piper

        I am having the same issues. It says: not connected to a network. I have re – entered the APN settings but still do not get connected to a mobile network. With this going on, I cannot connect to any network or use
        I can use the WiFi though.


    Thus proving, neither the OEM’s or the Carriers actually do any testing on the updates and the delays for getting them is all monetary.
    They have had 4.3 for how many months now? When it’s finally released, the consumer aka testing guinea pig, finds the problem(s). How many times will this same scenario play out before the consumers wake up? We should demand the updates at rehearse, bugs and all, since we are the actual testers. In fact, maybe we should be paid to test them!

    • Craig Curtice curtice markley

      you know everyone knows everything is about money or saving it but I can’t believe you actually just said there is no testing done!I really hope that was an exaggeration and I am by far not defending these inept so called developers who don’t listen to the million developers that do a much better job who aren’t even paid but yes they test just obviously not enough. XDA senior member Crwolv

  • After the 4.3 update I had some issues with the screen getting really hot and the battery dieing a lot earlier than normal… I decided to do a factory reset which I hate to do because I lost all my customizations and have to redownload all my apps and didn’t want to restore anything just incase.. I think there was some setting lingering in the phone that caused the issues I had and after the factory reset it worked fine but am still keeping an eye out for issues… I think maybe Samsung and AT&T techs might have missed a setting to be refreshed on the update that is causing people grief!

  • AllPurposeRadio

    Aside from having to stop & start the update a few times because it was going abnormally slow and stopping it’s been problem free. Don’t notice any particular improvements either though.

  • Michael Lavoie

    Have had the update since the first day it was available. No issues whatsoever.

  • andrew__des_moines

    I performed this update. If I am in another app and someone calls, I get a blank screen with only a non-responsive notification bar. I have to reject the call with the power button and call the person back.

    I had a worse issue a year ago or so when I updated my GSII. I no longer am among those that clamor for speedy updates — better to be sure they don’t break the device.

  • Mr. Lucky

    Two problems that I can see:
    1) Knox is intrusive, defective, and cannot be disabled. Every time I connect to wifi (doesn’t matter which), a Knox notifcation pops up saying that an app attempted to access system area and has been disabled. Wifi works fine, but still…
    2) If you have “Transition animation scale” (in Developer options) set to anything other than the default 1x, it reverts to 1x after accessing camera app.

    • Mr. Lucky

      Oh, and I forgot to mention the random freezes and force-close when in Settings, which never occured in 4.2 or 4.2.2.

  • thabo

    Unable to access my wifi network when there is no data available

  • Micah

    I have where my s4 device is heating up real will now and Wi-Fi issues

  • Chris

    Loads of problems with 4.3… signal and wifi dropping all the time, Also phone resets on its own.. Launcher keeps crashing and to top it off its no where near butter smooth like they promised. And most annoying Transition animation scale always reverts back to 1x. Sort it out Samsung.

  • Dakota Wirtz

    Some problems I’ve noticed is that I have in my developer options all of the animations turned off yet my transition one keeps randomly setting to 1 and its very annoying. Another would be that the newly added color emojis turn my texts into mms which the iphone doesnt do. Other than that I havent noticed too many other bugs.

  • prateek

    I have an att gs4. So far the problem I’ve received is that my phone is not displaying the icons of the apps on my sd card.

    • Sanford Ohren

      If it’s like my experience, only the shortcuts on the home pages were missing. The icons were all still available in the App Drawer: recreating the shortcuts was easy, if annoying.

  • Jas

    I have issue with navigation sound using bluetooth in my Ford Escape. The navigation voice directions cut off or not heard at all

  • Mike

    I’ve had the update since it’s been released and I’ve only noticed one problem that can be pretty annoying at times. When I go to send a message to someone via text, I normally just type their name in the recipient list but after the update, when I type a name, it does not appear so I have to enter their number. I figured out how to fix the problem by deleting the contact and re – adding it.

  • coachd62

    My Attention update seems to be working fine. MY wife is having a issues with her gallery. It tells her that it is not responding.

