Galaxy S4, AT&T and Korean versions, possibly spotted in camera image samples information

by: Chris SmithFebruary 8, 2013


This is not the first time EXIF data seems to reveal unannounced Android devices, but as always we remind you to take everything with a grain of salt, until the Galaxy S4 does become official.

It appears that at least two Galaxy S4 versions have been used to upload images to Google Plus including the SGH-I337 (which is rumored to be AT&T’s version) and the SHV-E300S (the Korean version) – the pictures have been taken down since being discovered.

The Galaxy S4 is rumored to pack a 13-megapixel main shooter, but that kind of image resolution is not spotted in the available EXIF data, not that it means the next Samsung flagship device won’t have a powerful camera on board – at least when counting megapixels. Of course, EXIF data can be faked, but then why were these images taken down in the first place?

As for the contents of the images, we’re looking at a calendar image (February 2 is the date) and what seems to be a keyboard with Korean layout, not that it’s enough information to confirm anything.


In addition to pictures uploaded from these two rumored Galaxy S4 versions (the Korean model was used on Wednesday, while the AT&T model was used on Thursday to upload the images,) another unannounced Samsung device has been spotted in EXIF data, the SPH-M840, initially believed to be Sprint’s Galaxy S4.

However, it appears that the SHP-M840 is not the Sprint Galaxy S4, so we’ll be looking for more details on that particular device in the near future as well.

  • this pics have horrible quality.
    i hope they will improve till they actually launch the product.

    • DetroitTech

      Quality probably won’t get much better in low light for a LONG time.

      • Well the HTC One is a massive improvement from what I’ve seen…

  • impatient

    When is the jellybean software going to be available for the at&t HTC 1x?

  • Lara

    Even if the s4 or note 3 had 30MP camera it wouldn’t mean much except you can print much larger photos. It’s the SENSOR that actually matters people, not how many MP you can fit into a phone as thin as a pancake.

    • Troy Allen

      I disagree in that it is the camera lense that makes the most difference. The best sensor in the world will not matter is the lense is low quality or high f/stop…