  • GoDBoDy

    I updated the 1st day and have had no issues, phone seems faster uses less ram. No issues with WiFi like lm hearing. Phone felt hot like when s4 1st came out but I did a soft reset which everyone should do after the update and it didn’t happen again. I would love yo know whats going on, why they stopped the update. Everything looks good for now!

    • GoDBoDy

      I did receive an unstable notice for my home WiFi but it only happened once. Phone also shows more notifications in status bar if a program is still running in the background but that’s a good thing

  • gryan002

    Wifi also the problem. In and out with a unstable notification.

    • jolene

      Could you fix it and how as I have exact same problem its frustrating!!

  • Ken

    I keep having the Samsung music app keep showing up in notifications and also on lock screen.. Never even opened it.. Running AT&T samsung galaxy s4 4.3 update 11/15/13.. Screen seems to get hot.. Battery life isn’t as good either

    • BafflingBS

      Same exact issue

  • irunwithknivesouch

    After the update my phone would get super hot. I shut it down, opened it up and cooled it down. When I started it again it got super hot and the battery was draining like crazy. I went to battery manager and the “Lookout” app was using all the battery. I disabled the app and the phone is back to normal.

  • Gator352

    I’m on Sprint and my wife’s S4 was updated a few weeks ago to 4.3 with 0 problems. In fact, she gets better signal now on cellular and on wifi.

  • eischens

    I updated to 4.3 on AT&T on my S4 and the only problem I had was recurring “Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped” but that was easily fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling Google Play services. Other than that I haven’t had any problems and its a great update except for the fact that the mobile data toggle is now gone from the pulldown status bar.

    • Alonzo Rhodes

      When you un-installed the google play services did you lose progress on any of your games? That’s what I don’t want to happen if I un-install play services.

  • Dave

    Still running 4.2.2, and have been having troubles with data connectivity on my S4, but these have usually been resolved by toggling data on/off. Granted, I also recently rooted my phone, so that may or may not have something to do with it, but I have not installed any custom roms or the like.

  • Tyson Mcdonald

    Nothing but problems with my gs 4

  • Jeremy

    Hide and show feature in app drawer gone and can’t get apps I’ve hidden and wi if won’t shut off

  • dave

    yes, try forwarding a picture from gallery to an email. it automatically swaps over to creating an an sms message. haven’t figured out a fix or work around yet.

  • Alonzo Rhodes

    Updated to 4:3 and got problems. The apps unexpectedly stops. Not all of them just 2or3. Went to the AT&T store said just the beginning. Its going to filter down to all of them eventually. I wish I would’ve waited until they got it right.

  • Natalie

    I’m on Credo which uses the sprint network and instead of going into screen saving after inactivity, its totally shutting down. I would love some help with this if anyone knows what the f is going on.

  • Lloyd

    I live in Singapore and subscribe to the M1 Mobile network. The wifi disconnect and continual searching for a wifi signal is unbelievably frustrating. In a Sheraton hotel room my ipad, my wife’s ipad and her iPhone all found the room wifi easily. Put my S4 one inch from the router, showed excellent signal strength (of course) yet my S4 could not stay connected. Same problem at Changi Airport. Knox drives me nuts. Can’t uninstall it. Real Player (paid version) freezes – yet it has worked fine all year. Till 4.3 was installed. The bloatware is getting worse.. My phone is slower than it had ever been. Samsung is really doing themselves a disservice. After a week of this, I am ready to dump my S4 and get a Motorola or Google. Anything but a Samsung.

  • Faisal Salih

    When update the android 4.3 jellybean, my score at antutu benchmark was down..the update make my s4 slowly..and sometimes stuck..what the fucking shit with the 4.3..

  • Jarvis

    Hmm i had some problems with the update so i reset my phone to factory settings and now it’s working surprisingly great no lockups or Knox problems. Don’t know why it worked but it did.

  • Faisal Salih

    I hope samsung will fix this issue..if 4.3 like this, better use 4.2..its more stability..

  • Flintchesthair

    i was rooted so the update wouldn’t install. i flashed back to stock with odin and then sideloaded the update with adb. its been working flawlessly.

  • KnittingFits

    Updated and all is well. The only thing I dislike is the new keyboard. Super petty and VERY minor, but changing the open/solid hearts to the 4 suits in a deck of cards is a :-( for me. Like I said.minor and petty. Other than that, I haven’t noticed any battery issues, lag, crashes, or anything else untoward.

    • Andre Ungerer

      Try SwiftKey as a replacement keyboard. Works like a dream!

  • John May

    We downloaded 4.3 on 3 Galaxy S4’s on first available day and have had no issues or unusual occurrences in the operation what-so-ever.

  • bmathess304wv

    I upgraded my AT&T Galaxy S4 to 4.3 last Thursday. I had some glitches in the beginning but a reboot fixed them. When on my home WiFi, I get a notification that says “internet connection unstable” when I have full WiFi signal. I just ignore it. It doesn’t cause any issues but it is a minor annoyance. Overall, it still runs smooth & I’m not experiencing any big issues. My battery life seems to be a little bit worse than it used to be which is pretty annoying but I still get through the whole day. I’m hoping there will be an update to 4.3.2 or something of the sort soon to fix the lesser battery life & get the WiFi unstable glitch to go away.

  • Dhimant Mehta

    In India S4 has got the official update 4.3.

    But I’ve noticed few ERRORS like my WiFi signal does not connect or keeps dropping saying that network is too slow & will switch to auto connect, where in I am sitting next to my Router.

    Also some of the apps seem to suddenly stop working or force closing since the update 4.3.

    I have S view cover, the update has 1 touch answer & reject option along with swiping. Now whenever I answer a call by just touching green key and place it on my ear, the call drops as it touches my ear though S view cover . What a waste UPDATE from samsung.

    Please HELP ME if anybody knows how to change call answering & rejecting options. I have searched the entire phone and also googled, but got Failed.


  • Dale Harris

    I am having WiFi issues. My galaxy s4 was working great before the update. Now it forgets my wifi key every minute. The wifi key at work is 20 characters long. I will not be putting it in every minute. So if I have any data overage charges I promise AT&T will be paying the bill.

  • Josh

    One small issue when at app menu and hit menu show disable apps then touchwiz stops working.

  • Michael Tyrrell

    I’m in the uk and have had the update. The only problem I’ve had is I can’t add a contact it just says contacts has stopped and then kicks me out.

  • Theo Cumberbatch

    Mine has been absolutely awful. It crashes ALL the time (no exaggeration) and says do I want to report it to Google and I always do. Fed up of it happening it’s not just on the odd occasion, it’s literally dozens of times a day. Internet sometimes doesn’t work either and sometimes signal plus internet data disappears completely for no reason, in an area usually absolutely fine with no problems. Will they rectify this at all cos I’m at the point of throwing this phone at the wall, I really am. Oh and also noticed my wifi will randomly cut off when in full range.

  • Sanford Ohren

    No major problems, but have noticed a few “surmountable” items:
    1. Data connection is now missing from the drop-down menu (now must turn on or off via settings).
    2. Random freezes when sorting the stock browser’s bookmarks (which is terribly clumsy to use even when working).
    3. Google Mail “update” is clumsy, unintuitive, and harder to use.
    4. App drawer “hide” and “show” controls are missing: must go to App Mgr to work around.
    5. Changes to Camera and Gallery are confusing – help manual is needed.

    Overall, however, 4.3 is somewhat faster and better looking. But no major improvements noticed yet.

  • Andre Ungerer

    Had upgrade over the weekend in South Africa. After upgrade noticed phone (S4) occasionally shows Wi-Fi connection unstable & reverts to 3G data when on auto switch between Wi-Fi and 3G although WIFI is stable. Very annoying.

    • jolene

      Hi im also from SA and have same problem how did you fix yours or is there no fix?

      • Andre Ungerer

        No permanent fix found by me yet. Sometimes helps to switch to airplane mode and back. Sometimes restart works – but both only for a short while before acting up again. My WiFi fine, since my Nokia lum820 have no problem with my WiFi. Extremely frustrating! :-(

  • Matthew

    Got the update when it first came out everything is OK but they took off the quick button for mobile data I wish they left it alone. Also the wife seems to take longer than usual to connect

  • Santiago

    Wonder if this the same situation happening here in New Zealand with the carrier Vodafone. Vodafone here keeps on blaming Samsung for the delay, saying that Samsung Korea is the cause of the wait. Tried to contact Samsung New Zealand and the wouldn’t give me more information. The other big Telco here released the update to their handsets weeks ago.

  • Nedko

    I have the update and it only fixed issues for me, didn’t cause any. My battery lasts twice longer now.

  • Jas

    Definitely having issues with the wifi. Keeps telling me my connection is unstable. They need to hurry up and fix this crap. I’m happy I can now see emojis on instagram and fb just wish they’d hurry and create something where we can type them. I miss my iPhone sometimes.

  • wazza w1

    I have a galaxy s4 and have got the 4.3 update, Google play has stopped working and it freezes constantly, only started 3 days after i updated… several other functions also stop working.

  • Michael Field

    S3 updated last night, constantly powering down. I can live with other bugs until they patch it, but I can’t tolerate the phone shutting down in my pocket, missing calls, missing texts. Can’t happen.

  • Scott Stogner

    Did update and now my car charger is not recognized and my 64 gb card is toast !!

  • Sam Harris

    I knew something was wrong with my phone! I had to take it to a samsung to fix the problem! WTF I mean it was draining my battery like crazy!

  • Jason Porzio

    I have had several problems…. Battery life is half what it was, lags n freezes several times a day, icons not appearing, screen flashing, shuts off out off whenever it wants to, I had a galaxy s3 for a year or so before my S4 and I never had a third of these problems honestly I just want to smash the dam thing

  • dck8267

    Maybe someone here has an answer to my problem on my s4, a few days ago i opened the music app to play a song and it shows i have no music at all. Same thing in gallery which shows no pics. Pics/music was saved on sd card and if i use to file manager i can still access it that way. moved music back to phone storage and it works but if i even move one song back to card it dissappears. Apps saved on sd card work fine. Any ideas??

  • Jim Bailey

    I have also gotten the new 4.3 update for my galaxy s4. My girlfriend has it on hers also. We are both having problems with our SD card. This has happend twice for me and once for my girlfriend. I wake up in the morning and there is a triangle in the notification bar, which states that the sd card was removed wrong/or removed. The phone no longer reads this card. I have to power down my phone and restart. That seems to correct it for me and my girlfriends phone. Hope they fix.

  • Michael

    Since the update my SIII has become unresponsive. Screen unlock, hangs often, Google play crashes and keeps restarting. How can I revert to my old OS?

  • Jason

    I am constantly have my SD card unexpectedly removed regardless of what I’m doing. Before the update it would happen maybe once a month. now it happens roughly 10 times throughout the day. Even when I am not using it. It will happen when i goto text my wife etc. Also since the update my battery life has gone down hill. At one point i had 60% and with in an hour it drop to 30%.

  • bizo

    plzz help guys … version 4.3 is sucks.

    i have a lot of issues … battery gets exhausted fast , screen gets hotter, notification par dis responded, the side bar should be shown and hidden by the back arrow and doesn’t respond any, finally the WiFi having a problem connecting any wireless.

    plz any other update or bring back my old OS.

  • dbaker

    I have AT&T s3 that just received the 4.3 update last week. I’ve noticed many issues. Minor lags, my downloader is reading downloads that don’t exist (annoying notification icons like 15 of them) and also the internet seems to forget the go to my homepage and automatically opens a 2nd page… annoying….

    • dbaker

      Ya also some of my apps force close… messaging, gallery, maps, etc. I love Samsung, and as stable as 4.1 was, I thought it would be better.. better hope Sam and AT&T get their shit together and release a bug fix

  • desperate

    Mobile data toggle on notification pannel gone

    A good updatewould be to use/add camera to lock screen while using passcode

  • Kellan

    My S4 heats up when there is any form of stress. If I am transferring giles to the phone from my laptop it heats up to unimagineable temperatures and then kills the battery very quickly. I can’t put my memory card in anymore without the phone doing the same thing. When doing even the simplest of tasks I feel it getting a bit warm. I don’t know whether to send it in for repairs and hope they go back to an older version of Jelly Bean (if that is possible?) or is there a way that I can do this?

  • dee21

    i got it last week on galaxy s4 and its draining my battery getting so hot while im on a call and thats within 2 minutes i start to feel the heat on my cheek. also i have had to dellete a few apps as it just kept coming up with message of ……. has stopped working report or cancel. having to charge twice a day. also doesnt warn me that my battery is low it just cuts out. i hope that these issues and others that i have read are fixed soon.

  • Lionel

    my new s4 is fucked…. every time I click on settings it say “UNFORTUNATLY, SETTINGS HAS STOPPED” I tried a system reset but now it wont get past the select language page, because “UNFORTUNATLY, SETTINGS HAS STOPPED”….. any Ideas guy on how I can solve this…. I spent a lot of money on this phone and if its the OS then I want a full refund!!

  • communist Samsung

    I uave 4.3 on my S4 with Telus. No noticeable performance improvements. Just a bunch of bloatware and a stock browser that no longer works due to freezing issues. I wish I could go back and remove the update :(

  • JMP

    I STILL DON’T HAVE THIS 4.3. It’s getting kinda frustrating at this point.

  • Jennifer

    My gallery expectantly stops when I try and send pictures or videos to my contacts or Dropbox. Tried to uninstall and reinstall Dropbox, and clear data in App Manager and nothing works.

  • laurie

    Bring back the mobile data button on the drop down menu, android!

  • Jun

    The settings for hide applications is gone too. I have many hidden applications then. This is a big trouble for me.

  • heat

    Really pissed off with my wifi connection after 4.3, also screen lag is boiling my piss, I loved my s4 but this update is fucking wank!!!

  • heat

    Update was mid dec 2013 in uk

  • elle

    since installing this update my S4 is pretty much useless..
    No signal.
    Crash’s then cannot reboot until the battery is removed.
    Cuts off during phone calls
    Seriously may have to consider buying a new phone, as i have been told that all the new S4’s come with this software pre-installed, so a replacement would be pointless.
    Absolutly fuming!!!

  • Babsalot

    My S4 was forced to accept the update a day or two ago. I noticed yesterday that my phone was unusually warm after unplugging it. Mind you, I only charged it until it said the battery was full. Today, movies froze, no sound, can make calls but no sound either direction. I kept getting the message from Knox about an app trying to access system. Spent most of my day on chat with a very nice tech at AT&T. He contacted Samsung and, in the end, I have a refurbished phone coming. As I’ve been trying to see if this phone will work, things have gotten progressively worse. Now, the phone freezes if I even try to play a song. While I’m grateful to my tech and his efforts today and for the fact that I have a replacement phone on the way, I have to ask,… If I pay full asking price for my phone and the phone is malfunctioning due to no fault of my own, WHY DO I GET A REFURBISHED REPLACEMENT? I should get a NEW PHONE to replace MY NEW LEMON PHONE! That’s not fair!!! There’s no reduction in the price of the lemon phone!

  • Steve

    I have a Galaxy S3 through AT&T. I’ve never had problems with my phone prior to updating it to Android version 4.3. Now on a daily basis my device will shut down without notice. I have to either hold the power button or remove to battery to get it to turn back on. It’s a daily occurrence that I have to deal with; more like an annoyance. I’m almost positive I’m not the only person experiencing this. (also only once that I know of..did my phone’s battery drain out of the blue, it was fully charged.. three hours later it was completely drained. I locked it so I know the screen didn’t stay on.)

  • Clinton Hemphill

    I’m using 4.3 on AT&T and drive a 2012 Camry. My BT has stopped working almost completely… If I re-pair it, it will play the song i’m on (amazon mp3 app) or the station (iheart radio) but just as soon as i make a selection change of song or station it just goes to silence. It does show correctly on the car display but simply has no audio.

  • Ed

    I’m getting “wi-fi unstable” alerts, cannot connect phone to car for blue tooth hands free, even though I constantly clear notifications, they come back time after time. My ring tones went away to “default” as well as new email sound notices. I want the old version. Really pissed at Samsung for this as I expect it from Microsoft, not Samsung.